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TRMS Renewal : Yandols' MC Server

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TRMS Renewal : Yandols' MC Server

Post by Yandols » Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:01 pm

I upgraded my server again.
Server is now using Bukkit 1060 instead of the old one, compiled purely on Java.

Notes for old users:
- The old world we used to play in HAS BEEN WIPED. Not entirely wiped though, its not a new world, but most of it will be overwritten with new construction.

Important notes for everyone:
* When connecting to the server for the first time, you will be spawned in lava and die.
| # This is completely normal. Please DO NOT ESCAPE the lava as it fixes a bug with new players.
* Flying is enabled on this server, if you got any flying hax feel free to use it.
* Minimaps/Radars are allowed on this server, feel free to use if you have any kind.
* Ore/item/block detection mods are NOT allowed on this server. Please remove them before connecting to my server.
* Wooden Axe is BANNED on this server. Please do not use wooden axes on this server, they are for admin use only. You are free to use all the other types of axes but DO NOT use the Wooden Axe!

Features/Plugins (new since 1000 ~ 1060):
- Factions! - This plugin will allow the players on the server to create factions/guilds. The factions can claim territory that will be protected from non-members. Factions can forge alliances and declare themselves enemies with others. Land may be taken from other factions through war.
- DreamLand. - Use a bed to go to the Skylands! Then jump into the abyss to return to the normal world.
- iConomy5. - Yes, I added currency to my server. The currency is called "Minar", "Minaris" for plural. Type /money to see how much Minaris you have.
- iConomyChestShop. - Allows you to set up shops and buy from other people's shops.
- LWC - Chest and block protection mechanism to protect your chests from thieves.
- HeroicDeath. - All player deaths are announced for the safety of all users.
- Jail. - Bad players go to jail and can't escape (even if the jail door is unlocked).
- SpongeRestore. - Sponges absorb water within a medium radius! (Currently a bit buggy)
- MoarChickens. - Chickens spawn where-ever eggs are broken.
- GravelClay. - Gravel + Water = Clay!
- TeslaCoils. - Keep mobs at bay - the futuristic way!
- RetractableBridges. - Self-explanatory.
- PorteCoulissante. - Same as RetractableBridges, but vertical.

- ExplosiveSnowballs. - Something what nopi calls "Mobile TNT".
- WorldEdit. - A plugin for the staffs to manage the world.
- WorldGuard. - A plugin for the staffs to manage the world.
- AdminCmd. - A plugin for staffs to manage the server.

Features (since 819):
- SERVER-SIDE Portal Gun!! No clientside mods required!!
| # Create Portals with the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Compass.
| # Preserves momentum when teleporting between portals (speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out)
- WORKING Aerial Faith Plates!!
- WORKING Repulsion Gel!!
- Propulsion Gel < Disabled because it was buggy.
- Diamond boots can prevent fall damage!!
- In-Game Usergroups. (Guests/Members/Moderators/Admins/Etc)
| # Colored name for users with usergroups during chat.
- Show Motd and List of Online Players when logging in.

Compatible Clients:
- 1.7.3 ONLY

Connection: < Main Server < Test Server

Just type in any of the two links above into the "Connect To IP Address" box and hit Enter.

Group Lists:
Note: This list is not yet updated properly.
Default (Guests):
# No building and destroying rights.
# Can use the Portal Gun if given, cannot craft your own.
- Player
- SomePeopleFail
- Kaitou
- Sparkie
- Jtkl
# Building rights and everything else. (full member access)
- Nopihina
# Has commands to moderate the game.
# Can spawn mobs. (Coming Soon)
# Can create the Aperture Science Emancipation Grid.
- Django
- Nova
# Has commands to administrate the game.
# Can add news to the Motd.
- Zeon
Admins (Ops):
# Owners of the server.
# Can change every aspect of the game.
- Yandols

[ - : Username | # : Rule ]
I'm Yandols. The Founder and Head Admin of this place.
Please contact me immediately if you encounter any problems.

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Post by Yandols » Mon Aug 22, 2011 8:57 am

Introduction to TRMS and a little history of what happened in the past:

Welcome to TRMS (The Rocknarok Minecraft Server)! We used to be a small group of testers who test stuff on these grounds. As we were constantly being attacked by monsters and the infamous Herobrine, we have set up the Rocknarok Glassified Protection Barrier (RGPB) to protect us from the hostiles, and later even invented Tesla Coils to keep them away from our RGPB. After we finally defeated Herobrine, our world became peaceful as all the hostile mobs vanished along with him. The RGPB and Tesla Coils were kept in case one day Herobrine will rise again. We then did major construction and then converted our testing grounds into a partially peaceful town called "Rocknarok Town". Your story begins here in this town.

Rocknarok Town News:

A new faction away from Rocknarok Town is rising. Would you help in its rising or oppose it?

Magic Academy has been griefed! Be careful not to fall into any deep holes, there are plenty of them.

Our airport (named Trans-Server) has been constructed under the empty lot! You'll have to pay a little fee of 15 Minaris to board the airship to the other worlds. Currently our Trans-Server only transports to Little Italy and Magic Academy.
I'm Yandols. The Founder and Head Admin of this place.
Please contact me immediately if you encounter any problems.

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Sonikku Ekksu
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Post by Sonikku Ekksu » Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:15 am


The chamber of secrets. (creepers :3)

Construction of Trans-Server / Airport

Construction of Marketplace


Construction of Django's first slime cage experiment

Construction of Zero Pixel Art

The construction of the Rocknarok Testing Facility (Before Herobrine was defeated)

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