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Some1 gots a idea?

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Some1 gots a idea?

Post by Nick » Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:55 am

Some1 got a idea???
LOL somthing is just in my head
lets make a roleplaying zone about maple XD
i just dun got enough contact with u guys becuz the time diffrence
all make a Maple char and CS will but it in a topic like:

DSO says in a post: My char and I wanna go to Sleepy woods ITS DARK THERE i'm not scared so u know!!!

CS says in post: My char lets use the background of Nautulas ship

Nopihina says in post: My char and my job is Archer both 4th classes HAHA!!! HOLY ARROW STORM!!!

StarbusterX says in post: I think every 1 post it at the same topic CS made for it. the pic lets see where you did JOB qualification on lvl 10 XD My job is Ninja(even it dun exist) lets say its a Bowman mixed with Night Walker/Thief

DSO says in post: uhh lets see what my job is gonna be uhhh
2 days later
EDIT: i choose for warrior last job = Spearman last class

CS says in post: i just gonna think and make the topic and i make sure i post first :P

ISubaru says in post: CAN I JOIN TO???

StarbusterX says in post: EVERY 1 IS FREE TO JOIN but post it here to say that u want to join

question and awsers:
Q: how is it like?
A: Like CS random maple topic but than with a Role playing thingy

I know a bad i dea but it was in my head...

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Post by Nirvaxstiel » Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:20 pm

can some1 close this thread i dun get it,......

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Post by iSubaru » Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:42 am

1) ISubaru says in post: CAN I JOIN TO???
No ISubaru but iSubaru
Can I join too - that is correct version

2) I get his idea but with the way StarbusterX is writing sometimes I say no to that idea, I can't read those numberic/pokemon language without blood boiling, RPG should be relaxing, with this writing of Yours, it won't be

3) Closing topic
My love :3
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