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TRRC Left 4 Dead(Restart)

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TRRC Left 4 Dead(Restart)

Post by nopihina » Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:31 am

As the description says, the first TRRC's Left 4 Dead seems to be out of character so I decided to add another one and add more story into it.

Story: The Green Flu manages to reach to TRRC(a town). Zombies are roaming around the area of TRRC. 6 survivors decided to evacuate the hellhole and avoid death.

Info: 1 week and 6 days later, 4 survivors starts out by locking themselves in a closet. They noticed that the lock is fixed, they are unable to get out of the closet. The other 2 survivors will notice them and attempt to pry open the door... however....

How to Register: To register, you must post this
Occupation Before The Outbreak:
Story:[During the RP, you may state your story while you are locked in the closet]
Weapons of Choice(Put as many as you wanted. The weapons will be put in the RP for the character to take):
Good Point:
Bad Point:
. There are a total of 6 survivors.

I am starting the RP by the time there are enough survivors.

My registration:
Name: Nopihina
Age: 12(youngest in the group)
Occuptation Before the Outbreak: Leader of a Group(Refering to the Beret guild in TRRC)
Weapons of Choice: Katana, Auto-Shotgun, Magnum, Assault Rifle, Bile Bomb, others.
Attire: Green Beret for the head, a modern-looking glasses, a black shirt with 2 white stripes on the shoulder, and a blue jeans.
Good Point: Benevolent, caring, tells jokes and stories to cheer people up,
Bad Point: Easy to get angry, do not like to be alone , scared of the darkness, does not take stuff seriously sometimes.
Like: People with had similarities as his, people who had taste in REAL Music(not Asshole Bieber musics.),
Hates: Hypocrites, 'dirtbags'(Nopi: "people who dont belong to live"), Those kinds of girls and boys(too arrogant, incredibly overreactive and mean, selfish, bitchy and bastards) , people who likes to be clean too much and hates dirt muds and etc..(he thinks them as crazy people who dont understand life), people who think that they are the kings of the world.
Strengths: Excellent accurancy, learnt martial art so if he has no more ammo, he can do a taekwondo kicks, Great sense of anything
Weaknesses: A coward, had high tolerance at bad behavior that it could annoy the victim, take things lightly

To get to know about the infected in Left 4 Dead, please read this link .
Repeating, I will start this RP when there are 6 survivors. The last 2 survivors will be the one unlocking the closet door.

Survivor List:
1: Nopihina
2: Jeramu-kun
3: Kaitou Kuroba
4: Kitsune
5: Joizer.
6: Star

Rules: 1.)Even though this story is science fictional, does not mean that the story will be killing everything easily. I want you guys to be kind of what Real World humans will react in a zombie apocalypse. Not "I touch this mob it die. The end. I rock" . That just sucked. I am pointing to you that rule Tez...
2.)No fictional weapons(like Gun that shoots nuclear bomb or magical amulet that shoots out of nowhere). Real Life weapons only. And those weapons can only damage from the scale of 1-300(Magnum power). Melee weapons only deal 200 damage but will always 1hko a CI whatever the situation.
3.)I dont want alot of good points and no bad points at all and alot of strenght and no weakness. Even an assasin can have a weakness. Could be a Caring Assasin is scared of something or a crazy asshole assasin will always startle the witch..... and put their teamates in trouble. So no "I kill everyone and I not scared shit of tanks. I shit them." . Think of something like a doctor is good at aiding but horrible at gun. A kid good in guns but is scared shit about witches, tanks and any infecteds.
4.) Modern magic tricks is only allowed. No Hovering and stuff like that.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the RP.

Seems that the RP Registration is complete. I may put a infected side registration but I think that ---- *static* . Anywho... One user will start the RP. DONT MAKE THE OPENING A BULLSHIT, FIRST USER!

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Post by Saechika » Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:42 pm

Considering that i'm an RP lover I'll join this then.

Name: Jeramu-kun (Prefers to be called Jeramu)
Age: 14+
Occupation Before The Outbreak: Modern Samurai for hire.
Weapons of Choice:Custom-made Katana,GreatSword,Sub-Machinegun,Assault Rifle,XM8 assault,MP5 Sub-Gun,Revolver,Shotgun

Attire: Red Headband, Fire Shaped Hair(idk waht to call it),Glasses to see long distances,Jacket with a special design(idk how to explain it),and Shaggy Jeans (I Don't like tight jeans,i want em loose!)
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Post by Kaitou_Kid » Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:33 am

Name:Kaitou Kuroba
Age: 16
Occupation Before The Outbreak:A thief that was attemping a robbery of gem that has a value of 1 million
Weapons of Choice:Small knife, A pistol that shots metal cards and of course kaitou's magic tricks :P
Attire: let me make it short :P

( EDIT: typed a wrong age lol )

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Post by Nirvaxstiel » Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:47 am

Name: Kitsune (Code name Nirvaxstiel)
Age: 16
Occupation Before The Outbreak: Assassin Heir of an ancient family.
Weapons of Choice: Train's Hades (Silver custom), 4 katanas, Shuriken/kunai, anchor(will be thrown immediately), grenade, dual handed revolver Hades, dual dagger blade, Hades Sniper custom, Hades railgun custom.(Mainly melee weapons + soem ranged)
Attire: Light wear assassin wear, white scarf around neck, casings for kunais and shuriken.

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Post by Joizer » Sun May 01, 2011 6:04 am

Name: Joizer
Age: 13
Occupation Before The Outbreak: A normal sniper
Weapon of Choice:A Sniper,A katana,A M16,A grenade(LOL REMINDS ME OF BRUNO MARS),A machine gun.
Attire: lemme make this REALLY short

Here it is
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Post by Nick » Mon May 02, 2011 4:04 am


Name: Nick (code Name: Star)
Age: 13 (almost 14 :D)
Occupation Before The Outbreak: a Young Thief That walked away from home because his parents where stupid, So he begin to be a Thief he joined a Ninja Dojo after he learned more then basics he joined a thief and Assasins Guild, Then He left and lived alone by traveling around and that day he comes in TRRC (a town)
Clothing: A Jacket, Jeans, Sneakers & a Lucky bracelet
Weapons of Choice: 2 Desert Eagles(dual wield if its an emergency( on his belt), 2 Katana's on my back, Granades(on belt), UMP45 (a SubMachineGun (on my back), Spas-12 (shotgun(also on my Back)
Hates: To stay alone.
Likes: To be with friends hang around and have fun.
Strenghts: working together on a stragety
Weaknesses: Doing Stuff Alone (causes Stress and high chance of failure)

Good Luck :D

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