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SS for discussion on Undernet and etc.

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SS for discussion on Undernet and etc.

Post by Yandols » Mon Oct 05, 2009 8:14 am

SS (Screenshots) on discussion on Undernet and etc.
What we did on the server and stuff...
it was like an EXPEDITION. XD

Screenshot files uploaded to my hoster:

here are the screenshots itself.

We first found the undernet.

Then discussion about what NPC should be added:

Lol at nopihina

We found a portal

after we went into the portal we got lost.

Got bored and spawned a monster

found another portal

discussion about making a hidden portal

another part of the Undernet (looks less scary in game)

hmm this place looks farmiliar or something.

After that we went back to town. :D

and fooled around.

went to another town.

and tried to exploit a bug XD

lost in another town XD

Naruto shop XD

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