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VooDooRO instructions

Posted: Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:44 pm
by Nick
Here are the stuff i needed to download =)
1. Download link
i got this from Nophina He told me to download those so better you do it to =)

2. Download Link 2 (RE patcher/updater)
This will update RE to latest version =)
This Update Will take long
some pop ups when patcher is done
3. Download Link 3 (kRO patcher/Updater
Before useing This Appilication do these steps
1. extract the WinRaR
2. Right click the extracted application
3. click Properties
4. click Read Only
5. now you can use it =)
This will update your kRO
This Update Will also take realy long

More Updates comeing soon