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[Draft] TRRC Rules R3

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[Draft] TRRC Rules R3

Post by Yandols » Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:05 am

This is a draft of the new rules that will be applied on our board.
It is currently being updated to a more like our own style instead of TREZ style.

Color meanings:
Blue = Revised/merged/updated rules
Red = Rules that need to be discussed about
Green = New Rules/Additions
Striked = Removed rules

General Rules:
[*] Do not spam on any important threads, we have lighten the rules so that you are free to post in any length and style you want. But please keep your spam away from important threads.
[*] Do not revive dead threads. Though we will not punish anyone for this, necroposting is bad and must be refrain from.
[*] Do not flame, if someone is pissing you off, report it to the the board staff. The button below their post that says "Report" was created so you could use it.
[*] Do not post any ROMs 13.1 & 13.4, homebrews however are welcome.
[*] Read the thread before posting in it, a reply to Topic A would not make sense if user is talking about Topic C.
[*] Ecchi content is allowed but there will be absolutely nothing hentai and/or pornographic on this forum regardless forum section. This rule is exempt in the chatbox.
[*] Threads containing applications such as KeyGens and/or cracks are strictly forbidden.
[*] Your post and signature MUST NEVER mess with the rest of the page regardless forum section and resolution.

Images Rules:
[*] Images larger than 640x480 should be kept inside a spoiler tag.
[*] Do not post too many emoticons in a single post. There is limit for it but please refrain from posting too much of it.
[*] Animated .gif s are allowed but not with high fps. Maximum fps on this board is 30fps.

Chantago Rules:
[*] Do not spam.
[*] Do not flame.
[*] Do not post pornographic/hentai contents.
[*] Moderators: Do not abuse your moderation abilities or we will remove them from you.
[*] Moderators: Do not ban anyone without a specific reason of offense.

Other Rules:
[*] Do not stalk any member of the Rocknarok Center unless given permission.
[*] Do not talk bad about or mock any of the 3 admins.
[*] Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, talk bad about Acer and any of its products! I cannot stress this enough.
I'm Yandols. The Founder and Head Admin of this place.
Please contact me immediately if you encounter any problems.

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