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Latest RTS Clients

Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:18 am
by Yandols
Note: This is the client for connecting to the Rocknarok Network Servers. This is NOT a kRO FULL CLIENT.
Rocknarok TS2 30 December 2010
This is the Latest Client for RTS as of 30 December 2010. (Hamachi + Online Patcher)
Megaupload Mirror:
Mediafire Mirror: (Mirrored by Nirvaxstiel)
4shared Mirror:

29 December 2010
This is the client for RTS on 29 December 2010. (Hamachi Patcher)
Megaupload Mirror:
Mediafire Mirror: (Mirrored by StarBusterX)

Then put it into your game folder, launch Rocknarok.exe and wait for it to finish patching.
If patching via Rocknarok.exe is slow, please use Rocknarok Online.exe
Note 1: Make sure you are connected to the "VooDooRO Network" on Hamachi before launching Rocknarok.exe otherwise it will crash.
Note 2: Backup your clientinfo.xml first if you have modified it or it will be overwritten by the new patching system.
Registration: Say goodbye to _M/_F registration, to register an account, go to

VooDooRO and E2 This is the Latest Client for VooDooRO and Eternal Ecstasy as of 28 December 2010.

Instruction: After download, extract to your game folder, simple as that.
But you can't connect to our server yet because new official clientinfo has not been released.
You can use it to connect to Eternal Ecstasy which is Open Beta, contact ZelerixXephra or Nirvaxstiel for more infomation on how to connect to it.

Latest RTS Clients

Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 3:43 am
by Nirvaxstiel
May I Construct the official site for Rocknarok's RO Server then? And the patcher needs some make over