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SRRO Troubleshooting Guide

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SRRO Troubleshooting Guide

Post by Yandols » Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:34 am

  • The game won't start, nothing happens when I press on SRRAG.exe
    Solution: Use SilverResonance.exe and login using the credentials you registered on the site.
  • Why must I use this to start the game? Why can't I login from in-game anymore?
    Solution: Gravity removed the in-game login system due to unknown reason, and thus it is impossible to play the game without using this new launcher.
  • I get this error after the game started:

    Solution: Please Ignore it, it will appear every time the game is started and does not affect the game in any way.
    (Free Lifetime Premium Account reward to the first person that explains to me how this can be fixed)
  • Failed to connect to server (1)
    Solution: The client i uploaded may have shipped with LAN settings. Run SR-Switch.exe and press on Online to switch to Online mode.
  • Same error still occurs, cannot connect to server.
    Solution: Server might be down for maintenance or there might be an outage at hosting area. Check the control panel for the server status.
  • I see "Odin" but the game freezes or goes into an infinite loading after selecting it.
    Solution: Turn off your firewall.
  • Ping is extremely high and the game is barely playable.
    Solution: I am no longer hosting on a dedicated server, I am using a shared connection and the server is situated at my friend's house where his dad always likes to hog the internet from time to time, nothing we can do about. If you like to stay on the server, please bare with us until we get a dedicated server again. (They are expensive, just so you know)
  • While playing, the game suddenly crashed.

    Solution: Please, I repeat PLEASE copy and post the full error report in the bug report section so we can look into it, and also provide details of what were you trying to do before it crashed. This error report helps us and you in attempting to solve your problem.
  • My character suddenly cannot move or I can't type but I can access shortcut keys.
    Solution: ALT+Tab out and ALT+Tab back in again, that should fix it. If it happens again then do it again.

  • I can't see the control panel properly, its only fully text.
    Solution: Please add an exception for the website to your ad-blocker, your ad-blocker may be incorrectly blocking elements that it thinks are ads.
  • I can't press the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th bar hotkeys.
    Solution: Update your client to the latest build which fixes this already or configure the keys manually yourself.
  • I'm using a Ranger and can no longer log into my character after renting a falcon, this error appears every time:

    Solution: Please update your client to the latest build as this problem is already fixed since Build 2135.
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