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[Tutorial] How to install Minecraft and connect to SRMC

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[Tutorial] How to install Minecraft and connect to SRMC

Post by Yandols » Thu Sep 18, 2014 12:06 pm

Guide on How to install the new Minecraft and connect to SRMC
TABLE OF CONTENTS wrote:-1. A short info on my old "custom client" for Minecraft
0. Introduction
1. Preparations
2. Getting the client
3. Starting up the Launcher and Downloading the correct version
4. Connecting to the server
5. The Server
6. Troubleshooting
A short info on my old "custom client" for Minecraft:
(You can skip reading this part if you want)
As you know, I created a "custom client" for Minecraft some years ago for my friends at a cyber cafe so that we all can play Minecraft since none of us owns Minecraft at the time. However, the development of my custom client had to come to a stop after Mojang changed how Minecraft works in 1.5, they changed the login encryption method to one that was out of my league at the time. Some time later, I found out that other people have already created better custom clients than what I was still doing, so I dropped the project and started recommending everyone to use the new custom client by other people instead.

Since I wasn't able to teach everyone on how to install the new Minecraft,
In this tutorial you will be learning about how to install the new Minecraft and then connecting to SRMC (or any other server).

1. Preparations

If you do not previously have Minecraft on your computer, then you can skip to 2.
If you previously have installed/played Minecraft on your computer prior to the release of Minecraft 1.5, you will have to remove the old existing Minecraft files.
To do this, you will first have to open up your Roaming Application Data folder.

Step 1.1
On Windows XP and Vista, Win+R (Hold the Windows Key and Press R) and type %AppData% into the box and hit enter.
On Windows 7 and 8, just press start and type %AppData% and Immediately hit enter.

Step 1.2
You will see a folder called "Roaming" opened up on your explorer, as shown in the picture below.

Step 1.3
Inside this Roaming folder is your .minecraft folder, which contains all your old Minecraft data.
If you would like to save your precious memories of the past like screenshots and save files, please copy them into another safe folder somewhere else.
Once you've done that, or if you chose not to do so, delete the .minecraft folder.

2. Getting the client

Note: From here onwards I will only be using KeiNett Launcher v1.404 for the guide, the steps for the KeiNett Launcher v1.500 and the Official Launcher are almost the same.

Step 2.1
If you have legitly purchased Minecraft, download the official launcher for your platform from:
Otherwise, I highly recommend using KeiNett Launcher (Now called Shighinima Launcher as of v1.500) which you can download from here:
Personally, I would still prefer to use KeiNett Launcher v1.404 over the new v1.500, If you prefer the older version as well as I do, I have mirrored it so you can download it from here:

There are tons of different 3rd party launchers out there on the internet, but some of them contain adware and malware while some others restrict you to only playing vanilla, which is a problem for people like optifine users. I have verified and been using KeiNett Launcher for a very long time and I can assure you it is one of the best 3rd party launchers that allow you to play Minecraft without needing to buy the game (and of course you are NOT able to connect to official servers because of this).

Step 2.2
After you have downloaded KeiNett Launcher v1.404 you will have a file called
Open this in WinRAR and go to the Windows folder and you will see a file called KN Kauncher v1.404.exe, as shown in the picture below.

Step 2.3
Drag this file onto your desktop (or your desired folder) and you will see an app with the Minecraft Cake Icon with the words "K N" on it, as shown in the picture below.

3. Starting up the Launcher and Downloading the correct version

Step 3.1
Now open up your KN Launcher by double-clicking on it.
You should see a gray window with a few buttons on it, DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING ON THIS WINDOW (yet).
The launcher is loading and after it loads you should see something like this:

This is a bug that occurs on mostly on dual-gpu computers, but don't worry, its easily fixable.

Step 3.2
To fix the bug as seen in the picture above, simply maximize the window (or if it comes maximized, un-maximize it).
After that you should see a window like this:

In this window you will type the username you want to use for playing Minecraft.
After typing it, simply hit enter or click on the Log In button.
For this guide, I will be using the name "Aztech" as an example.

Step 3.3

Now you should see a window like in the picture above.
On the bottom right corner it says "Ready to download & play Minecraft 1.8",
We have to change that as SRMC is version 1.7.2.

To do this, click on the Edit Profile button and you will be greeted with this screen:

Step 3.4
You will need to change the settings on this page so that you will be downloading Minecraft 1.7.2 and NOT the latest version.
If you just simply want to play Minecraft at basic settings, follow the settings from this picture:

Tip: Don't forget to give your profile a name in case you want to make multiple profiles for different set-ups in the future.

Step 3.4.1
(I highly recommend doing this, but if you don't get it you may skip this step)
If you want to configure advanced settings, such as allocating a specific amount of RAM into Minecraft, then follow the settings from this picture:

JVM Arguments Legend:
-Xmx4G means the Maximum number of RAM allowed to be allocated to Minecraft where 4G means 4 Gigs of RAM.
-Xms4G means the Minimum number of RAM allowed to be allocated to Minecraft where 4G means 4 Gigs of RAM.
I highly recommend putting both arguments at the same amount of RAM to avoid RAM reloading problems.
You can allocate it to 1G for 1 Gig of RAM, 2G for 2 Gigs of RAM, 4G, 6G, 8G, and so on...
And for the low-ram players, you can also allocate it to 768M, 512M, 256M and 128M.

Ideally, we recommend allocating half of total RAM on your computer.
So if you have 4GB of RAM on your computer you should allocate 2GB of RAM to Minecraft.

Important Notes about Advanced Settings:
* JVM Arguments are CASE-SENSITIVE!! Typing -XMS4G or -xms4g is NOT the same as -Xms4G and WILL NOT WORK.
* Do not use the 32-bit version of Java if you are running on a 64-bit version of Windows,
the executable path should be pointing to "Program Files" and never "Program Files (x86)".

Step 3.5
Now that settings is done, click on Play to begin Downloading the required Minecraft files (yes, thats how all Minecraft Launchers work now).
The Play button should be now disabled an a progress bar should appear in a few moments indicating progress.

You can switch to the "Development Console" Tab to see actual progress on what files are being downloaded and from where to where.

It should be noted that depending on your internet speed, this might take from a while to a very long time to finish.
Make sure you are downloading via a non-metered connection and not from mobile data to save your bandwidth.

Step 3.6
After the download is complete, the Launcher will disappear and some moments later (depending on how laggy your computer currently is) the Minecraft Window with a Crafting Table Icon will appear in the center of your screen and you will be greeted with a familiar looking logo!
Note: If you have problems starting up Minecraft past this point, please check Section 6. Troubleshooting.

Take note and make sure that the version on the bottom left side of the Minecraft Window says "Minecraft 1.7.2".
It it displays a different version instead, you did not configure the version correctly in Step 3.4 and will not be able to connect to SRMC.

4. Connecting to the Server

Step 4.1
Click on the big Multiplayer button and a Windows Firewall prompt should show up.

As shown in the picture above, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you check BOTH options and then click on Allow Access.
Failure to do so may cause problems with connecting to SRMC or other servers.

Step 4.2

As shown in the picture above, the multiplayer servers list is empty and Minecraft is trying to scan for open LAN games on your network.
Click on Add server and type in the following then click on done:

Step 4.3
You should now be able to see and connect to SRMC, as shown in the picture below:

Double click on it or Click on it and press Join Server to enter the server.

5. The Server

Step 5.1
Upon joining the server, this is what you should see:

Step 5.2
You will need to register an account on the server before you can begin playing.

Do to this,
Press T to bring up the chatbox in Minecraft. (In-case you forgot)
Type /register 1234 and press enter, where 1234 is your password.
This password can only be seen by you and anyone looking at your screen,
So it is safe from any other players on the server, but not safe to people watching you log in.
Be careful of people looking at your screen while you're logging in!

Step 5.3
Upon registering, open the chatbox again and type /login 1234 and press enter, where 1234 is the password you registered.

Step 5.4
Congratulations! You are now a registered user on SRMC!
As a security and ease feature, if you disconnected within 10 minutes from your login, you do not need to re-login and re-type your password.
But after 10 minutes have passed, your session will be logged out and you will need to login again the same way you did in Step 5.3.

Feel free to explore the world and find a place where you would want to start building your base.

Please be careful and make sure to escape from players that like to kill new players near the spawn.
Do not accept any /tpa requests from strangers!

6. Troubleshooting
  • The game won't start, I get a Java Error after the launcher finishes downloading the files

    Solution: Your java version could be or is outdated.
    Go here and download the latest manual patch for Java 7 and install it.
    For 64-bit computers, You MUST download BOTH 32-bit and 64-bit manual patches of Java 7.
    And then you MUST install 32-bit version FIRST before installing the 64-bit version.
  • The game won't start, I don't get a java error but I am brought to development console full of text

    Solution: Your graphics card driver could be outdated.
    For Intel users, Check for latest drivers.
    For Nvidia users, Check for latest drivers.
    For ATI/AMD users, Check for latest drivers.
    For unknown graphic card users, please consult your manufacturer.
  • When I join a server or load a world, the graphic is messed up and the other parts of the screen is black.

    Solution: This is a problem with Nvidia Dual-GPU computers.
    To solve this, you must ALWAYS right click on your launcher and force it to Run with the Nvidia processor.
  • I can't move after I connect to the server and get kicked out with this message after that.

    Solution: You didn't log in, or you logged in with the wrong password.
    Refer to Section 5 Step 5.2
Please PM me directly either here or on Facebook or in-game, or leave a reply here on this thread for any more inquires.
Thank you.

Time taken to make this tutorial: 3 hours, 18 minutes and 53 seconds.
I'm Yandols. The Founder and Head Admin of this place.
Please contact me immediately if you encounter any problems.

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