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RTS2 Server Information

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RTS2 Server Information

Post by Yandols » Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:07 am

Title of Server: Rocknarok TS2
Full server title: Rocknarok Test Server 2
Acronym: RTS2

Base Exp: 5x (Not sure yet)
Job Exp: 5x (Not Sure yet)
Drop Rate: 2x (Not sure yet)
Quest Exp: Default
Equip Drop: ?
Card Drop: ?
MVP Equip Drop: ?
MVP Card Drop: ?
Max Base Lvl: 150
Max Job Lvl: 70
Max Stats: 120
Max ASPD: 195 (Not sure yet)
Server Mode: Renewal
Main Language: English
Server Location: Malaysia

Skill Resetter
Stat Resetter
Job Changer
Platinum Skill NPC
Town Warper
Dungeon Warper
Card Remover
Buff NPC
Automated Events
MVP Room
Gold Room
Custom Maps
Custom Classes
Custom Pets
Renewal Classes
Renewal Stat System
Custom Drop Rates
Floating Exp Rates

Server Website:
Registration Site: | (Hamachi Version)
I'm Yandols. The Founder and Head Admin of this place.
Please contact me immediately if you encounter any problems.

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