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Welcome to TRRC, we are one of the first fansites to support both Rockman and Ragnarok at the same time. We had many different projects in the past which most of them did not successfully surface, you can browse the forums to look for them if you want though. The current project we're working on is 'Silver Resonance Ragnarok Online' which is a new Ragnarok Online Private server based on iRO Renewal, you can look for more information about it here.

If you have not registered an account, please register one. By registering an account, you will have the ability to post in threads and gain access to areas that cannot be seen by unregistered users. By becoming a member you can interact with many other fans of Rockman and/or Ragnarok. So what are you waiting for? Register or Login now and enjoy the benefits of being a member ~
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Rocknarok Center Rules
Topic Started: 25 Jul 2009, 12:27 AM (1,681 Views)
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Admin of Two Worlds

The Rules (Since 12nd May 2010)

This is a complete list of rules that applies on our board.
Please read through them before doing something otherwise you may get in trouble.
*Rules list is currently being updated to a more like TRRC style.*

Board Rules

  • Do not not spam, we have a specific section for spamming here so do it there. 13.1 & 13.3
  • Do not revive dead threads, threads are considered "dead" after the last message on it was at least 2 months ago. Pinned threads can be revived at any time without penalty (unless revived with spam). 13.4
  • Do not flame, if someone is pissing you off, report it to the the board staff. The button below their post that says "Report" was created so you could use it. 13.4 & 13.5
  • Do not post any ROMs 13.1 & 13.4, homebrews however are welcome.
  • Read the thread before posting in it, a reply to Topic A would not make sense if user is talking about Topic C. 13.6
  • Ecchi content is allowed but there will be absolutely nothing hentai and/or pornographic on this forum regardless forum section. 13.1 & 13.4
  • Threads containing applications such as KeyGens and/or cracks are strictly forbidden. 13.1 & 13.4
  • Your post and signature MUST NEVER mess with the rest of the page regardless forum section and resolution. 13.1 & 13.2


  • Large images should be spoiler-tagged.
  • Do not post too many emoticons in a single post. Max emoticons are 10 per post. 13.1 & 13.3
  • Animated .gif s are allowed but not with high fps. Maximum fps on this board is 30fps. 13.2


  • Do not spam. 13.5
  • Do not flame. 13.5 & 13.11
  • Do not post pornographic/hentai contents. 13.5
  • Moderators: Do not abuse your moderation abilities or we will remove them from you. 13.9
  • Moderators: Do not ban anyone without a specific reason of offense. 13.9


  • Do not talk bad about or mock any of the 3 admins. 13.4 & 13.11
  • Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, talk bad about Acer and any of its products! I cannot stress this enough. 13.4 & 13.8

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, talk about Rom's on this forum. Do not ask, or give them out. This will result in a ban... we cannot stress this enough. NO ROMS. If you want them so bad, go find them yourself!

Punishment Types

13.1 - Thread/Post Deletion.
13.2 - Avatar and Signature Wipe.
13.3 - Decrease in Post Count.
13.4 - Increase of Warn Level.
13.5 - Poorly Treated for amount of time.
13.6 - Given this animated image: http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x170/whiteboy1347/10ej6ev.gif
13.7 - Put on Mod Preview.
13.8 - Restriction.
13.9 - Temporal Demotion.
13.10 - Permanent Demotion.
13.11 - Suspension/Temporal Ban.
13.12 - Permanent Ban.

Rocknarok Chatango Moderators

  • Yandorusu - Main Owner
  • Arkazain - Moderator
  • CielSara - Moderator
  • VarimathrasXX - Moderator
  • Nopihina - Moderator
  • StarbusterX - Moderator
  • ssx9 - Moderator

Last Updated: 13 September by Sara.
Written by: Sara; Head admin of the Rocknarok Center.
Other credits to: Konmuri, Nemomon, Greiga Master, Mega Rock.EXE, Sadran, Tezuka.

Edited by Yandols, 13 Sep 2010, 08:17 PM.
I'm Yandols. The Founder and Head Admin of this place.
Please feel free to look around the place, and please invite friends. I'm trying to revive the place.
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Admin of Two Worlds

I'm Yandols. The Founder and Head Admin of this place.
Please feel free to look around the place, and please invite friends. I'm trying to revive the place.
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