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Welcome to TRRC, we are one of the first fansites to support both Rockman and Ragnarok at the same time. We had many different projects in the past which most of them did not successfully surface, you can browse the forums to look for them if you want though. The current project we're working on is 'Silver Resonance Ragnarok Online' which is a new Ragnarok Online Private server based on iRO Renewal, you can look for more information about it here.

If you have not registered an account, please register one. By registering an account, you will have the ability to post in threads and gain access to areas that cannot be seen by unregistered users. By becoming a member you can interact with many other fans of Rockman and/or Ragnarok. So what are you waiting for? Register or Login now and enjoy the benefits of being a member ~
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Rules of Affiliation
Topic Started: 15 Jan 2010, 01:21 PM (1,134 Views)
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Admin of Two Worlds

The Rocknarok Center is accepting affiliate requests.
However if you want to affiliate with us, you need to fulfill the requirements below.

  • You must have an account registered on our forums (TRRC).
  • You will need to have at least 5 post on our forums (TRRC).
  • Your site must relate to the content of this site (examples: Rockman, Ragnarok, Anime, etc...) in some way.
  • When you affiliate, you must give your affiliate button image and the link to your forum.

In your affliation request, you must supply a 88x31 ~ 92x31 button and your site URL.
We are no longer accepting affiliation buttons larger than 88x32 in size.
If I accept your affiliation then that means you must put up one of the following buttons I will do the same.

Affiliate Buttons
Pick one:
1: Posted Image 2: Posted Image 3: Posted Image 4: Posted Image 5: Posted Image

Affiliate button 1 is Made by Saber-kun.
Affiliate button 2 is the default Affiliate button for TRRC (since creation till 14/May/2010).
Affiliate button 5 is Made by Tezuka, and is the default (since 15/May/2010).

Edited by Yandols, 15 May 2010, 11:54 AM.
I'm Yandols. The Founder and Head Admin of this place.
Please feel free to look around the place, and please invite friends. I'm trying to revive the place.
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