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SDGO: Make your own Suit

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SDGO: Make your own Suit

Post by Nirvaxstiel » Fri Jun 03, 2011 3:20 am

Title Says it all. Format, oh and please post with Spoilers.

Code: Select all

Suit Name:


SP type:

(R mode, if necessary)


SP Type:

Skill 1
Skill 2.
Allow me to start first.
Hysteria Gundam
Hysteria Gundam

Gunslinger mode

W1. Boomerag (2 Ammo, 2 shot each. short reload)
W2. Dual hand pistol beam (10 ammo. dbl shot, medium reload, like SN's pistols)
W3. Mad pistol (desperado) (2Ammo, 5 shot burst each. medium reload)
SP: Range (Desperado EX)

Dexterity mode.

W1. Pistol Dexterity melee (4 hit)
W2. dual pistol beam point blank burst (desperado 2, shoot 360 around you) (1 ammo. medium reload)
SP: Melee (Desperado DEX melee ver.)

S1. Veteran Ranger
S2. Yata No Kagami
Mu Gundam
Mu Gundam

W1. Burai Break Sword
W2. Laplace Boomerang (2 Ammo, fast reload)
W3. Burai Katana Combo (1ammo, long reload)
SP: Melee (Burai Break)

Range mode

W1.Laplace Beam Shot
W2. Laplace Boomerang
SP: Range

S1: Vengeance
S2: Decendant of Mu

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