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Rocknarok Story, all in one topic!

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Rocknarok Story, all in one topic!

Post by Saechika » Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:34 pm

bump to keep it alive before we hit the one month dead topic line.
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Post by Saechika » Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:33 am

Sorry to keep you waiting. Happy Birthday Onic! We got another 2 part chapter cuz Hikari requested alot of stuff and all. Enjoy.
Chapter 11, The truth of the Hoshikawas
Mart Note: *holds up a sign saying: No comment.*

Novan Note: And SOOOOOO time for The Siblings! Woothoot~

Chapter 11 - The Truth of The Hoshikawas
3 days later after Mayune's recovery...

The team was happy to have her back. They noticed that she's been stealing food every chance she gets, and Jeramu was starting to get annoyed by it. Yandols told her to take it easy. But she declined to make sure that she had to complete the meals she skipped.

After lunch and the food raid time, the team went to the living room and sat in the sofa, thinking of what to do.

"Bored..." Hikari mumbled.

"Is there anything we can do?" Shoko asked.

"I've been staring at this table since I came here..." Sonic added.

Kaitou turned on the TV and grabbed the remote then he sat at the unoccupied space of the sofa.

"Oh! That show!" Hikari suddenly exclaimed as she absent-mindedly pointed at the TV screen.

Explosions were heard, the protagonist jumped and gave the antagonist a finishing move. The enemy can't dodge anymore as it is the protagonist's strongest move and exploded, the good guy landed behind its worst enemy.


"It's over already?" Mayune asked.

"Yeah." Kaitou nodded. "Today's the last episode."

"Looks like I've been missing a lot of things lately..."

'Most of it would be restraining me.' Scarbeast interrupted while chuckling.

'Shut up. The only reason I missed some episodes is because I was busy!'

'Well, just be glad I'm not going to take control of you anymore.'

'It's because of him... Speaking of which, everytime I see him, I feel some spark electrocuting inside me...'



Dinner came and Yandols called for his chefs. The others went to their own designated seats and waited for their dinner.

While waiting, Jeramu noticed something...

"Hey, Mayune." He called, the other looking at him. "Why you don't want to be part of the chef anymore?"

"Nah, I lost interest. Besides, I'd prefer to wait than to do something."

"Lazy mode much?"

"I guess."

"Who's gonna keep me company when it's my turn then?" Jeramu added sadly.

"You're always skipping duty anyway."


After the little talk, the chefs went out and put the food in the middle of the table. Shoko opened the large bowl, revealing that the main dish for the dinner is beefsteak.

"MINE!!" Jeramu exclaimed as he charged in before anyone could get theirs until half of it remained.

After the meal, Kaitou and Sonic volunteered to wash the dishes.
Morning came and the team took their breakfast and talked to each other for a moment.

After their breakfast, everyone decided to go outside and work on the garden for the day, and noticed that Jeramu was missing.

"Strange... where is he...?" Mayune wondered, suddenly feeling worried.

"What's wrong?" Hikari asked, noticing the look of concern on Mayune's face.

"Oh, nothing..."

"You're worried about him?" Shoko teased.

"Wha, no! I'm... just wondering..."

"Heh. Looks like you two are-" Kei began.


Everyone sweatdropped as they stared in the direction of the furnace.








Everyone stopped as the furnace came into view. There was Jeramu, hammer in his hand. He was arguing with Clofs, and the two were making it seem as if it were a comedy routine.

"Er. Oi. What are you doing? Come help with the garden." Yandols sweatdropped.

"Oh? You guys are here already?" Clofs said as he turned towards the group.

'Shi... I just shouted in front of her...' Jeramu thought to himself, ashamed.

"Er. What are you doing?" Shin asked.

"I'm trying to forge another sword. But this dumbass isn't helping me out at all." Jeramu said as he pointed towards Clofs.

"Wha- OI! I DID HELP!" Clofs retorted.

"Do you need a seventh sword?" Hikari asked.

"Just need a new power-type one. Muramasa and Wado-Ichimonji are good, but I need a better one."

"Do you need some help? I can help ou-" Shoko began.

"Nah. I can work on my own. Sides, without me, you guys lack people for the garden. Better have me and Clofs do this."

"I see. So mister Samurai. When are you going to help us out?" Django asked.

"Are you sure he's a Samurai...? Does he even follow the Bushido..." Kei sweatdropped.

"Screw Bushido. Look, it's so similiar to bushitdo. Who the hell needs that."

"And you call yourself a Samurai..."

"I'm a legal swordsman. Nothing wrong with that~" Jeramu whistled.

"OI! KISAMA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I'M NOT DONE YET! PUT THE BLADE BACK DOWN, DUMBASS." Jeramu glared at Clofs comically, who shot back with a terrified look in a comical way.

"Where did you get the black blade?" Star wondered.

"Black Market. My best friend." Jeramu said as he comically punched Clofs.

'And you call yourself a legal swordsman...' Everyone sweatdropped.

The team, except Jeramu, went to the garden. Some of them dug and planted seeds to it and returning back the soil back to its original place and watered it.

After some time...

"OI! DOOD! THIS IS NOT HOW YOU DO IT!" Jeramu yelled as he kicked Clofs comically.

Jeramu spent some time hammering the blade. After it was done, Jeramu cooled the blade, and he finally sat down, done with his work.

"Done? Come help us with the garden then!" Star called.

"BUSTED!!!" Jeramu and Clofs yelled in unison.

"Now... I'll go flirt with Mayune..." Clofs said with an evil grin.

"OI! BASTARD! STAY AWAY FROM HER!" Jeramu kicked Clofs again.






"WHAT THE HELL!?" Jeramu shouted as he dodged Clofs' attempted pokes at his eyes.


"Hai... Coming." Both Jeramu and Clofs went to the garden and help the team. Everything went smoothly until Clofs decided to play with the shovel and he comically charged at Jeramu, who only side-stepped and Clofs slammed the tree with his shovel, shaking the said plant and a beehive fell down on his head with some bees flying around it. It took him a minute to know that it's a freaking beehive that fell to him.

"GAH! DAMMIT! REMOVE IT FROM MY HEAD!" Clofs shouted as he ran around in circles while Jeramu laughed like a mad hyena.

"OI NOVA! REMOVE IT FROM MY HEAD!" He yelled as he felt the beehive shook and he comically ran in circles again, with the other watching again in amusement.

Jeramu decided to help Clofs by throwing a fireball burning the beehive off, scorching Clofs' face black.

"OI! WAI BURN ME!?" Clofs growled as he comically strangled Jeramu, but the other kicked him in the stomach.

"Sorry, I musta used the wrong method." Jeramu retorted as he kicked Clofs up. He grabbed Clofs and spun him around before throwing him into the air and throwing five fireballs which homed onto Clofs and exploded.

'HE...HE'S EVIL...' Everyone sweatdropped.

After their garden work, the team noticed that it's already night time and they went back to the HQ to rest. After 30 minutes, the chefs went to the kitchen to do their work while others waited for their meal to appear in the kitchen.

The chefs went out of the kitchen and placed a large bowl in the middle of the table.

"The main dish for today is spaghetti!" Shoko announced loudly.

"Fufufufu..." Jeramu grinned as he stretched his hand before anyone else. "No one gets it first before me."

Everyone sweatdropped at his statement. After he was done with his, the others grabbed their own and eat silently, enjoying the meal.

After the dinner, Star and Django volunteered to wash the dishes.
The next day came and the team went back to their daily routine like playing games, watch TV and the like.

Lunch came and they went to the dining room, and they are surprised to see the food already prepared in the table.

"Wow. That's early." Raiser noted.

The chefs opened the door and stepped into the dining room.

"Well, there's nothing to do to kill time, so..." Yandols said as he trailed off and looked at the food.

"At least it's ready so we don't have to wait." Sonic added as he went to his designated seat. Others follow suit.

"Today's main dish is corned beef!" Hikari announced.

Jeramu laughed madly as he charged in again.

After the meal, Raiser and Joiz volunteered to wash the dishes and others went back to their own business.
Yandols went to the living room and saw everyone doing their daily routine.

"Guys." He called, prompting everyone to look at him.

"What is it?" Kaitou wondered.

"I and Shin finished the training room. So, who wants to train?"

Everyone stood up with vigor. "US!"
The team went to the observer's room and looked at the wide area through the glass.

"The training area is powered up by virtual system." Yandols explained as he typed to the keyboard fast. "With it, we can materialize viruses and they have the same AI as those viruses we encounter normally."

"Is there any way to refight those with specific species?" Django asked.

"No. We can only fight the common ones." Shin replied.

"If someone can get me a data collecting item, I'll fight all the unique ones and collect all the data needed." Jeramu suggested.

"Can you do it alone?" Mayune asked, worried.

"Clofs can help. I'll see what I can do." Jeramu yawned.

"I'll try. But it'll take some time to make it." Shin replied.

"Too bad." Joiz sighed then he looked to others. "So, who wants to go in first?" He asked.

"I will!" Django blurted out and readied his sniper.

"O-ok. Take the stairs just on my left so you can head to the training area." Yandols instructed. And Django followed his instruction. After some seconds, Django reappeared at the left side of the training area.

"Are you ready?" Yandols asked.

"I was ready since I came to this area." Django replied. His voice were heard thru the speakers of the observer's room.

"Alright. Time to start the operation." Yandols noted as he typed on the keyboard and pressed a button.

In the training area, viruses starts to materialize on the right side of the training area. For the first time of use, the number of viruses materialized are like those large group attacks they had.

"Heh. This is exciting." Django said gleefully as he prepared himself. He pointed his sniper at the viruses, who were charging at him like zombies.

He pulled the trigger, shooting the viruses in headshot, dematerializing them after getting hit. After 15 hits, he reloaded and shoots at the viruses again.

After all the materialized viruses disappeared, Django stopped firing and smokes coming out of the hole on his gun and he blew it.

"All done."

"So. Who's next?" Yandols asked.

"Me." Kaitou volunteered. As soon as Django went back to the observer's room, he went to the stairs and reappeared again at the training area.

"Training Start."

Kaitou lashed out his gun and reloaded it with metal cards. He aimed it at the viruses and pulled the trigger once and the cards shoot out in random directions, some hitting the viruses. Then he charged at them and put off his hat and grabbed something inside. He pulled it out to reveal a mallet half his size and put it back his hat on his head and batted the viruses.

He noticed a virus behind him and quickly used his free hand to get the gun and shoot it off.

"Phew. That did it."

"So... who's next?" Yandols asked.

'It's time to shine.'


Mayune raised her right hand, with a little help from Scarbeast. She stared at it disbelievingly, but Scarbeast just laughed at it.


She quickly lowered the hand, but Yandols already noticed that someone already volunteered and Kaitou went back to the observer's room.

'You'll pay for this, you mad dog.'

'Oh, what should I pay for it, you lo-'


'I guess that word is your only weakness.'

'Shut. up.'

Mayune went to the training area with discontent and summoned the claws. The viruses materialized and prepared to charged at the other. She prepared her stance and charged at the viruses, but she stopped when the same thin long blades rose up and floated beside her in standby -- like what Scarbeast did.



'Did you...'

'Nah, I would help you in every way I can. I don't want my host to stay in the same fighting style.'

'Whatever you say.'

Mayune chuckled lightly and grabbed the blades' lowest part and charged at the viruses. Once she reached at their side, she swung the sword at the virus gracefully as if dancing with it. She whirled around to see an attacking virus and used the blades to stab it simultaneously and kicked it. Then swiped to the thin air, creating a razor sharp sonic boom and launched to the viruses, effectively dividing it in half. She whirled around to see the last two viruses and aimed the orbs from the palms at the two and shot white energies from it, hitting the heart and disintegrating it.

"Training Complete."

"Who's next?"

Jeramu raised his hand with a smile on his face. By the time Mayune went back to the observer's room, he took the stairs to the training area.

Once he appeared in the training area, Yandols pressed a button and the viruses materialized.

"Heh. These are nothing for me." Jeramu stated as he prepared his stance and held on the Sora-Ichimonji's hilt. "Boss! More please~" Jeramu grinned.

He heard a beep sound and he finally charged at the viruses with speed. He unsheated his blade and went past at the viruses. He slowly sheathed his blade. After a kaching sound was heard, the viruses are cut down to pieces. But one survived and smacked him.

He went silent for a while. After some seconds, he punched the virus in the face. Hard. And it fell down lifelessly and disintegrated.

"You want a piece of me...?" He said with a deadly tone.

The both of them repeatedly smacked each other over and over until Jeramu gave up and cut it into a million pieces, ending the training.

"Looks like it's getting late." Yandols stated. "Right... Last person to volunteer for testing of the training area."

"Me~" Hikari volunteered. After Jeramu went back to the observer's room, Hikari went to it and reappeared at the training area.

Viruses materialized in the same position at the same pose. Hikari summoned her Rake Hand and a devilish sword and proceeded to charge at the viruses. She both used her Rake Hand and the sword at the same time, killing more viruses quickly and faster.

She looked to her right to see a virus charging at her, then looked to the left side to see another one. She waited for the virus on her right to come and stabbed it with the sword then turned to the other side to uppercut the virus with the Rake Hand.


"Well, let's rest." Yandols said as he and Shin stood up and left the room, others followed suit.
Evening came and they went for the dining room and called for Yandi's chefs to come to him and went to the kitchen.

After some minutes, they went out of the kitchen with bowls on their hands and placed them in the middle of the table.

"Today's dinner is... Burger patties!" Yandols declared.

"Ohh~" Everyone looked at the burgers in awe as they charged in.

After the meal, Sonic and Yandols volunteered to wash the dishes while the others went back to their business.

But for Jeramu, he quickly held on Mayune's shoulder. The latter looking at him.

"Wanna spar?" He smiled.

"Hmm, why not?"
The two went to the training room and to the training area. They distanced themselves and prepared their weapons.

"Ready?" Jeramu asked as he held his Wado-Ichimonji's hilt and scabbard.

"Yeah." Mayune nodded and prepared her stance.

They charged at each other, with Jeramu unsheating the blade and prepared to his swing his katana. He swung his katana, but Mayune blocked it with the Side Blades, giving her a chance to counter-attack by giving him an uppercut, launching him in the air. Jeramu regained composture and landed on the floor safely.

After short moment, the two were tired, panting for air. Jeramu charged in again, unsheating his Sora-Ichimonji. As he dashed past at the other, Mayune jumped high to avoid his deadly skill and landed on the floor, facing the other side and summoned a black long thin blade and held it with her right hand. Jeramu charged in again and slashed downwards, but blocked again with the blade. Mayune raised her left hand and pointed the palm at him. He went surprised and thought about hitting him in the face. But only grabbed him without the orb lit up or anything.

The two released their clashes and looked at each other.

"Looks like we're on the same level." Jeramu noted.

The next day came. Everyone woke up at the same time. They went to the kitchen to grab their own breakfast and went to the living room to watch TV.

After eating their breakfast and watching TV, they went back to their own business.

"Well, what should we do today?" Yandols asked, as the team meet up in teh living room.

"I'm getting bored with the same thing we do everyday in our life here in HQ." Sonic whined.

"How about... sports?" Kei suggested.

"OH YEAH!" Kaitou exclaimed. "We haven't done that even ONCE!"

The team went outside of the HQ and saw the good weather. Yandols called Kaitou and Star to get their badminton and volleyball equipment minus the net. They volunteered on which sports they should play:

Badminton Doubles

1st team: Mayune and Jeramu
2nd team: Kaitou and Shoko


1st team: Sonic, Yandols, Kei, Joiz and Hikari
2nd team: Django, Raiser, Shin, Zero and Star

Nopi just looked at the two different sports equipments with curiosity shining in his eyes and observed them.

They started their plays by serving. Once the other team returned back the balls to the other team, they returned it back. The process repeated itself after some minutes before it hit down on the ground in front of the 2nd team.

"Oh yeah!" The first team on both sports exclaimed in happiness as they got their first score.

They served again. This time, the second team got the score.
After the game...

"Phew... That was a good warm-up." Jeramu said as he stretched his limbs.

The game ended with the 2nd team of both sports winning. The first team were contented that they lost.

After taking a bath and fixing themselves up, they noticed that it's already lunch time and they went to the dining room with Yandols' chefs heading to the kitchen to cook for their meal. Others only went to their designated seat and waited for the food.

The chefs came out of the dining room and placed the bowls in the middle of the table. Yandols announced that the main dish for the lunch is beefsteak. Jeramu charged in again to get his favorite food first before anyone else.

After the lunch, Django and Kaitou volunteered to wash the dishes.
The team went back to their own business and played indoor games to kill time. Some to the training room to train their skills and improve their fighting style.

The time went fast and it's already evening for them. They suggested to eat dinner outside.

"So, are we going to the Chicken Pork House?" Joiz asked.

None of them answered. Django took advantage of the silence.

"HAH! I bet no one would go there except you. Let's just go to Indian Curry House!" He exclaimed.

"Nawh. There's also the British grill."

"That's only for British people. Chinese Chicken Rice Restaurant is good for all of us."

"Not everyone in the team are Chinese, for your information."

"I'm sure you, Yandols and Jeramu would enjoy yourselves there."

The team turned to the two with comical anger in them and shouted,


The two recoiled back and went silent when the team scolded them.

The team reached the restaurant silently. They knew who are their tablemates and they went to their designated chairs. The waiters came to them and gave them each of their menus, one for each table. After they ordered, and the waiters writing down their orders, then they grabbed the menus and went to the counter, their chefs preparing the food.

"Man, this is a refreshing day." Sonic noted.

"Yeah." Kaitou agreed. "Good thing we went to a restaurant for a dinner."

"Or we would face the same food again."

The waiters came with their food and placed it on their tables. The waiters left them and the team started to prepare their meal.

After some chatting, competing who's the fastest eater and glass breaking incidents, they asked for the receipt and left some money and tip. Then they went outside of the restaurant to go home.

After crossing the road and walking past the buildings, Jeramu and Kei stopped abruptly and went silent.

"Something wrong?" Mayune asked Jeramu.

"Someone... is watching... KEI! BEHIND!" Jeramu shouted as he whirled behind.

Kei shrugged and threw a wall of air around him as an energy beam struck his wall of air, almost hitting him.

"Ho...." he muttered.

"Jango, Joiz, cover us." Jeramu said as he prepared a fireball.

Django and Joiz drew their respective guns and let loose their blasts in the direction of the enemy while Jeramu charged his energy.

"Wanna give that a shot?" Jeramu grinned towards Kei.

"If you're trying to be suicidal, don't regret it."

"It's not like it'll hit me..."

"You wanna die in jail?"

"Relax, I know what to do."

Jeramu slammed both of his fists down and sent a surging stream of fire across the ground, forcing the attacker to jump up. At that moment, Kei waved his hand and sent a cyclone towards the enemy, which halfway through its way, drew energy from Jeramu's fire stream and turned into a fire cyclone.

"Jeramu X Kei! Hitatsumaki (Fire Tornado)!!" they yelled in unison.

The attacker flipped in midair and dodged the cyclone, a feat which surprised everybody. He landed and pointed his twin guns, which materialized out of nowhere at Jeramu and Kei.


"Is THAT supposed to scare me?" Jeramu said coldly, not taking his eyes off the attacker.

"Stay away from her..." the attacker muttered.

"If you wanna talk, talk louder. I didn't say you're mute, so chill." Jeramu taunted.

The attacker glared at Jeramu and fired a barrage of blasts as Jeramu's eyes widened.

"Oi..." Sonic began.

"What the f...." Joiz muttered.

"JERAMU! RUN!" Mayune screamed.

The blasts connected and caused a minor explosion that threw everyone back and caused bystanders to run away screaming. All that was left was a huge blaze.

"Strange... that wasn't much of an explosion... what's with the fire..." the attacker muttered.

"Phew...." Jeramu muttered as the flames disappeared and he stepped into view. He was alright, but his right arm was bleeding a little.

"I'll never get you attackers. Why aim for the orange haired kid when there's a shitty japanese standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME and a bunch of people who are at least stronger than me STANDIN' RIGHT BEHIND ME?"

"Cuz you look lika punk. People hate punks." Django teased.

"You're really asking for it...." Jeramu threatened in comical anger.

"Why do you care? It's not like they can kill you. You always save your own ass anyway. We don't need to worry about you being attacked. You're just gonna survive in the end." Raiser laughed.

"...I ... I hate these guys...." Jeramu muttered.

"What... are you doing... Hikari?" The attacker spoke up.


"Do you know how long I was searching for you?" The attacker asked.


The attacker stopped as Kei and Jeramu pinned him down and put their blades to his throat.

"If you want to ask questions, then mind if you clear things up? Don't bother moving. If you so much as try to get away, we'll make sure you won't get the chance to meet anybody." Jeramu explained.


"Wait... we know him." Shoko said.

"Gotcha." Kei said as he released his hold of the attacker.

"Somebody tell me you're right." Jeramu muttered sarcastically as he sheathed his blades.

"Kamui... is that you?" Hikari asked the attacker.

"Yeah... I guess you couldn't see me with the lights shining here and all."

"Good thing. Otherwise you'd be half dead before either of us recognized you." Kei stated coldly.

"Exactly..." Shin said.

"It's been a long time since we contacted each other, I thought she was kidnapped. Pardon me for the hostility." Kamui said.

"Use your head. Shoko and Raiser won't get dragged along with her. What you did was really reckless. I could have killed you back then for shooting craploads of beams at me." Jeramu said as Mayune wiped the blood off his right arm.

"Well... if only Hikari was captured..."

"Shoko and Raiser are strong. They wouldn't let her get kidnapped out of the blue. I know you're concerned, but thinking things logically would be the best solution under circumstances like this."

"Like you ever logically thought things through before attacking..." Shoko muttered.

"I HEARD THAT." Jeramu shouted.

"Anyway, guys. It's night. Let's head back." Yandols ordered.

"See ya Kamui." Kei waved as he walked behind Yandols.

"Bai Bai~" Jeramu whistled as he and Mayune continued walking.


"I don't have anywhere to go now. Mind if I stay?" Kamui asked.

"Aaaaah? You got some guts pal. I don't like strangers who show out of the blue and try to blast me to pieces you know?" Jeramu glared at Kamui.

"Come on. What's so bad about letting him stay?" Shoko sighed.

"Alright... fine... but if he so much as lifts that gun at my face I'll send both his gun and hand flying away. Now hurry up." Jeramu said as he walked back towards the group.

On the way home...

"I should get a new phone you know." Joiz spoke up.

"Blackberry... yo. Get a Blueberry next." Jeramu laughed.

"I'm sure you'd like a redberry wouldn't you?" Joiz grinned.

"Provided you get me one."

"We need more money. All of us putting together isn't really enough." Yandols said.

"Since we're on our own... we can try requesting the government or something." Kei suggested.

"What's a government?" Nopi asked curiously.


"We'll get to that later Nopi..." Yandols replied.

"I agree with Kei. We're not doing all this for free. The government owes us. Even though I don't like it." Django said.

"If Kami has links to the government and ee tee see, we'll have to wipe him out first. We're left without links, so basically we're still in the dark while he knows everything about us. We'll have to get some hints soon, otherwise we'll be the ones wiped out." Jeramu said.

"It won't be easy. Considering all we ever get are dumb brutes who die after a few attacks." Raiser noted.

"That's a pain...." Joiz said slowly.

Mayune noticed that some of them were silent, and she whirled around to face them.

"Hikari, Shoko. What do you think?" She asked.

"Oh. Well... we can try finding sponsors." Shoko suggested.

"Who wants to walk up to Sony or SEGA and request sponsorship for keeping viruses away from them!?" Jeramu shouted comically.

"Only you for sure." Hikari giggled.

"We have those to try out, but for now we have another matter to worry about as well. As Jeramu said, we need hints." Yandols said.

"The time will come. All we have to do is wait for it. Though yes, if not soon, we'll have to dig our own graves." Kei replied.

"Alright guys. Another two hours before we sleep. Enjoy yourselves." Jeramu commanded.

"Who made you the boss?" Sonic asked.

"Don't ask me." Jeramu laughed.

"Motor mouth..." Joiz muttered.

"I HEARD THAT." Jeramu yelled.
"Where is he..." Mayune wondered aloud.

'You sure are worried about him.'

'Quiet. I can't look for him with you butting in.'

'Oh sorry I didn't know you were in l-'


"Mayune? You looking for something?" Hikari asked as she noticed Mayune wandering around.

"If you're looking for Jeramu, he's training with Kei, Star, Kaitou and the two snipers. He told me not to disturb them." Shoko said, as if she read her mind.

"Haaa.... haaa..." Jeramu panted.

"I get it now. Despite your power and speed, your body is extremely fragile, physical hits can knock you out easily, and I noticed that your stamina is the lowest amongst all of us." Kei noted.


"Weeeeell, are we going for round 3 or not?" Django yelled.

"You guys sure are taking advantage of the training room..." Joiz sweatdropped.

"Furthermore I don't get why YOU TWO have to tag along with us." Joiz added.

"The more the merrier!" Kaitou and Star laughed.

"Oi Jeramu. Get ready."


"Kei... winner chooses the team."

"Got it..."

"READY?" Jeramu shouted

"OSSU!" Kei shouted back.

"JAN, KEN, PON!!!" they yelled in unison.


Both of them stared at their hands, closed into fists.


"JAN, KEN, PON!!!"


Now both their palms were open.


"Honestly can we just use something else to decide the teams?" Joiz sighed.
Night came as everyone prepared to sleep. Everyone headed into their respective bedrooms and bid each other good night, save for some...

Kamui and Hikari sat alone in the dark, kissing each other.

"Kamui.... I love you...."

"It's been a while... I was really really worried."

"I missed you..."

"I know..."

Outside, Jeramu ran past the room with Kei chasing after him, shouting something about giving back his towel, startling the two.

"It's late.... let's sleep..." Kamui suggested.

"A little longer..." Hikari said as they kissed again.
"Ugh... I fell off the bed? How uncool would that be...?" Jeramu said as he scratched his head.

"Oh boy... seven." he looked at his watch.

"Somehow I feel like I should get more sleep but oh well. Who the heck cares..." Jeramu muttered to himself as he yawned.

He opened his door and bumped into Kamui, who had a sleepy look on his face. There was a short moment of silence before Kamui spoke up.

"Err... hi."

"Yo... You sure are up early." Jeramu yawned.

"Gotta use the bathroom for a while, that's all."

"Did Hikari fill you in?"


"Breakfast at 9. Sharp. Everyone down or they no get food."

"I'll sleep until 8 30 then."

"Suit yourself. See ya."

"Morning." Jeramu said as he walked in the kitchen with his eyes closed.


Jeramu opened his eyes to find Mayune asleep on the table.


"Well that's a first..." he muttered.

He shook her awake, prompting her to react on instinct and jump back and fall off the chair.


'I fell asleep and fell uncool is that...?' she wondered.

"Good mornin'" Jeramu smiled as he helped her up. "Didn't get enough sleep?"


Part 2
"What happened?"

"Nothing much. I think I slept real late."

"You're not using your trench coat anymore."

"Well, it was just getting in the way, especially the tail. And something simple as this is better."

"I see."

The others went to the dining room just in time to find the two were up. They took breakfast and some skipped to go on with their daily routine.

After some time, Kamui woke up and went to the kitchen to find food. But Hikari called him and gave the food she save for him then they went to the living room together and ate their food.

After the breakfast, they went to their own designated places for the daily routine. Meanwhile, Hikari and Kamui were outside, flirting each other in the bench located near the trees.

The tree's leaves near them shook as if gracing with the air. Inside the tree, Mayune picked out a fully grown apple to eat them while she's busy spying them.

'Flirting like they're new boyfriends and girlfriends... How nice.' She thought sarcastically while taking a bite from the apple.

'Well, it's been a while for them. But, Isn't that girl too young to have a boyfriend?' Scarbeast asked.

'What. My schoolmates who are even younger than her already have their own boyfriends and girlfriends.'

'Do they act like someone electrocuted them?'

'Not just that. But they act like bitches and sluts! And they keep searching their soulmates within the school premises!'

'Then what about their studies?'

'Don't ask. They just throw it off the window like a book.'

'Looks like they only focus on having their own love life.'

As the two observed the lovebirds from a tree, Hikari and Kamui got nearer to each other, their faces are half an inch apart. They got closer and pressed each other's lips and hugged each other tightly. The observers looked shock at the events and almost screamed if only they almost forgot to realize that they're only spying.

The lovebirds were done kissing and looked at each other. The two observers leaned closer and tried to eavesdrop.

"Kamui..." Hikari spoke up and leaned on Kamui. "I love you..."

"I love you too, Hikari..."

Mayune almost gave them a vomit sound and quickly realized that they're only eavesdropping and must not be found.

'As if you're not in the same situation.'

'No, I'm not.'

'Don't try denying it.'

'Just shut up, will you?'

The two continued to eavesdrop, but then they stopped after some minutes.

'This is getting boring... Looks like we need to get back without being noticed.'

'Yeah... but I don't know how we can get out from this tree.'

'I know. We have to climb through the walls. Of course, I'm gonna take the side walls of the HQ.'

'Alright... Let's do this!'

Mayune looked back at the two, still flirting at each other. Then she hopped to another branch, nearer to the walls of the HQ.

'Alright, looks like this maybe the hardest escape route I ever did. But... I just can't get noticed and accuse me of spying.'

'But how can you get up from the walls if you don't even how how to do it?'

'I can hang to those window sills fast and jump to another window and reach the rooftop in no time.'

'In other words, the modern hiking... with windows...'

Mayune recoiled back for a while to gather momentum. Once she felt that it's the time to jump, she quickly pushed her right foot and quickly went out of the tree and hang on the window sill.

"Hmm?" Kamui looked at the tree, which shook weirdly, as if someone was there.

"What's wrong?" Hikari asked as she looked at the other.

"No, nothing." Kamui replied. "I thought someone was there and dared to spy us."

Mayune sighed in relief as she wasn't noticed by the two lovebirds.

'That was close...'

'Yeah, or you would've been a mouse detected by a cat looking for food.'

'Mouse, huh.'

She got up from the hang to crouch on the sill and jumped again to another sill from another column and repeated the same process.

After jumping from sill to sill, she finally landed to the rooftop, extending the arms widely as a sign of victory.

"I did it!"

'In the end, you'll always find a way to escape.'

'That's because I can think of crazy things to make it work.'

'Now... time to get back inside.'
"Looks like it's going to rain." Kamui noted as he looked at the sky.

"Let's go back inside." Hikari said.

"Sure." Kamui stood and lent a hand to Hikari and she took and stood up, the two going back to HQ.
Jeramu and Kei were chasing at each other.


"MAKE ME~" Kei laughed.

The two sped up in their running, until they ran past at Hikari and Kamui. They realized that they have some business with them and took a full brake, hiding behind the walls and spied on them.

"Looks like we have to confont them." Kei noted as he took a peek at them, with the curry still raised.

"Yeah." Jeramu agreed. Then he glared at the curry on Kei's hands and quickly grabbed them.

The two lovebirds went off to their path, while the two followed them like a ninja. After Jeramu ate his curry, he threw it aside and he looked at Kei and both of them nodded.

"Hang on." Jeramu spoke up.

The two whirled around to see Jeramu and Kei with their serious faces.

"What do you two want?" Kamui asked politely.

"Looks like it's time to spill the beans, no?" Kei asked back.


"I think it's your turn to explain your past. Basically I'd love to get a lotto machine so we can draw lots and take turns or something but whodaheck cares." Jeramu said sarcastically.

"If you two are really desperate, then we should go to the living room."

"Sweet. Get me dim lights and popcorn." Jeramu brightened up.

"I don't think you'll be so cheery after you hear what we have to say." Hikari said.

"Perhaps. BUT EI! I survived trauma. Make me a madman. I can laugh insanely alot." Jeramu laughed.

"Let's just get going already..." Kei muttered.

The team, along with the four, are all sat up in the living room. While Shoko, Raiser, Hikari and Kamui are together, facing the remaining team.

"So... where should we start?" Raiser asked.

"From the start." Jeramu replied.

"Well the universe was creat-" Raiser began.

"NO NOT FROM THAT START." Jeramu laughed.

"We were born in the same ho-" Raier began again.


"Will you two stop it? Get serious." Hikari said sternly.

"Sirius V3 anyone?" Jeramu grinned.


"Alright fine... have it your way." Jeramu muttered.

"Better keep your mouth shut." Kei snickered.

"Now then..." Shoko started. "4 years ago... we lived in a peaceful village. We also built our own house with our skillful butler when our parents died in a huge fire 8 years ago..."

"PAWPCAWRN NOW!!!" Jeramu shouted.

"It's done!" Raiser exclaimed.

The Hoshikawa siblings, with their butler looked at the finished house. For an average children like them, it will take more time to complete their own house. But with their butler, it went faster.

Shoko looked at their butler. "Thank you for helping us."

"No problem, Ms. Shoko." The butler said and bowed down.

"Now we have a place to live." Hikari said.

"Yeah..." Shoko and Raiser agreed.
"No one helped you make that house?" Sonic asked. "I mean, someone like those construction workers?"

"Nope. Just only us." Raiser replied.

"I see."

"We also went to school before." Shoko said. "Also, that time, Hikari..."

"Fell in love with Kamui." Hikari finished. "I told him everything about me..."
"So..." Kamui started, hesistating on his words. "What is your life like?"

"It's sick and lonely." Hikari replied, holding on to Kamui's hand tightly.

"I see." Kamui commented. then he smiled and looked at Hikari. "Don't worry, I won't leave you alone. I will support you in every way I can."

"Thank you, Kamui..."
"I can't forget that..." Kamui commented.

"Really?" Hikari assured.

"Yeah. I really pushed myself into your life. I can't bear myself to see you hurt."

"I worked as blacksmith in my village." Shoko interrupted. "I forged very high quality weapons, making my pay very high since some of those materials are either rare or mined from another country. There are soldiers who live around our village or from cities who come by my workshop to buy weapons, repair or upgrade them."

"I worked as a bounty hounter." Raiser interjected. "I search job requests in a bar at the village where there are a lot of the requests involving the villagers or the army. I do them so I can get money or useful stuff."

"But, there were many challenges we encountered in our life. Some people don't believe us and call us a joke." He added.

"In the end, we were able to prove ourselves by doing our best." Shoko finished.

"There's this one incident I encountered while I was alone and two of my siblings are in their work..." Hikari said.
Hikari was alone and Shoko and Raiser were busy with their work. She wasn't feeling well and decided to take a stroll in the Forest of Nightmare.

The Forest of Nightmare, just as its name implies, is a forest with many unknown events happening within it. Hikari was bored and sad so she went deeper the forest. As she walk, she saw ancient relics from the old era, but she didn't paid attention to it as she felt weak and focused on walking through the said place. The crescent moon was present that night. The forest was so quiet that she could hear the crickets chirping in the area.
"Whoa whoa so, people name it that way cuz it's scary but crickets are braver than humans and dare to chirp out loud there? Oh the humanity." Jeramu joked.

"They're just animals after all." Kaitou laughed.

"Like mr.samurai over there. Perfect example of a monkey." Joiz said.

"You wanna die don't you..." Jeramu grinned.
After some minutes, she could hear a female voice laughing in the area. She went for the source of the voice, and found a little girl with it's figure like a devil. The devil reacted on instinct and charged at Hikari while the other lashed out her Double Sided Sword and they started their fierce battle.

After their battle, no one was the winner or even a loser. They were so exhausted and wounded with their match and knelt down on the ground.

Both of them staggered. Hikari walked to the Devil Girl slowly. While the other retreated back, getting scared at the approach.

"S-Stop..." She pleaded, the voice shaking as her little figure. "Don't come..."

Hikari didn't listen to the other's plead and continued walking.

"I... can't remember anything... So I attacked you only because I was scared..."

"Don't worry... I'm not mad at you for attacking me."

Suddenly, the Devil Girl could read what's inside Hikari's feelings. She could feel that the human was sad and weak. She had second thoughts on going on with the human and finally decided to merge. She approached the human and entered to Hikari's body. The other felt stronger and healthier before, and the wounds disappeared as if it were dirt.

'You obtained a power that only you will know.' The Devil Girl said.

After the incident, Hikari went home and went to bed.
"Then I told Shoko and Raiser about my new abilities while we were walking towards school." Hikari added.

"I bet they were like WHOAMAGOD THAT WAS EPIC or something." Sonic guessed.

"No kidding." Jeramu said with a grin.

"Well, a few months later of that incident..." Shoko interrupted.
Shoko told to Raiser and Hikari that she have to leave the village. She said that she was sent to the holy village to repair some broken important weapons.

When Shoko arrived at the said place, the nuns came in and welcomed her. They also gave her a place to sleep in their convent.

During her say there and repairing some items, the nun came in to check.

"How's the repair?" she asked, approaching Shoko.

"It's going fine." Shoko replied. She stopped the repair for a while to rest and looked at the nun.

"The reason I came here is that I'll tell you a story."

"Hmm? What is it?"

"In this village, there is a huge lake here that is inhabited by a lost angel. Come to think of it, I think I haven't assigned someone to get some holy wa--"

"Let me do it!"

The nun looked shock at Shoko's words. She also saw pure determination on the young girl's eyes.

"Alright, I'll let you."

As Shoko went to the said place, she saw some mysterious monsters roaming around silently, as if they're patrolling around the area or protecting something. Shoko sighed in relief that she brought her Portable Cannon Launcher incase of emergency. The monster smelled something and sniffs. It whirled around to see an intruder. It charged at Shoko to attack her, but the latter lashed out the cannon launcher and fired it at the monster, sending it flying away. The remaining monsters took notice of their comrade flying and looked at the attacker. Shoko sweatdropped at the event, but got serious quickly when the monsters quickly attacked her.

'Looks like they're attacking me for no reason...' She thought

Shoko evaded the attacks and continuously attacked the monsters until nothing left. She sighed in relief and continued walking to the lake for the holy water. But she stopped when the ground shook violently and Shoko knelt down to balance herself and a huge monster appeared behind her. She whirled around to see the monster.

"So huge..." She commented and side stepped to avoid the monster's stomp. She fired some shots at the monster, but it didn't have an effect and charged some dark energy of some sort and fired it at Shoko, who isn't able to move due to the power and got hit by it.

Shoko fell down on her knees and the attack made her immobile and heavily wounded. The monster raised its foot to eliminate the weakened Shoko, but...

A white light rose from the lake, and revealed to be the angel. It saw the monster was about to crush Shoko. Without having second thoughts, the angel quickly went to Shoko's body and gave the human pure white armor and hightened abilities. The monster recoiled at the strong light and removed its foot. The light disappeared and Shoko wondered for a while, but after realizing that it's the same angel that the nun said, she gained confidence and lashed out an Angel Bow and aimed at the monster's chest. She charged the attack for a while and finally released it when the monster charged another blast from its mouth. The attacks collided, but Shoko fired another attack and pierced through the monster, killing it.

Shoko stood up and looked herself. "Looks like the angel saved me from that monster." The armor deactivated and she went to the lake and grabbed some holy water and left the place.

Once she returned back to the village, the nuns quickly went to her and she gave it to them. They told her that the mission is done and can return back to her own village. They bid farewell to each other.
"I see..." One of the team commented.

"I got something!" Jeramu brightened up.


"A NUN looked at the mirror and saw NONE other than herself." Jeramu joked.

"THAT one's going to the hall of fame." Kaitou laughed.

"So, how about you, Raiser?" Star asked.

"Well, I already have my own powers when I was born." Raiser said. Then he raised his shirt up, showing the mark on his belly then lowered it again.

"I'm just an average person doing my job." Kamui interrupted. "But, I went to the country side to relax for a bit..."
As Kamui arrived in his country side, he was shocked to see people running about. He asked one of the town's people.

"Hey, what happened?"

"A town near us is burning down in flames." The man replied and went away.

"Burning down...?" Kamui repeated.

To be assured on the man's words, he went to his hometown and saw the worst thing...


He walked around to see the buildings in his left and right, but it's the same thing. He then ran to his home to find it burning down. He only stared at it in shock.

"T-They're... dead..." He muttered, his voice shaking from the fear. "Everyone in this town... are dead... I didn't even save even one..."

Fueled by his anger and sadness, he ran around his town to search for the one who destroyed his hometown. He stopped when he found a white figure with red lines standing silently.

"Who are you?" Kamui asked.

"I am the destroyer who destroyed this town." The figure said and held the hilt of his beam saber located on his waist.

Without hesitation, Kamui charged at the figure. The latter lashing out its beam saber and they engaged their battle.

After the long battle, the two panted for air. Their battle was painful and tough, but Kamui managed to emerge victorious.

"I'm impressed." The figure said. Then his body glowed and so is Kamui's. "I'll give you power. The power to protect your loved ones and for the future..."

After the transfer, the destroyer felt that his body is fading away and finally disappeared before Kamui.
"Looks like they're done telling their past." Yandols noted. "What do we do now?"

"Grocery." Kei suggested.

"Huh? Why?" Sonic wondered.

"We need more food." Kei replied. "Those two raided the fridge to almost an empty basket."

"I need some good shit. SOMETHING LIKA BEAM SABER. OR BETTER, A Z-SABER." Jeramu shouted.

"Make it green and give Jeramu purple armor and you get one sword obsessed Nightmare Zero." Django laughed.

"Zero Nightmare's sword is purple." Jeramu shot back.


"Nice try." Sonic teased.

The team prepared themselves and went outside the HQ, to see it's a nice day. Kei was the last one to get out because he forgot something...

"I finally found you."

The team looked around the wasteland to search for the source of the voice. They heard a light groan and they looked at where Kei was. He was knocked down by a girl, somewhere in his age, in front of him.

Kei looked at his attacker in shock and stood up. "Misaki..." He muttered.


Then the girl, Misaki, moved over to Kei, hugged him and kissed him.

The team looked shock at the event and their jaws dropped and dropped all the things they hold.

After the event, Misaki gave something to Kei. "Here's the revolver you forgot." She said and lent the said weapon.

"Ok, thanks." Kei said as he got the revolver from Misaki and they looked at the team.

"I'm Misaki." She introduced, pointing at herself.

"She's supposed to be my fiance, until I have to move to Tokyo. And I met a girl, and she was my late ex-girlfriend." Kei explained.

After the introductions and surprises, they went to the grocery. They sweatdropped when they saw that Kei and Misaki were always sticked together as if someone put a superglue on them.

They reached their destination and separated into multiple groups so they can buy food faster and Yandols said that they're gonna meet up at their starting point to see if they bought enough food. During their food buying venture, Kei was sweatdropping all the time on how Misaki was clinging to him.

After the food buying venture...

The team went back to their starting point and opened their plastic bags to see each other's contents.

"Looks like these will be enough for the next 3 months." Kaitou said.

"Yeah." Yandols nodded.

"WOOT!!!" Jeramu,Kaitou and Sonic shouted from behind.

"What's the deal with those three anyway..." Joiz sweatdropped.

"Ever since they got that Playstation 2 for a discount just now they've been real hyper about it." Shin replied.

"Well what's life without some entertainment?" Raiser grinned.

Once they got back to the HQ, some of them volunteered to place the food they bought in the fridge and others went back to their own business.

Night came and others went to sleep soundly. Kei and Misaki met up on the door of the former's room and looked at each other.

"I'm glad that I found you... Kei." Misaki said lowly as she leaned to Kei.

"Glad you're still alive..."

"So, you're worried about me..." Misaki said teasingly.

"Of course."

"Hmm... Sooo you missed me?"

"K-Kinda..." Kei blushed and looked at the door of his room.

"You're blushing!"

Kei looked at her, and tried to hide his blush. "I'm not..."

Misaki kissed him and said, "Good night~"

Kei just stared at the other, still blushing. "... Good night..."
Mart Note: FINARRY.........

Novan Note: Hooray for me... whatever..

Preview: Chapter 12 - The Sniper Rivalry Continues
Joiz and Django's sniper rivalry continues to grow, even up to the point where they challenge each other to the DEATH.

Novan: YEAH DEATH. BANG BOOM. KILL EACH OTHER. SHOOT YER HEADS OF- whatever you get the idea...
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Chapter 12
Mart Note: Here's Chapter 12.

Novan Note:

Chapter 12: The Sniper Rivalry Continues

A few days after the Hoshikawas told about their pasts...

Joiz and Django were bickering about something...

"I'M THE BEST SNIPER!" Django declared.



Visual lightnings start to appear from their eyes and clashed with the other. They continued their bickering while the team tried to stop them, but to no avail.

"Stop this, you two." Yandols ordered.

Joiz and Django quickly looked at Yandols with angry faces. The latter sweatdropped and backed away then sighed.

"Is there any way to stop those two?" Shin asked.

"I don't know..."

After some hours, the two finally stopped and went back to their own activites, though there is still the air of grudge around them.

Nopi pulled on Yandols' sleeve. "Why are they fighting?" He asked curiosly.

Yandols looked at the small child and replied, "That's what I'm wondering too. Maybe they're rivals."

"I see."

Jeramu and Kei were playing Tatsunoko VS. CAPCOM: Ultimate All-Stars in the living room. The characters they picked were Zero and Tekkaman Blade and Roll and Casshan, respectively.

"Tag!" Jeramu yelled as he pressed some buttons for Zero to jump kick on Casshan with Tekkaman Blade retreating.

The battle went on as Kei gained advantage in terms of health. He managed to use a Super on Jeramu's Zero, but still alive and low on health.

"Let's see if you can beat me on that health." Zel challenged.

"Bring it." Jeramu said deadly as he prepared to get serious.

After the game, Jeramu emerged victorious, ending their fight with Zero (who was tagged with Tekkaman Blade then tagged back when Tekkaman Blade died) using Rekkouha.

"I won!" He exclaimed and stood up in victory.

Outside the HQ, the four girls were playing Volleyball with Kamui as the referee.

"Take this!" Misaki yelled out as she did a spike on the ball, going back to the other side of the net.

"Come!" Mayune prepared her stance to hit the ball since she knew that the ball was coming to her. As the ball was dropping, she quickly raised her arms up to hit the ball, but realized it was a miss and the ball hit her stomach.

"Ahh... crap..." She felt as if she were punched by an iron fist and knelt on the ground.

Misaki was alarmed by this and quickly went to the other side and checked on the other and Hikari and Shoko did the same.

"Look, I'm fine." Mayune retorted back. "Don't worry about me too much. I'm used to it."

'You don't really hurt at all?' Scarbeast asked while sweatdropping.

'Yeah. From what I remember, I've been hit with those kind of balls two times in my school's PE activites. One on my arm and one on stomach.'

'The stomach hits sure hurt, huh.'

'At least it's better than having it punched.'

After the girls checked on Mayune, they continued on their game.

Sonic, Kaitou, and Star went to the training room to train their skills. They take turns as they need someone to operate the computers.

"Star, you go first." Kaitou instructed. The former nodded and went to the training area. Viruses started to materialize in the same area and are in their fighting positions.

Star readied his weapons. The viruses charged at him and he did the same. He slashed the viruses with his kunais and most of them disintegrated after being hit.

"Training Complete~" Star noted as he gave Kaitou and Sonic a thumbs up.

Sonic went in next after Star went back to the observer's room. The viruses materialized again and Sonic charged at them. He unleashed some wind element on his legs and kicked on the viruses, sending them flying away. The viruses landed on the floor and disintegrated.

"All right! Killed them all!" Sonic yelled out.

"You improved a lot." Kaitou complimented.

"Of course."

Zero and Raiser sat on the floor with a table between them. They placed their arms on the table, ready for their arm wrestling.

"You ready for this?" Raiser asked.


They started their "wrestling" with Zero gaining advantage, but Raiser got even with the former. After some minutes, Zero is the winner of their little game.

"I did it!" He exclaimed in happiness while Raiser sulked in the table.

"I can't even win..."
Afternoon came and the team went to the dining room for the lunch. Misaki joined in the chef group and followed them in the kitchen.

Kei noticed this and looked at the retired chef.

Mayune noticed that someone is looking at her and she looked back. "What are you looking at?"

"Oh, nothing." Kei spoke up and looked away.

'Maybe he noticed something.'

'And what would that be?'

'I think he meant that someone found a substitute for you.'

'That's it?'

'Well, I don't know. I'm not a psychic.'

Joiz and Django are still glaring daggers despite that they are far from each other. The team are worried on the two's hostileness.

The chefs are now done with their cooking and went to the dining room with some large bowls on their hands.

"Today, the main dish is fried chicken!" Misaki declared.

"FIRST!" Jeramu exclaimed as he grabbed his chicken first.

While the team were eating, Joiz and Django glared at each other, and went back to eat their food at max speed. The team got more worried on them, but continued to eat their meal.

After the meal, Shoko and Hikari volunteered to wash the plates.
In the afternoon, the team were thinking of something to do in the living room.

"What to do for this afternoon..." Yandols muttered.

"How about some movie marathon?" Shin suggested.

"But, we need new DVDs to buy and watch." Hikari pointed out.

"Don't worry, we got that covered." Jeramu said with a grin.

"I'll go too." Kaitou stood up as he volunteered to go to the mall and so did Star, Sonic, and Yandols.

The 5 went out of the HQ to the mall, and they decided to buy 4 movies while the remaining team went back to their own business.

30 minutes later...

The 5 finally went back, with Sonic showing them the movies they bought. They have Horror, Suspense, Adventure, and Action.

"Now, let's get started!" Yandols exclaimed as he went to the DVD Player and inserted Action genre first.

6:05 PM

Some of the team were shaking on their feet because of the horror genre they played last because they thought it would be better if they watched the later genres.

They noticed that it's already evening and the chefs went to the kitchen to cook food. The team went to the dining room and sit on their designated seats and wait.

The chefs are finally done on their cook and went to the dining room to place the food on the middle of the table.

"The main dish for today's dinner is beefsteak!" Shin announced.

"ME FIRST!" Jeramu yelled as he shook off others' hands and grabbed his food.

The team ate in silence as some of them are talking about some things that only they would relate.

After the meal, Misaki and Kei volunteered to wash the dishes.
The next day...

The team were having a good breakfast, then they decided to go outside to take a stroll in the city nearest to the HQ.

When they reached the city, they went to different places of the said town to look at the shops or buy them using their money. They also went to the arcade for a while to enjoy their time outside the HQ. After their venture to Arcade, they went to the park to rest and enjoy the view.

As they remained in the park, they heard people's scream and running about. The team looked at Mayune, who only nodded in response as they knew what the commotion is all about. They ran to the streets and saw a Boar Virus rampaging and charging at the people surrounding it.

The team readied their weapons and waited for the civilians to run out of their sights and faced the virus with determined faces.

"A virus on the loose, huh." Jeramu said with a grin.

"Then let's teach him a lesson." Zel added.

The boar virus heard what they said and faced their direction. "So you're those so-called brats who would stop Lord Kami's plans."

"Yeah. We're those 'brats', as you define us." Shin retorted back.

"Ei bruh, don't be counting old man Shin." Jeramu joked.

"Damn son, I'm not THAT old." Shin grinned.

The virus snorted and bent, gaining momentum in his feet. He then raised his right foot and charged at the one nearest to him, which was Nopi.

The young boy prepared his giant mallet. As the virus drew closer, he swung the mallet upwards, sending him to the sky. But the virus wasn't worried. He formed his hands to a fist, ready to use an attack. Once he fell to the ground, a giant crater formed and sent a shockwave at everyone.

They braced for the attack, holding on the best they can.

The virus stood up, "Didn't expect that, huh?" He asked smugly.

"Who said we should expect that?" Jeramu retorted back.

"I think I should cook you up for dinner tonight. Eh, Kei?" Jeramu grinned towards Kei.

"Ah, mighty fine suggestion. Ora, Yanddeh. Let's see which one of us can cut off a bigger piece." Kei smiled.

"Fufufu, if he doesn't disappear into black wisp that is." Yandols said as he grabbed his sword.

"Hou, Makaseru (leave it to me)." Jeramu said as he summoned his new black blade out of thin air.

The virus anticipated Jeramu's attack. As Jeramu was about to slash, the virus punched the ground and created a wall to block the attack.

Jeramu couldn't stop his attack and noticed too late. The wall was already created and he struck the wall, cutting it clean. The Boar widened his eyes in shock, as did the others.

"Whoa dude... he wouldn't cut through it if he were using Muramasa." Sonic remarked.

"C'mon, don't be such a coward." Jeramu said in a nonchalant tone.

"I'm not a coward. I'm just preparing something." The virus retorted.

"Pathetic excuse..." Jeramu muttered.

The boar virus chuckled. But stopped when he noticed that someone dashed past his wall. He looked over his shoulder behind him and noticed that Kaitou was already aiming at his arms with his gun. He fired the trigger continuously as metal cards started to fire at his shoulder. After 8 hits, both of his arms were decapitated.

"We're not letting you to keep making your walls." He stated.

"Ora ora ora Kaitou, you're stealing my kill." Kei grinned sinisterly.

The boar regenerated his two arms in an instant, and was ready to strike Kaitou, who was still midair. His arm was moments away from a grinning Kaitou, who seemed to be unfazed by the threat.

"I'll wipe that smirk off your face." the boar said as his arm drew closer to Kaitou. At the last moment, his arm faded from view, severed yet again.


The virus was about look for his attacker when he felt his other arm fall off, and he whirled behind to see Yandols, who was wearing a grim expression on his face.

"Nobody touches my teammates." Yandols glared.

"Hehe, that makes two arms gone." Kei said as he landed on the first arm, his Nenekiri-maru and Fuurinmaru drawn.

"Now we're even Zel!" Kaitou yelled.

The boar stomped and created another wall, trying to buy time to regenerate his arms again, but it crumbled instantly. The boar virus stepped back as his wall crumbled to the ground, he looked behind him to see who destroyed it, and saw Mayune with her right claw clenched

."Huh, looks like my Dragon's Roar didn't change despite my forgetfulness." She stated as she checked her right hand claw and examined it.

Jeramu thought it was suspicious of the "by years" thing and looked at the other. "What do you mean by 'years'?" He asked. "When did you learn that skill?"

"Nah, I learned it since I was little. It was a long time ago." Mayune replied. "Let's go. We need to defeat a virus."

Jeramu smiled as he looked back at the scene of the battle, the others were yelling and shouting insults at each other, fooling around while preventing the virus from regenerating. The two prepared themselves as they charged in to join the battle.

The boar virus was only dodging the team's attacks. From Kaitou's card bullets, Shoko's arrows, Nopi's mallet, Raiser's doton attack until Sonic's chain attacks.

"Ugh... You brats are more powerful than I thought." The virus grunted.

"Of course." Kei retorted back. "We are a team. When one's missing, we fall apart."

"Divided we fall, as they say." Jeramu added as he made his sudden appearance.

The virus let out a low growl. But as they continued to attack, the virus noticed that his regenerated arms were back and punched the one who was closest, which turned out to be Hikari, who was ready to use her Fully Charged Darkness Blade against him.

Hikari gasped at the reformed arms of the virus, but she couldn't dodge it and got hit by it, sending her to a nearby building and crashed on it.

"Hikari!" Kamui yelled as he went to her and check if she's ok.

"Don't worry. I'm fine." She assured him.

Misaki jumped into the scene, trying to decapitate the virus again. As she threw her kunai at the virus, the latter caught it and tossed the weapon aside.

The virus formed his right hand to a fist and punched the ground with force. Creating huge earthquake that caused the team to let their guard down and balance on their feet. He saw this as an opportunity and rushed to Yandols.

Jeramu laughed as he darted midair, apparently using a modified version of Kei's wind walker technique.

"Not the boss, punk. Not the boss." Jeramu grinned while maintaining a threatening tone.

He raised his new black blade and was prepared to charge it with his energy when Misaki charged into the boar and sent him flying.

"Oh no, you don't." She said with a daring tone. "Like we're going to have your way."

"Tch..." The virus stood up, but stopped when he saw a shadow looming over him and quickly turned around, but couldn't see it as he got attacked by a strong punch.

"Let's end this, shall we?" Mayune asked rhetorically.

"Destroyer's Anger!"

Shadow Blades started to appear around the virus as if it were a thousand spears directed at him and accused him of being a traitor. With a wave of her hand, the blades quickly charged in to stab the virus. As the blades disappeared, she quickly charged energy from the claws and used the Empress Spike to impale and launch the virus. Then she quickly charged at the virus as the charge was almost done. After the claws gave a signal of full charge, the spike disappeared and the virus started to fall down but was punched two more times from both claws.

The virus disintegrated into black wisp and drifted away.

The team rejoiced in victory as they approached Mayune.

"Wow... That was really brutal." Kaitou commented.

"If only that virus inside you continued the attack, we would've been stabbed corpses." Yandols added.

Mayune laughed nervously at their comments. "Let's just say," She paused to look at Jeramu. "He did all he could to stop the attack."

Jeramu looked surprised to receive a compliment from a signifiant someone. He blushed in response and scratched the back of his head due to embarassment.

"Look who's having development here!" Django said teasingly while putting his hands on his waist.

"Oi! That's not it!" Mayune retorted back.

"C'mon Mayune, don't try denying it." Shoko said. "It's so obvious!"


'Yeah, your comrades are right. Admit it, love bird.'

'I'm not talking to you, mad dog.'

Misaki went to Mayune and put her arm around the other's neck. "Even you look so tough and strong, love must be your weakness."

'Nosy people...'
A day after the virus attack incident...

The team were having good breakfast. The girls kept teasing Mayune, but the latter tried everything she could to shove them off but gave up and let them tease whatever they want.

As they were doing random things that may spark their interest...

The team were alerted by the explosions in the training room. They went to the said place and saw Joiz and Django firing at each other without anything to protect them.

Django fired first, but Joiz just dodged it and fired his shot at the other, but only side-stepped to his right and aimed, pulling the trigger to fire another shot. The same process going on while the team stare in wonder on why they're fighting each other.

Yandols went to the computers and grabbed the mic. "Stop this, you two." He commanded.

"No!" Django declined. "I won't stop till I get my title!"

"Why do you want the title so much?" Joiz asked.

"That's because only I deserve it!"

Django assumed his position to aim for Joiz's head. The other did the same. The team wonders what will happen now and they only thought the worst scenarios possible. They are about to pull the triggers when Django's fingers were shaking.

"Go ahead then. Shoot me. Do it for your title that you crave so much." Joiz challenged.

"None of them are moving..." Katiou muttered.

Django lowered his gun, much to Joiz's surprise. "Why... why I can't pull the trigger?"

Joiz lowered his gun and approached Django. "That's because you can't kill a comrade for a title."


"How about, we work together?"


"I'm sure there's a reason for you not to kill me."

Joiz offered a hand to Django, who only stare at it for a while. Then he considered about both snipers working together.

"Alright. We'll work together as Sniper Kings." Then he accepted the offering hand and looked at Joiz with determination.

As Jeramu and Kei smiled in approval to each other, both sensed a presence and looked back, catching a glimpse of a shady person with long hair and twin blades fleeing from the window.


"Think we got more recruits joining?" Kei whispered.

"Doesn't matter. I, the Bloody Fang will accept any challenge from a sword wielder." Jeramu grinned as his pupils sharpened into a feline shape, giving him the look of a predator.

"I thought you waz the Red Nova." Kei chuckled.

"I have tons of titles. "Wind Walker" of the East." Jeramu grinned as his pupils returned back to normal.

"How'd you know that? It's been years since someone called me that." Kei said as he shot Jeramu a curious look.

"I know all my assasins and mercenaries. What do you think of that guy?" Jeramu said as he smiled towards Mayune, causing her to blush and turn to Shoko.

"Looked like a girl. Couldn't be certain. Those blades look nice."

"Sure do. Well if it's a girl, I'll be damned."

"Pffft. Can't hit a lady?" Kei chuckled.

"Nah. Just that ladies tend to yell alot if hurt. And I honestly hate noisy ones." Jeramu replied.

"What of your black blade? I tested it a while, don't think it's fit for speed. It sure did cut that wall of earth in half." Kei whispered.

"Would be a power type. I designed it so it would cut air more easily. I can also charge black energy up and fuse it with my sonic booms. I have to test it out on that spy." Jeramu said calmly.

"Besides, it was just rock. I can cut steel in half, no problem." Jeramu smiled.

"That wasn't just rock dude. That was super thick. Just like your ego." Kei teased.

"You talkin' to yourself?" Jeramu shot back with a smile.

Yandols turned and called the two, signalling them to join the group and walk back to the living room.

"Well, who do you think that spy is? Someone who knows the others? Got any female friends?"

"All I had were trash who never bothered with me. So nope." Jeramu replied, making no effort to hide the sadness in his voice.

"Time to download Ragnarok Online on the computer we bought just now." Kei grinned, trying to change the subject.

"Right... for the spy, it's the story for another time. Let's go, Aniki (a term used for big brother, usually a sign of respect)."

"Don't you think you should join her first?"

"I should be saying that to you, aniki."

"Misaki has the girls."

"Mayune has the girls."

"Heh, smart. You got me there." Kei laughed.

"Come on. We got alot to do." Jeramu said as he pulled Kei into a headlock.

Mart Note: I. Freaking. Hate. Writer's. Block.

Novan Note: So Short. So much revamping... *sigh*

PREVIEW:Chapter 13: The 3 Supernovas! Theif, Samurai, and Butler
Kaitou, Jeramu and Star have a powerful friendship, and this is tested against the revived Neo Trickmaster. Their Powers prove to be enough to match this adversary without receiving help from the others. They then swear allegience to Yandols, protecting him even if it means sacrificing themselves. Yandols accepts, and the 3 Supernovas are born. And... the arrival of a newcomer causes the two egoistic swordsmen to strive even further to perfect their techniques, and the perfection of a dark, forbidden technique.
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And thus, double release! Tis be Haroo's debut. Woohoooooooo!!! Another two part chapter!
Chapter 13, The Three Supernovas and the Seven Sword Wielder
.Mart Note: Woot for double release!


Chapter 13 - The 3 Supernovas! Theif, Samurai, and Butler

"Lord Kami."

Neo Trickmaster knelt before his master as a sign of respect. The man looked at the virus.

"You can't fail me this time." Kami said sternly. "Now go."

"Yes, my Lord." Neo Trickmaster agreed as he disappeared to the scene.

Kami looked at Ancient, who was fiddling with some of the equipments scattered on his work table.

"And what are you planning now?" He asked as he approached the other.

"Just for my pet." Ancient replied as he grabbed a syringe with a black liquid inside the cylinder.

"For your prey again?" Kami asked with an unexcited tone. "I thought you're done with those two because you failed."

"You see..." Ancient let out a dark chuckle as he injected the liquid inside the object before him -- a thick bracelet with an opened diamond-shaped orb at the middle. "I didn't put all of the beast's personality. I only put a part of it."

"You can do that?" Kami asked again in amazement.

"Yes. This is the remaining vengeful personality. And it's quite strong."

"So, is it controllable by their combined will?"

"Nope. Once I put it to her, it would be impossible to reverse the effect. Only a miracle would reverse it."

"I see. Let's see what that accessory can do."

"In a due time."
At the HQ...

The team were chatting at each other happily while waiting for their lunch. While they were having fun with their own discussion, Mayune's left hand twitch. She quickly held her left wrist with the right hand.

Hikari noticed the act and asked, "What's wrong?"

The other snapped back in reality as she looked at Hikari with a surprised face, realizing that it was too late to hide it.

"I... just felt something." She said slowly. "I felt a strong emotion of pure anger and revenge."

'And it's coming from you.'

'Yeah. I can feel it too. I guess the guy who took a prey on us is planning something evil.'

'I know... My left hand wouldn't react badly. This is the first time it happened.'

Jeramu noticed the sudden change of Mayune's expression. He doesn't want to make a move yet and only examined her.

Kei went nearer to Jeramu's face, the latter surprised at how near their faces are and removed his face out. The other went near again, but this time, it wasn't as intimidating as before.

"Hey, shouldn't you be doing something?" He asked lowly.

"I wonder..." Jeramu said lowly as well. "But with that expression, I think it's not coming from her, but it was from the virus."

"What makes you think of that?"

"Remember how she showed the mark to us before?" Jeramu asked, Kei nodded. "It must be the virus' dominant hand because of where the mark showed after being infected."

The chefs went out of the kitchen room and placed the bowls at the middle of the table and they announced that the main dish is chicken burger.

"Chicken and Hamburger!?" Jeramu yelled out in surprise. "WOOT. TWO FAVORITES IN ONE. LET ME DIG IN FIRST."

"Ohh~ Looks like you have your rival for that one."

Before Jeramu could get his, he looked at Mayune, who is was wearing a competitive expression on her face.

"That's some mood swing you have." Jeramu commented. "Challenge accepted."

'Obviously lovers.' Everyone thought.

The two simuntaneously used their fork to stab one of the burgers.

After the lunch, Jeramu emerged victorious in their challenge.

"You can't beat my speed with your power." He said while munching to his leftover burger.

"I must admit, you're too fast for me."

After eating their lunch, Jeramu and Mayune quickly volunteered to wash the team's dishes.
Kaitou and Star were playing chess and they had an intense fight. Kaitou almost cornered Star's King piece if only the latter noticed that he still have the Rook piece and ate the cause of his corner.

Jeramu came in the living room to find the two were having an intense amount of concentration. He decided to only watch their battle.

Star used his Horse piece and moved it foward, putting Kaitou's King to a check. Kaitou moved the King to the left, saving his King. But Star smirked in response and moved his Rook at the same row as the King.


Star stood up in victory as the Rook, Horse, and his Bishop cornered Kaitou's King.

"How about we battle, Star?" Jeramu asked.


Kaitou went out of his seat as Jeramu took over and placed back the piece to their starting position. Star made his first turn since he uses the white pieces and moved the Horse piece forward.

After the game...


Jeramu moved his Pawn piece a square away to Star's King piece. The other piece he had were Queen and Bishop.

"Dayum. You're good."

After their chess match, Jeramu went to the training room to find Kaitou training with Yandols to spar with their abilities.

The match was over and the two seem to pant for air, declaring the battle as a draw. Jeramu, who was still watching the match, went to the computers and spoke on the mic. "Yo~"

Yandols and Kaitou looked at the observer's room to see Jeramu waving at them. They went to the observer's room to greet him. And by chance, Star went to the training room, who greeted them awkwardly. The other three greeted Star back. They decided to go to the dining room to raid food for snacks. But Yandols decided to go and watch TV. The three sat on their respective seats and talked to each other with random topics they can think of.

The next day...

Jeramu saw Kei playing a Rubik's Cube. The latter was having a hard time solving it. He got frustrated and threw the cube midair, landing it on the sofa he's currently sitting.

"Whoa..." Jeramu commented after he trailed his eyes on the rubik's cube. "Is that really hard to solve?"

"Yeah." Kei replied irritately. "I still don't know how Misaki finished it, though."

"So, if your girlfriend can fix this, I can ask mine if she can do it."

"Good luck."

As Jeramu walked to the hallways to find Mayune, he noticed that the said cube was missing from his hand.

"Fufufu, you should watch your belongings more often."

Jeramu was alerted about the familiar voice. He turned around to see Kaitou standing there silently. He slowly approached the other slowly, hoping to snatch it back from him.

Just as he prepared to snatch the object, Kaitou turned around, showing the completed rubik's cube.

"Ta-da~" Kaitou announced.

"Hey, who told you-- What?"

"I solved it in 20 seconds. New record."

"You can also solve Rubik's Cube? Sweet."

"And I can guess thatt you're looking for her and ask how to solve a full rubriks."

"Well, the answer I can give is a 'no'."

The two looked behind them to see Mayune yawning as she approached them.

"I can solve rubriks, but only a single color then everything went down the hill. I know I like puzzle games, but Rubrik's Cube is out of the question."

After citing the sentence, she went past them and waved a "see ya later" to them and went to her room to take a nap.

"That's your answer." Kaitou spoke up after a minute of silence.

Outside the HQ...

Star was having a good time sitting around the tree's branches and swinging his feet as if he were a child. Then he looked up at the blue sky, which is vacant of any clouds and he could see the sun's rays.

"Today's a beautiful day, huh." He said lowly and jumped off the tree. As he walked back in the HQ, he saw Sonic going out and stretching his arms up.

Sonic looked at his side to see Star staring at him.

"Hey... What are you doing here?" He asked out of curiosity and surprise.

"That's my line." Star stated. "I'm just refreshing for a bit. You?"

"That's also my purpose for being out. We need some rest because of the battles. We've been restless."

"I agree."

"By the way... What do you think of the world now?"


"There's virus outbreak in every corner of the world, infecting humans. Only few of the safe humans dared to fight the virus. Even the police and government can't remove them. We don't even know the company behind all this."

"Yeah... The only hope we have is to keep hunting and searching until we reach that goal."

"So, we're like the pirates and the big bad is the 'X' on the map?"

"Something like that."

Then, they heard a thunder roared above them and saw that it was getting dark and the dark clouds filled with evaporated water started to stick together and small droplets started to pour down on their skin.

"Great. Just when we have our fun outside..." Sonic mumbled as he looked above him, as do Star.

"We have to get inside. Fast." Star noted as they rushed back in.
Nopi looked at the window of his room to see the rain drops fall to his window and the water trailing down.

"Aw..." He muttered sadly. "It's raining today."


The child turned around to see Yandols in front of his door. The former went to him and looked up to Yandols' face.

"Let's go to the dining room. Lunch is ready."

Nopi nodded vigorously and followed Yandols as the latter went to the said location.

Hikari and Shoko searched and called for their teammates around the HQ. Everyone went down to the dining room while the other two were tired from the small adventure they had in the HQ.

Misaki declared that their lunch is beefstake. Jeramu and Mayune started their "grab their food first" competition. Mayune barely won their competition and managed to grab 2 beefs before Jeramu could.

"Heh. You won this time. But the next time we have our competition, you'll never win." Jeramu warned.

"We'll see about that."

The team continued to get their own food and eat their lunch after the two's competition. Hikari and Kamui volunteered to wash the dishes after they ate.

As the team were having their free time, they went to the living room as they heard someone talking about the current situation.

"We bring you the current news!"

Everyone stopped talking and looked at the TV intently.

"As you may know, these special viruses are escalating up to a dangerous rate. Everyone, please evacuate to the nearest evacuation center where they have anti-virus forcefields activated immediately. You don't know if you're the next victim. The company behind all these mess are still unknown and a special military force has been created to track down the one who created and why would that someone infect humans."

"People are stupid." Jeramu muttered.

"Well, it's not like we can trust them anymore." Mayune added. "The police, military, and the government can do nothing to stop this."

"So, they're sending special military force to track them down? What is this, a war?" Raiser asked, irritated.

"Many human lives were sacrificed for this." Hikari said. "We must not let any more lives to be wasted."

"The question is, how?" Misaki asked.

"That is..." Shoko spoke up. "We don't know yet."

"Track down whoever caused this."

Everyone looked at Kei, who looked back at them.

"We may not making so much progress, but we're slowly getting answers. Real slowly."

"He's right." Star nodded. "Soon or sooner, we'll eventually find out the company who caused all these."

"The only thing we know is that Ancient is one of them, but we're certainly not sure of this 'Kami' guy." Shin said.

"Kami is the leader of all this mess." Jeramu interjected. "And Ancient must be his assistant."

"If we're going to stop them, then we must get answers fast." Zero added.

"Can't rely on the government. Besides, we don't know how many combat humans are out there besides us. Look at the time, it's late."

They noticed that it's getting late and have their dinner. The chefs came out of the kitchen to declare the main dish for their today's dinner is chicken curry. Jeramu launched in first, but Mayune said she wouldn't compete for the fastest because she's not fond of the curry. After eating their dinner, Shin and Zero washed the plates that the team used to eat in.

During the night, everyone bid good night to each other and went to their respective rooms.


Jeramu went out of his room 2 hours later, hoping that everyone was asleep that time. He slowly sneaked in to Mayune's room. He closed the door as slow as possible to not let it creak that might wake her up. After closing the door, he examined the room that it's so tidy and wonders how could she keep it every single day. He checked the contents on top of the table, which are all typical girl stuffs minus the make-up. He also saw her cellphone which revealed to be Samsung Galaxy Young.

'Come to think of it... this is the first time I'm in her room. I wonder if she felt like this when she was in my room...?'

Then he felt that his vision is getting blurry and fell face flat on the floor, energy drained from him.
Morning came and Mayune opened her eyes, sat up and checked everything in the room. When she looked at the floor, she sweatdropped on the person sleeping.

'Oi... Since when did he get there?'

'I don't know... I think he sneaked to my room last night and fell asleep.'

'That's some epic brain system for him to fall asleep like that.'

'There's something called Narcolepsy, you know.'

'Well, what should we do?'

'Uhh... Bring him downstairs, duh?'

'Typical girlfriend.'

After fixing herself, she picked up Jeramu and opened the door a bit, looking at left and right to see if someone was up. Knowing that the coast is clear, she dashed to the dining room to place him to in designated seat and fixed his position so that his head is rested on his crossed arms on the table. Mayune sat on her seat and yawned.

'I feel like sleeping again.'

'Huh, you only saw him sleeping and now you want to sleep again? You're too sync with him.'

'I know, right?'

Then Mayune slept again by resting her head in the concrete table and arms laying down.

After some minutes, Hikari went in the dining room to get food for her and Kamui. When she got in, she saw Jeramu and Mayune sleeping at the table. Hikari clasped her mouth to prevent herself from chuckling loudly.


Scarbeast noticed that someone was chuckling at the front door and looked up to see Hikari. The latter was so red from preventing to chuckle as loud as those two might wake up.

'This is bad... Oi, Ichido, wake up!'

He shook his host the strongest he can to wake her up. Mayune stirred and raised her up to look at her surroundings and looked at the front door. She saw Hikari who can't still stop feeling so red.

'Look, stop her from doing that. I'm starting to hate that look.'


The said person looked up, her color returned to normal when she realize that Mayune woke up.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was just getting food for me and Kamui, until I saw you two sleeping on the table. Too romantic for me to just pass it."

"Whatever." Mayune said nonchalantly as she stood up to get breakfast. Just as she was about to get out of the chair, Jeramu stirred and looked up, the two girls stared at him.

After Jeramu was finished at his surroundings, he realized that he's in a different place than he last remembered. He went wide-eyed and asked, "Where am I? Who put me here!?"

Mayune slowly raised her hand. "Uhh... me?"

Jeramu felt relief when he learned that it was Mayune who took him to the dining room. He smiled gently at her and she smiled back.

"So, what do you want for breakfast?" She asked, blushing a little.

"Up to you." Jeramu replied softly.

Hikari couldn't help but to clasp her mouth again and prevent herself from laughing hard. The two noticed this and blushed heavily.

"Just get your food, will you!?" They barked at her in unison.

Hikari followed on what they said and grabbed two kinds of food and went out of the dining room.

After the little event, the rest of the team woke up and went to the dining room to get their food for breakfast after Mayune and Jeramu went to the living room to eat their breakfast with Hikari and Kamui.

When they're done with their breakfast, the team went to the living room, thinking on how to kill time.

"How about going to the mall?" Zero suggested.

"Yeah. We barely go to the mall anymore." Kei added.

"Then, let's go." Yandols said as he stood up. The team did the same and they went out of the HQ and marched to the mall.

The team reached their place and walked around, looking through shops and the things they sell. Some were on sale, some were still in original price. As they walked, Mayune stopped walking and felt her eyes glowed red.

The team also stopped walking and looked at her. "What's wrong?" Jeramu asked.

"I sensed viruses here in this mall."

"What!?" The team bellowed, save for Kei and Jeramu, who caught sight of a waffle stall and started whispering to each other.

However, her words were true as a single virus went out of a restaurant, scaring people away and ran around as more viruses continue to appear from human after human.

"They're using human lives just to wreck havoc!?" Kei asked, amazed by the turn of events.

"This is bad, real bad." Kaitou quipped as he prepared his weapon.

"It's time for virus busting, eh?" Sonic said as he prepared his stance.

Django and Joiz started by jumping into some decorations and shooting at the viruses. As they attack, civilians ran to hide in the restaurants and watch the team on how they fight.

Sonic kicked some of the viruses in the air while Yandols jumped and slashed them before moving on to other viruses.

Shoko used her Angelic Bow and fired multiple arrow shots and homed to the viruses and disintegrated. A virus attacked Shoko at the back and she noticed it quickly and dodge it, shooting an arrow afterwards. Hikari used her Darkness Blades and unleashed a wave of dark energy, piercing through the viruses. Kamui lashed out his beam guns and went near Hikari to assist her. Raiser attacked the viruses using a freeze technique, freezing a small group of viruses. He then unleashed his Double BloodySpy Daggers to slash the frozen viruses, each of them being broken and the virus inside broke into pieces.

Mayune lept though the blocks and walls of the mall, only watching the battle with her other teammates.

'Why are you not fighting against the viruses?' Scarbeast asked.

'I'm not in the mood to exert so much movements. I'd just settle with imagining things and let them do the work.'

'You lazy bum...'

'What can I do, anyway? The viruses are too few to excite me.'

'That's TOO few to you? No wonder why you developed fighting insticts...'

Jeramu and Kei were sitting just outside of a certain restaurant, eating their waffles.

"OSU! This is the best time to eat waffles." Jeramu said in a carefree tone.

"Yeah." Kei nodded. "Just rest. Let others do the work."

Both "brothers" nodded in unison and took a bite out of their waffles.

As they watch, the people in the mall noticed that the virus numbers are increasing and wondered if they're the next victim.

The two stood up in surprise as the viruses went out of the restaurant to wreck havoc.

"Ehh... This smells of an action pack scene." Jeramu said.

Both brothers walked over to the waffle stall and asked the person who was hiding behind the counter.

"Uncle, two more." Jeramu ordered as he pulled out a five dollar note from his wallet.

"Make sure mine has extra cheese and butter." Jeramu added with a smile.

While the team were beating down the remaining viruses, Mayune was only hanging on the wall and she looked up when an incoming Stingray Virus came flying at her. She summoned her weapons and dashed past the virus, landing at the ground floor of the mall with the team.

'What's with that virus just now?'

'I don't know... maybe a lost one.'

'Can viruses be lost?'

'Don't ask me. I'm just converted to a virus, not a pure virus.'

All of the viruses in the mall are gone. The team finally grouped up in the middle of the mall. The crowd who hid in the restaurants went out slowly, looking at their left and rights to check if there's any viruses left. They confirmed that none left and applaused the team for their work.

"Hey, are you guys member of the special military force that was talked about in the news?"

"Where did you got all those awesome skills?"

"Can I have all of your signatures for my autograph?"

"Where did you get all those cool weapons?"

"Ugh..." Jeramu grunted. "I hate nosy people..."

"Let's just go before we answer any of their questions." Mayune suggested.

"Yeah..." Yandols considered. "SCRAM!"

The team charged for the exit of the mall and went far of the town as far as they can.

"Finally... We escaped those people who wants to ask about us." Shin sighed in relief.

"I could give out a few autographs you know." Kaitou chuckled.

"Can I haz autograph?" Jeramu asked while making a cat face.

"Go back to memeland Jeramu." Kaitou laughed.

"What now?" Star asked.

"Guys!" Shoko called their attention. "I'll bring all of you to a famous place where we can get swords."

The team marched to the said location. When they reached the said place, they looked awe at what they're seeing. There's lots of weapon that they can see. They noticed that the dominant weapon is wide variety of swords. They saw guns, polearms, grenades, ammos and all weapon-related things.

They looked around the shops one buy one, but they don't need to buy another weapon. While the team were looking away and the crowds are passing through, Shoko recognized someone buying a blade.

"Look! It's Haru!" She exclaimed and pointed at one of the crowd.

"Where?" Raiser asked.


Then the crowd walks past, blocking their view. When the crowd got scattered, the said person wasn't there anymore.

"Wait... I don't see anyone there." Hikari said.

"I thought she was there for a moment... Or maybe I'm just imagining things."

After Jeramu looked through the katanas that the shop have he sneaked out, bringing Kaitou, Star, and Kei with him and brought them to the black market.

"Alright... We should pick some metal here." Jeramu suggested. "Follow after me!"

Then he dragged Kei by his collar and dragged him around the place with Kaitou and Star lagging behind.

After picking up some metal for forging, they put it in a plastic bag and they walked back to the team, who was waiting for them to come back.

"Where did you go?" Yandols asked.

"We went to the black market and picked up some metals there." Jeramu replied.

"I see. Then, let's go back to the HQ." Yandols said and they marched back at their home.

They reached the riverside almost on their way back to the HQ. Mayune stopped again as her eyes glowed in red again.

"Someone's coming."

The team stopped as they could feel an incoming strong presence and they braced for it. The figure dashed past behind them and stopped in front of them. It turned around and looked at them.

"It's been a while, children."

"You're... Trickmaster..." Jeramu smiled softly.

"I'm the NEO Trickmaster." Neo Trickmaster corrected. "I may have a different structure, I still have the same data copying ability."

"We don't care, anyway." Jeramu retorted. "You're still as pathetic as you were, you know."

"We'll see."

The team readied their weapons and Neo Trickmaster charged at them, unleashing his rapier.

"A rapier, eh? Let's see what that weapon can do." Jeramu challenged.

"Don't be overconfident because you're using a katana."

"Don't be surprised."

Neo Trickmaster raised his arms up, gathering force to attack the team. Star intercepted the attack by unleashing his knife to block it.

"Good job, Star!" Jeramu exclaimed as he moved in to attack but Neo Trickmaster jumped backwards, dodging Jeramu's attack.

Neo Trickmaster charged again, but Kaitou used his freeze bullets to make his feet frozen. Jeramu jumped in and grabbed the Neo Trickmaster's Rapier before proceeding to stab him multiple times and splitting him in half.

"T-That's... i-impossible..." Neo Trickmaster stuttered on his words.

"It's possible." Jeramu corrected. "To be a Swords Master, one must not only possess skill, but master every sword."

"Ugh..." Neo Trickmaster didn't say anything but teleported out of scene.

The team were awed on how they took Neo Trickmaster by themselves. An upgraded, even. Kaitou, Jeramu and Star went to Yandols.

"Yandols." Kaitou called. "We'll pledge our allegience to you. We'll protect you even if it cost our lives." Jeramu and Star nodded formally at Kaitou's words.

"You the boss. You're the ace of the team. We gotta save our trump card and not let you reveal your true strength until the time comes." Jeramu said softly.

Yandols remembered that he's targetted by the Neo Trickmaster. And he nodded. "I'll accept it."

"Then, we'll call ourselves the 'Supernovas'!" Jeramu suggested.

"Not a bad name." Yandols considered.

"I agree." Kaitou nodded and so Star.

"Now we're the Supernovas who will protect Yandols." Jeramu said.

Then the team marched back to the HQ. They stated that they should eat dinner and the chefs went to the kitchen room to cook food. They declared that the main dish is curry. After the dinner, Zero and Raiser decided to wash the plates.

Yandols suggested that they should make a campfire outside the HQ. The rest of the team agreed on his new suggestion.

"It's so dark out already. I'm practically blind here." Raiser laughed as he walked out of HQ into the black night.

"Thought you were blind to begin with!" Django shouted as he followed suit.

Joiz, Kaitou, Star and Sonic roared with laughter as they leaped out of HQ like monkeys. Kei and Misaki, holding hands; sighed as they slowly opened the door and walked out. Kei was about to open his mouth to make a remark on the four boys when he was kicked by Jeramu and sent flying a short distance.

"Walk faster, old man Keiji." Jeramu grinned.

"You're asking for it, Jeramu." Kei grinned back.

Jeramu leaped out of HQ and started to run, with Kei chasing him from behind. Kei leaped and was about to pounce on Jeramu when Jeramu flipped around with his hands covered in fire and a grin on his face.

"KAGAMI!!! (Flame Mirror)" Jeramu shouted.

"Oh F-" Kei began.

Jeramu thrust both of his hands downwards and shot a wall of flame which traveled forward for a short distance before curving upwards, standing between him and Kei. Kei tried to stop himself by spinning midair, but it was too late and he drilled through the wall of fire instead, emerging with flames covering his entire body.

"WUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGH SHIT HE'S ON FIRE!" Raiser yelled as he rushed to Kei's aid.

By that time, everyone was already outside, preparing for the camp. Yandols and Shin rolled on the floor, laughing at Raiser's attempt to rescue Kei.



Raiser opened his eyes and concentrated. He summoned his inner chakra and breathed in, ready to execute his technique as Jeramu ran back to the camp site laughing.

"SUITON! MIZURYUUDAN NO JUTSU! (Water Dragon Bomb jutsu)"

Raiser spewed out a gigantic ball of water shaped like a dragon's head at Kei, hoping to get rid of the fire. It hit Kei with the force of a tidal wave, sending him flying a short distance.

"Aren't you guys being a little too extreme?" Sonic grinned as Jeramu roared with laughter.


Kei finally stood up after a while, his whole body drenched. He slowly staggered towards Raiser, and comically smacked his head.


"I JUST SAVED YOUR LIFE YO!" Raiser retorted.




"This is too dark. Oi Jera, fire please." Yandols commanded.

"Aye." Jeramu replied as he threw a fireball towards the firewood they've gathered, setting it aflame.

They were all lying down, staring at the stars. They enjoyed the view, silently staring at the night sky.

"The stars are so beautiful..." Hikari spoke up.

"You won't find anything like this at the city." Jeramu grinned.

"It's really nice. It pays to just relax like this once in a while eh?" Shin smiled.

"Yap. Especially everything we've gone through. We need the rest." Kaitou said as he closed his eyes.

"Oi Kaitou don't doze off or Jeramu will eat all the food away without you realizing it." Star joked.

"He'd do that anyway. He always does." Django laughed.

"Perhaps I'll let all of you off the hook this time." Jeramu grinned.

"Whaddya mean, glutton." Kei taunted.

"I'll let you all have a five minute head start before I start eating."

"You're still eating anyway." Hikari giggled.

"Alright fine, I'll let everyone eat half of the food before I start. All happy?"

"Not very reassuring." Mayune shot back.

"Fine fine... You get your share. Leftovers go to me."

"That's a first. World be ending tomorroooooooooooooooooooow~!" Joiz shouted.

Everyone laughed at Joiz's joke.
"She's here... nee-chan... are those her friends? They don't really look that strong..." said a figure hidden behind a bush. She carefully observed the laughing group, eyeing them with suspicion.

"Those laughing monkeys... are they really that strong...?"

She heard a voice coming from the group, and she moved in closer to hear.

"Worry not, I'll cut all the viruses that come in our way." Kei's voice boomed across the wasteland.

"Don't be leaving me behind now!" Jeramu yelled.

"I see... I wonder if they're as strong as nee-chan..."

With that being said, the mysterious figure darted across the tress into the black night, moving for the hunt.
"Thought of a name for that Black Blade of yours yet?" Kei asked as he grabbed a handful of peanuts and threw them into his mouth one by one.

"I've decided. It's Rokuro." Jeramu grinned.

"Rokuro? As in black?" Kei wondered.

"Yeap. Though there's another meaning. I based it off the Yokai Rokuro Kubi, whose head could grow longer." Jeramu explained.

"Those female ghosts who scare off their husbands?" Shoko asked.


"They say the Rokuro Kubi are unlucky with love though." Raiser noted.

"I wonder if the same applies to you?" Hikari teased.

"Ora, don't be cursin' me now." Jeramu warned.
'I see him... he must be the one showing off just now...' the figure thought.

'Let's see if he falls or not...' the figure thought. The figure drew twin blades and drew nearer, it would not be long now.
"Hora... Kei. Grab us some more peanuts." Jeramu ordered.

"What the hell am I, your servant? Getityoself." Kei shot back.

"I'll go get it." Misaki said as she stood up.

"Oi... let him get it by himself." Kei sulked.

"It's alright. I have to get more water anyway." Misaki smiled.

"Yeah Kei, let her do what she wants." Jeramu grinned.

'He still hasn't noticed anything? This person is wierd. And sloppy too.'

The figure leaped and prepared to descend from behind.
"Oh and... Kei." Jeramu began, his expression darkened as he summoned all six of his katanas out of thin air.

Everyone took it as a sign of hostility and instantly stood up, wondering what was going on.

"You should look behind you more often." Jeramu said sternly.

"I know." Kei replied. He drew his Fuurinmaru and Yuki-maru, sidestepped, and spun his Fuurinmaru around; creating a mini whirlwind that pushed the attacker backwards.

"Not so easy, brat." Kei taunted as he prepared himself.

"Who's that? Can't see em." Raiser wondered aloud.

"Let there be light..." Jeramu muttered as he threw a fireball which exploded midair, creating a temporary flare that lasted for ten seconds. It was more than enough time for our heroes minus Misaki to see the attacker clearly.

"Wut." Kei began, surprised.

"Told you Kei, I'll be damned." Jeramu said.

The attacker was a girl, with aqua blue hair and eyes, twintail hairstyle, and semi-revealing clothes. She had an innocent look on her face, and she had seven blades, two on hand, five other on her body.

"Your hunch was right bro." Kei spoke up.

"Let's take care of this." Jeramu said as he drew his Sakabato.

"Is that... Haru?" Raiser said in shock.

"IT IS! I TOLD YOU! SEE I TOLD YOU!" Shoko yelled in happiness.

"Family?" Mayune guessed.

"My sister, whom we thought was dead." Raiser explained.

"She's alive and kickin' alright. Problem is why do all your friends and family like targetting us." Jeramu joked.

"Maybe your bad luck infected Kei?" Hikari giggled.

"Good one. Anyway, Kei. We'll finish this fast." Jeramu commanded.

"Oi, wait. What are you two gonna do?" Raiser asked.

"Cut her up and send her back to where she came from. For the sake of justice and defeating someone who attacked me. Obviously." Jeramu replied sarcastically.


"It's alright, onii-chan. I am eager to see the extent of their power." Haru said as her five blades began to float behind her.

"Hou... Swordsmage...?" Kei wondered aloud.

"Possibly. Just like us. Watch out, who's going first?"

"I will, just to see what she can do. You can have her."

"I see. No taking the prey from the Wolf, aye?" Jeramu grinned as his pupils momentarily changed into a feline shape, similiar to a wolf.

The moment he finished his sentence, Kei leaped towards Haru and twisted midair, gaining momentum. He spun faster and then descended onto Haru, bringing both his two blades crashing down onto her which she blocked by crossing both her blades.

"Hou... you have quite the strength there, girl."

"Is that all?" Haru taunted. She pushed Kei off her and she waved her right hand backwards, causing two blades to launch and impale Kei.


"Whoa... where did she learn that..." Raiser said in shock.

"Wondering about me when his comrade has been impaled? He never changes..." Haru noted.

"HAH! You couldn't impale me even if you tried." Kei's voice echoed.


Kei's lifeless body melted away into snow as he emerged from Haru's side, pushing her away with his open palm, causing her to drop her two blades. He proceeded to spin his blade in front of him and thrust it upward, causing a pile of snow to fall on Haru. By this time, Misaki had rejoined them and she merely watched as Kei started to prepare for his next move.

"You think snow can stop me? You must have something wrong in your head." Haru taunted as she tried to pry one of her blades from the snow.

"I'm not done yet, girl." Kei said as he started to form symbols midair.

"Four elements of the slayer, Law of the Snow, Time Suspending Seal, EIROUGO!!! (Eternal Ice Cage)" Kei shouted.

No sooner had he finished his chant, the snow around Haru lost it's solid color and transformed into transparent, chilling ice. Covering her neck, body, legs and her palms.

"She's yours Jeramu. Smack her if you want. Either way she won't be moving for a while. You gonna examine the sword?" Kei asked as he walked past Jeramu.

"Nah..." Jeramu replied.

He slowly walked up to Haru, and he thrust his palm forward. A fireball formed, and he focuesed until the fireball enveloped his entire arm.

"Phoenix Break." He muttered.

The flame covering his arm shot forward as a beam of fire, melting Kei's ice seal without any difficulty.

"Well Kei. I'd like to have a challenge once in a while. Been a while since I ran into a swordsmage like us anyway." Jeramu grinned.

"I'll give you back your magic energy later." Jeramu added.

"For now... it's time to see what you've got, Haroo."

"You'll regret melting the ice." Haru glared at Jeramu.

"I haven't regretted anything I've done. Ask your brother." Jeramu smiled.

"Cocky noob. He doesn't know fear." Raiser smiled.

Both fighters leaped away from each other and dashed in opposite directions, each having their own strategy.

'Since he calls himself a swordsmage, it would be safe to assume he can craft, create or summon any weapon from thin air. Either that or he can controls his swords from a distance... I have to be careful with him...' Haru thought to herself.

'Sword control by using the mind... it's not really common... but for someone as young as her to be able to use it, and seven... the Hoshikawas have really gifted fighters it seem. Time to see what she's made of...'

He drew his Sakabato and darted midair, using his variant of Kei's wind walker. Haru noticed and proceeded to wave both her hands behind her, causing four of her swords to shoot forward. Jeramu wasted no time thinking, he drew his Masamune by instinct and slashed, sending two blades flying away. He proceeded to knock the third one off course and grab the fourth blade by scissoring it between his two katanas. He flipped around and kicked the blade back at Haru, his flame element powering his kick.

Haru waved her hand as the sword approached, and all four blades immediately flew back behind her, waiting for her next command. Jeramu sheathed his Masamune and charged, Sakabato held with both hands. Haru raised her hand, causing two blades to fly at Jeramu, but he was too fast for her. Jeramu was behind her in an instant, striking his signature pose.

"Wha..." Haru began.

"Don't be surprised." Jeramu said as he walked slowly towards the group.

"Where are you going!?" she demanded.

"Fight's over." Jeramu grinned.

"You making fun of me!?"

Haru charged at Jeramu, this time all her blades were glowing. She attempted to aim for Jeramu's torso, but all of a sudden she felt as if a sword struck her; and she stopped dead.

"That's only number one. You still have 999 slashes to go." Jeramu said softly.

Finishing his quote, Jeramu sheathed his Sakabato with a loud 'KACHING', causing a thousand sword slashes to cut down Haru. She didn't scream, nor did she let out any signs of pain; she merely collapsed.

"Thought you could only do that with Sora." Shoko spoke up.

"Changed. Improved."

"Ain't it a little too dangerous to be used on humans?" Yandols noted.

"Sakabato's not meant for slaughter. She'll be fine. Only thing she'll feel is numbness."

"How did you do that anyway?" Kei wondered, more intrigued at the delayed slashes.

"It's called Oblivion EX. Delayed slashes."

Jeramu was about to walk over to Mayune when he noticed the danger too late. With no time to sheath his swords, he turned his body to flame by instinct, allowing Haru's blades to pass through him.

"Ei Raiza. Your sis taking this a little bit too far." Django noted.

"Relax. She's always like this. She means no harm." Raiser smiled as he sweatdropped.

"You... the phoenix?"

"Wot. Have we met?"

"Rumours say that you can manipulate fire and control it with great ease."

"Wow those rumour spreaders sure are smart." Jeramu said sarcastically.

"Also say that he's the person who goes down the fastest out of the whole 'Rocknarok' group." Haru added.

"I'm gonna kill all those guys who spread these shitty rumours..." Jeramu said slowly as the others roared with laughter.

Haru slashed again but Kei stepped in and blocked the attack with his In'ei-maru, shoving her aside and following with a slash to her eyes.

"Relax." Kei assured as Raiser opened his mouth to speak.

"In'ei-maru's special ability = Kage me. (Shadow Eyes) Won't hurt her, it's main purpose is to blind her with shadow." Kei explained.

He was about to trip her legs when she slashed blindly and grazed his sleeve. She followed up by slashing twice before executing a final, crescent shaped slash; all three which were blocked by Kei.

"Oookay she can still fight." Kei said as he leaped backwards.

"Look can we just finish this? It's already 8 30. And we still got midnight games to play." Jeramu sighed.

"Yeah sure. Oi Raiza is there any way to stop her?" Kei asked.

"Well... she's a little stubborn so either you defeat her or she beats you. Though I can't believe you two are having a hard time against her." Raiser smiled.

"Beating her... sounds simple." Jeramu grinned.

"Your Sakabato barely made a scratch on her." Kei snickered.

"Don't worry. I'll stop holding back now." Jeramu said as his pupils once again transformed into a feline shape.

Jeramu summoned his Rokuro out of thin air, and he crouched onto the ground, as if he was preparing for a race.

"Soul Ablaze." he muttered.

Jeramu's whole body glowed red, his physical strength grew, and his legs now caused the ground to crack the more pressure he put into it. After a short moment, he breathed out, and leaped.

He was in the air behind Haru in an instant, and he wasted no time to give her an opening. He thrust his Rokuro forward, which extended like a magical pole and struck her two blades, which were barely crossed in time to protect herself. She was sent reeling by the sheer force of the extended blade, enough to send her flying a considerable distance. She flipped midair to stop her momentum, but when she looked back, the samurai was nowhere to be seen.

"Looking for someone?" came Jeramu's voice from above and behind her. She whirled behind and saw Jeramu, his Black Blade charged with black energy which flared wildly.

"You wanna see what I've got? Consider it done." Jeramu glared.

"KUROIBA! (Black Fang)"

With that being said, Jeramu slashed downwards, sending a night black sword wave towards Haru. The wave was so black that everyone wouldn't have seen it if it wasn't for the light coming from HQ. The wave touched the ground a moment before reaching her, destroying everything in it's path.

Everyone silently stared at the spot where Haru stood, all of them waiting for her to emerge from the darkness.

"Think you overdid it, Jeramu..." Raiser said quietly.

"It's your sister. If I wanted her dead she would've been so long ago." Jeramu assured.

"Raiser, look!" Shoko gasped.

Haru emerged from the darkness, completely unharmed, but she had a cautious look on her face as she stared at the ground that was destroyed by Jeramu's Kuroiba. She whirled around to face Jeramu and the group, but he was missing.

"I missed once. I won't again." Jeramu said darkly.

"Kuroiba, SOUGENMU! (Black Fang, Phantom Twin Dream)"

This time, Jeramu slashed twice, sending two blade waves of black energy,both homing in on Haru. Haru raised both her hands and started slashing the air, forming a rune symbol. The blade in her hand glowed as her six other blades rotated around her, forming an energy shield. Before the twin waves could hit her shield, they clashed with an unknown object before being sliced in half. Jeramu simply landed on the ground and stared at the object, his face wide with shock.

There stood Yandols, with his sword held in front of him.

"That's far enough. I'm sure she's seen what you can do." Yandols commanded.

"Don't overdo it too much, Jeramu. You'll end up killing all of us." He added with a smile.

"I know. My bad, I got a little carried away." Jeramu grinned.

"You're all so strong. I haven't seen anyone so strong besides my onii-chan." Haru spoke up.

"We're not strong. We're only strong when we're together." Django smirked.

"HARU! I THOUGHT YOU WERE..." Raiser began.

"Dead? Well not really..." She said softly.

"We really... really missed you." Shoko said as her tears began to fall.

"I'm sorry. I should've-"

Haru's apology was cut short when Hikari tackled her with a hug while Shoko and Raiser ran and hugged them as well.

"Aaah.... family. Wonderful, ain't it?" Kaitou smiled.

"Yeah. Wonder if we'll meet up with ours during our journeys?" Star wondered.

"Or maybe they'll visit US?" Joiz laughed.

Behind them, Jeramu, Mayune and Sonic leaned back on the walls of HQ, away from the happy group.

"Say, Onic. You've lost your family?" Jeramu asked.

"Yeah. I think I'll let you all know some other time." Sonic said grimly.

"Take your time. We're all here for you." Mayune smiled.

"We're your family now. No need to worry." Jeramu assured.
"Hohoho, not so easy my friend." Kei grinned as he tapped his spacebar and mashed the shift key on his keyboard.

"Fear the Demon Slayer, noobcake." Raiser taunted as he mashed his ctrl key.

Kamui and Kaitou laughed at the two boys who where trying to defeat each other. Django walked with Joiz, both arguing over which game to install.

"Look why can't we just install whatever Zel and Raiser are playing?" Joiz suggested.

"Don't bother! It's AbleStory! Faek version of MapleStory!" Jeramu shouted from the room behind them.

"ORA DON'T BE DISSING ABLESTORY YO!" Raiser yelled back.


"Both games aren't fun." Nopi spoke up as he emerged from the room at the far end.

"Go back to Youhouland Nopi..." Jeramu muttered.

"Youhou sucks."

Jeramu whirled behind to see Shoko and Haru who were standing at the corridor.

"Done sparring? Perhaps you could take over?" Jeramu suggested.

"I don't use Crusader." Shoko rejected.

"I already transcended to Paradin." Jeramu grinned.

"Still, no thank you."

"Make your own account." Jeramu suggested.

"Why are you so keen on making me play RO?" Shoko asked.

"Cuz I don't want it to seem as if I'm hogging this thing all to myself." Jeramu laughed.

"It's yours to begin with wasn't it?"

"Er no. Me and Kei shared our money for this. Good things are meant to be shared after all." he said as he turned to face Mayune, who nodded.

"I should call my butler to send my laptop over."

"Yeah that'll be great!" Haru agreed happily.

"Boring. Satan Morroc as boring as ever." Jeramu yawned.

"You died twice." Mayune smirked.

"You died thrice. I win!" Jeramu shot back.

"Oi guys... it's 1 am already. When we gonna sleep?"

Everyone whirled behind to see Shin standing between the two doors at the corridor, toothbrush in his mouth.

"Where's boss?" Jeramu asked, wondering why Shin isn't with Yandols.

"Playing Megaman X8. Alone." Shin replied.

"You decide then Shin. Goin to sleep?" Raiser said as he laughed at Shin.


"We're all sleeping a little late nowadays." Kamui smiled.

"Could stay up all night if I wanted to. Oi Jellal, up for whole night of RO?" Kei suggested.

"Eh sure. Got a free day tomorrow after all. And stop calling me Jellal." Jeramu laughed.

"Raiser makes coffee." Kei snickered.

"MAKE YOUR OWN, DAMMIT!" Raiser shouted in comical anger as he punched Kei in a comical fashion.

"I'll stay up with you guys. So, four cups?" Kamui suggested.

"You can give Jellal a gallon." Kei joked.

"Would give him mentality issues. He'd be super hyper at night." Raiser laughed alongside Kei.

"You'd wonder if he ends up in May-"

"WELL LOOKS LIKE IT'S LATE GOOD NIGHT ALL." Jeramu and Mayune shouted together.

Both of them looked at each other, smiled, and slowly walked back to their respective rooms.

"Those two are wierd..." everyone sweatdropped.
"Fu... that went well." Kei sighed. He looked behind him, thousands of swords made of energy were on the ground.

"You haven't mastered it well enough to have them stab the enemy. Only for them to fall." Jeramu remarked.

Kei laughed as he whirled back to face Jeramu.

"What about you?"

"Still need to focus more. Need to improve my concentration. Forbidden techniques really are a pain in the ass."

"It's 3:30 already. See ya."

"Night Aniki." Jeramu yawned.
Mart note: *raises a signboard saying: I'm out of words...*

Novan note: Teh most epic battle EVAR.

PREVIEW: Chapter 14: Sonic's Home
Sonic reveals more about his hometown, and how he came to this city. A group of people from the International Hason Investigation Department (IHID) come to search for Sonic, wanting to get rid of any last survivors of sabriel because of their races' unique speed abilities. A mysterious person appears looking for Kei. Who might this new person be?
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Lol , I feel like my family`s all weak hahaha XD
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Lol , I feel like my family`s all weak hahaha XD
That's the main point here. Kei and Jeramu are supposed to be the ones who show off the most for this part of the story, keeping the others in the dark. The enemy will have extra info on both of them, but the others are still a mystery to him. It's a scapegoat kind of strategy.
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Chapter 14 - Sonic's Home

Sirens of the police came from different parts of the city. People started to wonder on why the police came. But they got the hint when they saw the "IHID" on the door of the car and below it is its acronym: International H.A.S.O.N Investigation Department.

A police officer grabbed his communicator and put it in front of his mouth. "Saw any suvivors from Sabriel?"


"Then search more. There should be more survivors. We'll get rid of them all."

"Roger that."
The team was walking around the mall, as Shin suggested that this would be a good time to kill time without any viruses blocking their way.

They went to the grocery and bought some things they need for their survival. After they went to the grocery as Kei, Raiser and Shin bringing the plastic bags, which were a total of six, they went to different places of the mall like the dressing shop, toy shop (in which Nopi wanted to buy something he really liked, despite Yandols' best efforts to explain to the child that their money is limited), and they took their lunch in an Italian restaurant and everyone ordered a pasta, but with different sauce on each order.

After eating, they went back to the HQ to put the groceries to their respective places. Some of the team were playing Ragnarok Online, some were playing AbleStory, Yandols went to his room to play Megaman X8 all by himself, Nopi was playing with the new toy that Yandols bought for him.

When it reached dinner, their main dish is is corned beef. Jeramu lunged in first. After he's done, the rest of the team grabbed their food. Sonic and Raiser volunteered to wash the plates.

The next day, Sonic wanted to stroll in the streets and they agreed. They prepared and went out to HQ together and march their way on the next city around them, according to Star's map.

As they reached the city, the team thought that it would be convenient to separate themselves into two teams. Yandols brought out 18 toothpicks with 2 colors at the sharp tip, which were red and yellow. The team started to pick one toothpick and looked at the tip. Yandols noticed that Zero is missing and asked the team, but they didn't know where he went.

Red team:
Jeramu, Mayune, Yandols, Nopi, Star, Kaitou, Misaki, Sonic, Kei

Yellow team:
Hikari, Shoko, Haru, Raiser, Shin, Django, Joiz, Kamui

The team finally separated into two teams. Yandols instructed that they should meet back at the same block they started at 3 PM. Then they finally went in different paths to explore the new town.
Red Team

Jeramu and Kei were having fun talking about manga and boasted their reading speed on the chapters. The two girls were talking about their lives before the virus attack. Nopi was dragging Yandols to every shop that interests him especially when he sees so much colors. The latter wanted to convince the child to not buy all since some or most are expensive. Sonic, Star, and Kaitou were talking about random topics that only they will understand.

During their talk, a black and white police car came near them and stopped.

"By the way," The police officer spoke up, looking at the group. "Do you know someone named Sonic?"

The said person skipped a heartbeat when he heard his name. 'Why me?'

Yandols noticed that his teammate was shaking nervously. He looked at the police officer without letting them know he's having a different expression. "Why do you look for this 'Sonic' person, anyway?"

"It's none of your business." The police officer retorted back as another police car drove up and stopped.

"Then we can't help you if you can't tell us what do you need from that person." Mayune said as she leaned to the back door of the first car.

"You don't need to know." The police officer started the engine and accelerated his car, the leaned person fell to her back and glared at the back of his car.

"Ei buddy. I know where he is." Jeramu spoke up, a grin on his face.

"Oh? Where have you seen him? Your information will not go unrewarded." The second policeman whirled around.

"With yourmom. I just want some cookies in return." Jeramu joked.

"Watch it, kid. If you give me that attitude one more time I'll have you undergo death sentence.." The policeman said as he stomped back towards his car.

"Can't take a joke aye?" Jeramu smiled as the policeman drove away.

"Grr, what's with that attitude? No wonder you can't trust these people anymore." Mayune stated as she stood up, patting off the dirt on her back.

"But, why would they hunt for you, anyway?" Misaki asked as she looked to Sonic, who's still cringing in fear.

"I don't know... I didn't do anything to make them search for me..." Sonic stated.

"I think they're not just an ordinary police officer." Jeramu said.

"What makes you think of that?" Kei inquired.

"When I saw the door of his car, there was an acronym that said 'IHID'." Jeramu replied.

Nopi tugged Yandols' pants and the latter looked at the child. "The acronym said 'International H.A.S.O.N. Investigation Department'."

"So, they're investigating about Sonic?" Kaitou asked.

"We don't know about it, so we have to keep a low profile until we know what they want." Star recommended.

"Let's get movi--"

Yandols' words were cut off when he heard someone's words through a megaphone.

"If anyone knows a survivor from Sabriel, please let us know."

"Sabriel!?" Sonic yelled suddenly.

"What's wrong?" Yandols asked.

"Sabriel... is my hometown." Sonic replied sadly. "I only escaped here because someone or something burned it."

"So... That's why they're searching for you?"

"Maybe... But I don't know the exact reason."

"Let's go, guys. We can't just wonder about them all day long."

Yellow Team

The Hoshikawa siblings plus Kamui, who was holding hands with Hikari, are talking to each other happily, glad that they're finally together again after being separated for so long. Shin was checking his laptop for technology updates and fixing his scanning program. Django and Joiz were talking about some sniper weapons they used and their experience in their agencies.

Their discussions were cut off when a police car came near them, stopping their progres.

"Hey." The police officer called, and he put his right hand to his pocket, grabbing a picture and showed it to them. "Have you seen this person?"

"Wait! That's--!"

Kamui used his hand to clasp Hikari's mouth in time. "Don't let them know that we know him." He whispered.


"No. We don't know that guy." Haru spoke up.

"Then why is your friend reacting like he knows who's the person in this picture?" The police officer asked.

"I thought the person is our friend. It was just his look-a-like." Hikari replied.

"Then... what's the name of your friend?"

"Sebastian Shaw."

"I see." The police officer looked to his front and drove away, leaving the group.

"Who the hell is Sebastian Shaw?" Django asked, wondering on how did Hikari thought up a random name.

"That dude from X-Men." Joiz laughed.

"I need an 'S' so it's easier to think of a name to cover up that we know Sonic." Hikari replied.

"I just hope they won't ask us anymore." Kamui interjected.

"Better hope that Sebastian Shaw doesn't come to life and kill us all as well." Joiz grinned.

"I'm starting to think that Jeramoo's actually rubbing off you." Django sweatdropped.

"Yeah..." Hikari muttered, not paying attention to the two rivals arguing.

Haru noticed a differing atmosphere near them. She summoned her swords and attacked the figure on top of a building. The figure jumped to avoid the attack and landed in front of them.

"Just as my master says, your little team sure is strong." The figure said with a carefree tone.

Its build resembles a humanoid Japanese rhinoceros beetle. He carried a sword which resembles his very horn and emits lighting from the thick blade.

"Kabutomushi?" Joiz assured.

"Sushi?" Django wondered.

"Yeah." Kabuto Virus spoke up and swung his sword in the air, sparks of lightning emitting from it. "This will be your end."

"OMG a killing sushi..."
Red Team

The group was worried that a police officer might interview them again and ask about Sonic. They thought worst possible scenarios, like taking him to a jail, or just plain kill him directly without a warning. They erased it in their minds and continued walking.

Mayune felt her eyes glowed red and looked behind her. The team also noticed it and looked behind them.

"There's no one behind us..." Nopi stated, but he knows that the "spy" is not going to ignore them and he clinged to Yandols' leg.

Mayune felt the same sensation again, and looked back where they were supposed to go, but there's still no sight of a virus.

"C'mon you damn coward, just show yourself." She hissed.

"Very well."

The group looked up to the building, and saw a slim shadow with glowing red lines on its body against the sun at the back of the figure. It jumped and landed in front of them. The figure resembled a humanoid Stag Beetle, with twin blades that resembles his very horn, one horn on each blades.

"You're a speed type virus, eh?" Jeramu said as he unsheated his Sora-Ichimonji.

"Kuwagata Virus." The virus introduced. "And yes, I'm a speed type virus."

He lept at the group while the others unleashed their weapons. He aimed at the child, but Yandols countered it with his twin blades, protecting Nopi.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

Nopi nodded in fear, he lashed out his mallet to prepare for the battle.
Yellow Team

"Hou..." The bulky virus spoke up. "Looks like my friend is taking care of his prey alright..."

"What friend!?" Django demanded.

"You see, we are the beetle brothers, the Kabuto and Kuwagata Virus." The virus said. "As you can see in my horn, I'm the Kabuto Virus. My 'brother' there is fighting against your friends."

The group prepared their weapons as the Kabuto Virus charged at them. Kamui charged at the Virus using his dual beam sabers. They clashed their swords, but neither had an advantage to the other. The Kabuto Virus used unleashed a lightning attack with his force, taking Kamui aback with his power.

Shin used his laptop to analyze the virus' weakness. The crosshairs show that the virus' weakness is the horn, as it can generate lightning and transfer it to his sword. He unleashed his advanced guns and aimed for the horn. He fired the trigger, but the virus noticed this and dodged the shot.

"Think you can attack my weak point?" Kabuto Virus asked smugly, but got slashed by Kamui's dual beam saber.

Django and Joiz went to the back of their teammates and aimed for his horn, but the other noticed it and dodged it yet again.
Red Team

Yandols' group were having difficulty on keeping the Kuwagata Virus at bay because of his speed. Sonic jumped into the scene, unleashing his chain blades and attacked the Virus with it. The latter countered it with his blades, sending the weapon back to Sonic. The Virus lept at Sonic, who only dodged it using his speed. Nopi charged in slowly, swinging his mallet to the virus, who only lept to dodge his attack.

Jeramu moved in and charged at the Kuwagata Virus, using his Sora-Ichimonji, he dashed past at the virus. He resheated back his katana, as it made a 'Kaching' sound, slashes appeared on the virus' parts of his body.

"You're good..." The Kuwagata Virus muttered.

"Same to you bruh. You're one of the very few to survive my full-power Oblivion..." Jeramu wolf-grinned.

He proceeded to summon his Rokuro and decided to split the virus in half. Their enemy jumped at Sonic, who dodged it again with his agility. Sonic prepared his stance, he spun his chain blade, gaining the velocity to reach the virus. His weapon glowed in violet aura. He threw the weapon, darting towards the virus. The Kuwagata Virus escaped the attack by dashing with incredible speed, as if he used teleported to another location.

Sonic pulled the chains, and motioned it to his left, with the blade following, hitting for the virus. Misaki noticed that Sonic was having a hard time because of the virus. She unleashed her shurikens while Kei unleashed his revolver. They threw and fired their weapons, trying to incapatitate the virus to prevent him from running anymore. Kaitou and Star helped the two using their guns. After several hits, the virus was finally hit in its legs and stopped short. Sonic saw this as an opportunity and motioned his chains to his right, hitting the virus. Then he motioned it to his left again, hitting it for the second time, making an 'X' mark on the virus' chest. He pulled the chains, returning the weapon back to him. He held the end part of the chain and charged at the virus, stabbing the middle of the mark he made and disintegrated.

"That was great, Sonic!" Star complimented.

Sonic responded by laughing nervously and scratching the back of his head. "That was nothing!"

"How did you do that?" Yandols asked.

"I put my 'soul' in my blades to increase its power." Sonic replied.

"Where did you learn that?" Jeramu asked.

"I thought it up myself."

'Soul... one of the forbidden S techniques...' Jeramu thought. 'This will be interesting.'

His trail of thoughts was interrupted by the sound of someone shouting.

"We finally found you, Sonic!"

Their rejoice was cut short when they heard a voice and a siren of the police from the both side of the streets. Police cars drifted to the side, preventing them from escaping any further. They opened their doors and a police officer grabbed a megaphone, pointing it towards them.

"We can't let you run further, Sabriel survivor."

The group looked around, trying to find a place to escape, but Sonic didn't react on how they called him.

"Crap... What now..." Kaitou wondered aloud.
Yellow Team

Shin's group was still having difficulty aiming for Kabuto Virus' weakpoint. While the latter was just dodging their attacks and sends them a wave of lightning attacks from his sword.

"Guys." Shin called. "There's got to be someone who will distract him so I, Django, and Joiz will strike his weakpoint."

"We'll do it." Raiser said as the remaining members of the group nodded.

They jumped in to the battle, leaving Shin, Django and Joiz behind while they're carefully aiming for the virus' horn. Kamui charged at the virus with his dual beam sabers and slashed his saber at the virus, who blocked it effortlessly. Kamui released their clash and Hikari moved in, using her Darkness Twin Blades to clash with the Kabuto Virus' sword. They released each other and Haru moved in. She used her twin blades to intentionally block the Virus' attack. Then she used the floating blades to attack the virus. But he noticed it too quickly and broke their clashes, swinging his sword wildly to keep off the swords that were approaching him. Shin, Django and Joiz finally got the aiming right and unleashed their attacks, hitting the horn.

The Kabuto Virus' horn was broken, letting out a black wisp as his sign of injury. He noticed that he can't generate any lightning to his sword unless his horn is regenerated.

But, he had no time to stall as he was stabbed behind by five swords, he looked over his shoulder behind him to see Haru with her hands held forward. He disintegrated into nothingness after transforming into a black wisp.

"Finally." Django let out a sigh of relief. The group put down their weapons and rested.

"That virus is really tough." Joiz said.

"Especially without our remaining team, yup." Shin agreed as he closed his laptop.

"How they're doing, I wonder?" Raiser wondered.

"I remember that the virus' brother is attacking them." Hikari said.

"Well, let's look for them." Haru suggested.

The others nodded and dashed back, searching for their remaining teammates.
Red Team

Yandols' group was still in a heavy situation. Not only the roads were blocked, but they're dealing with the police officers.

"There's no use in running." The police officer warned. "We'll arrest all of you for being Sonic's acquaintance and lying to us that you don't know him."

"Cool. I heard jail is a great place." Jeramu grinned.

"Sorry guys." Sonic apologized.

"Don't apologize. This is not the right time." Yandols stated.

"We're going to rid all of the Sabriel survivors. And also all of you, his acquaintance." The police officer said.

"What should we do..." Kaitou wondered.

Jeramu looked behind him, only to find Mayune missing. He got worried and looked around on where they're standing.

"What's wrong?" Kei asked, noticed the sudden worryness.

"I can't find Mayune!" Jeramu replied, his voice almost shaking.

"I think I saw her jumping out of the battle scene when the Kuwagata Virus was attacking all of us..." Misaki stated as she heard the two boys talking about their comrade.

"Eh?" Jeramu looked at Misaki with curiosity. "Then how did you notice it?"

"Of course. I'm a ninja." Misaki replied cheerfully.

"So... How do we escape from them?" Star asked.

"Like this."

A familiar voice came. They looked up a building to locate the source of the voice. Only to see a figure with 10 thin blades surrounded like a sun. It made a hand gesture and launched the blades at the police officer in front of them, activating a flashbang on the bottom tip of the blades, blinding them.

The figure jumped from the building and landed to the group. "Come on, we need to run fast." Mayune stated.

They nodded and went to their right side, passing through the blinded officers and their cars, going back to their starting location.

One officer got his eyesight back and alarmed, "Follow them!"

The remaining officers got their eyesights back, rushing back to their respective vehicles and chased the group and put their sirens on.

"Oi, oi... You got to be kidding me." Jeramu said as he whirled around, grinning as he stopped and summoned his katanas out of thin air.

"What are you doing, Jeramu?" Kei asked, as he also stopped and the remaining teammates.

"Since these officers are in the frontline now, we can pick a fight at them." Jeramu replied.

At the same time, the other team finally reached their location and joined up. But, they heard footsteps, they looked behind and saw a familiar figure. It stopped after it reached to them.

"Where did you go?" Shin asked.

"I was doing a mission." Zero replied, and activated his Z-Saber.

"We shouldn't kill them, though." Yandols suggested.

"Why, boss?" Jeramu asked.

"We're dealing with police here, so it's dangerous."

"I don't really care about corrupted authority... but whatever you say..." Jeramu smiled.

The team prepared their weapons. The police officers readied their pistols at the team.

"Just that?" Kei taunted. "Looks like this will be cake."

"Yeah." Jeramu agreed. "Pistols don't scare us."

"You think?" The police officer smiled.

He fired the trigger, letting out a bang. The team didn't react for a moment, they thought that no one got hit and it was just a warning.


They heard a grunt near them. Recognizing the voice, they quickly checked on Mayune, who was kneeling and holding her stomach, writhing in pain.

"Mayune!" Jeramu called out. He went to her, removing the hand covering the wound. He noticed the blood dripping out.

"I feel something burning inside me..." Mayune stated weakly.

"How do you like that?"

The team looked back at the police officers, with anger and determination on their faces.

"We made a new bullet that can hit both human and viruses alike." The police officer explained.

"You..." Jeramu muttered, his eyes blazing. He stood up, walking in front of the team. He drew out his Rokuro, preparing for a battle stance.

Misaki checked on the wounded comrade. She saw the wound and looked at her comrades's face, who was gritting her teeth from the pain and saw the eye color shift from orange to gold and vice versa.

"Is something wrong?" She asked, worried.

"No... nothing." Mayune replied slowly.

"You know, it's no use hiding it. Don't keep everything to yourself." Misaki stated.

Mayune looked irritated at Misaki's statement. But finally gave up. "The virus inside me wants to take over my body to get back at these officers."


"But... I don't want to let him out yet. Not now..."

"Just let us handle this, okay? You should take a break."

Mayune nodded, and sat on the ground, watching the team battle the IHID officers.

"You'll pay for this, you bastards." Jeramu muttered.

"Let's brawl. We'll take you all on." Zero said as he drew out his buster shot gun.

"But, we have one request." Yandols spoke up. "Don't touch us anymore when we win."

"Alright. We'll do as you requested." The officer agreed.

"Stay back.ALL OF YOU. I'll make sure each and every one of them gets ten times what they did to my beloved." Jeramu snarled, his eyes blazing brighter than before.

"Taking the spotlight again, eh?" Django grinned.

"Let him have it. You know the guy won't be satisfied until he shows off his full power." Kei said calmly.

"Wow, so his full power is only up to that certain extent?" Joiz wondered.

"Will be safe to assume he's the weakest member among us." Shin muttered as he analyzed Jeramu's battle power. He was shocked to see that even with his rage, Jeramu's power was still relatively low in comparison with the others, surpassing only the young Haru and the inexperienced Zero's level.

"Seems so. He really can't make an effort to hide his power. Best to let him have all the fun."

An IHID officer made a signal to prepare their pistols and they aimed at the team. The same officer made another signal, now firing their guns simultaneously. Jeramu slashed once, cutting all bullets in half even though he was nowhere near them.

"Whatsamatter...? All you got is peashooters?" Jeramu glared.

Jeramu swung his katana horizontally from right to left, unleashing a wave black energy at them, who only dodged it by crouching and moving to their sides.

Haru used her summoned blades and made a hand gesture, sweeping off the officers with the blunt side of her blades. Raiser used his suiton to drench them then using his lightning attack to electrify them.

Zero only used his Shield Boomerang to reflect the bullets that the officers shoot at him. Then he charged at the officers, putting off his weapon and punched the officers one by one until they're down.

The officer made a signal, the others backing out, still feeling the pain of the Rocknarok team.

"We give up." He said.

"That's all?" Jeramu asked. "Not so easy. I should cut off all of your arms."

"All of you had great advantages than us, who only use pistols."

"Shut up, dog. I'll cut yours off while I'm at it." Jeramu glared.

"Oi, sto-" Yandols began.

Jeramu swung his blade, chopping off the officer's arm.


"MY ARM!!! MY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARM!!!" the officer yelled as he rolled on the floor in pain.

"What a weakling..." Jeramu muttered. "Next. Maybe I should continue with YOU?" Jeramu said as he pointed towards another officer.

"Stop, we won't get anywhere with this." Kei said as he grabbed Jeramu's shoulder.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!" The officer shouted as Jeramu shook Kei off.

"Back off, unless you want to join that dog over there." Jeramu glared.

As Jeramu raised his sword and prepared for the next slash. He was about to proceed when Mayune's voice echoed softly.

"Stop... Jeramu..."


Jeramu slowly lowered his blade, his body language relaxing.

'Whoa... she stopped him with just words...' Everyone sweatdropped.

"So, we had a deal. Don't touch us anymore." Yandols spoke up.

"Yeah, so tell us what you want with Soni-" Kaitou began.



The officer calmed down and looked at his severed arm, and waved it.

"I just erased the 'space' between those two parts, stupid." Jeramu muttered.

"Yeah, anyway, tell us what you want with Sonic." Django and Kaitou commanded in unison.

"Yes..." The officer sulked down, but raised his head up again. "The only reason why we hunt Sonic is because of his hometown's unique speed abilities."

"What?" Sonic asked, looked surprised at their statement.

"That's an understatement."

The team looked behind them and saw Mayune approaching them. She staggered and almost fell down but Jeramu rushed to her aid.

"Going through all the trouble of finding him and testing your guns at me just because all of you know I'm an infected, you think I'll let you guys pass that?"

The officers aligned themselves up and bowed, "WE'RE SORRY!"

Mayune sweatdropped and almost snapped at their antics. "Oi! Don't apologize at me like that! I'm not some of a king or a queen!"

"But they think of you as one." Jeramu muttered.

The other blushed lightly and said, "Come on. Stand up and get out."

The IHID officers merely stood up and followed on what Mayune said. They went to their respective vehicles and drove away.

"So much for monarchy..."
The team went back to the HQ after going so much trouble. They rested for a while and went to the living room. Yandols looked at Sonic, who was looking down at the floor.

"I think you have something to say." Yandols said.

Sonic went back to his reality and looked at Yandols, and nodded at him.

The rest of the team looked at the two and stopped on whatever they're doing, knowing that someone gets to share their story on how they ended up now.

"So..." Sonic spoke up. "Saberiel was once my hometown. Our race had a unique speed ability. We could run in an unimaginable speed."

"Then... My fellow friend invited me to a race downton near the place we all first met. Just before I left my hometown--" He stopped short, unable to let out his words.

"It was burnt by the viruses?" Kaitou supplied.

"Yeah." Sonic nodded.
"Hey, come on!"

Sonic looked at his friend with a smile on his face. He's ready for the race competition. He cannot wait to show his racing skills to everyone coming to the race to watch the competitors. He ran to him, and now almost preparing to leave their town when...

They stopped and the ground shook hard and they bent, balancing on their feet. After the shaking ended, they looked behind them to see their fellow citizen running. They looked up to see a giant black and red winged bird-like creature, firing an attack from its mouth, sending a beam at the buildings, exploding in contact and burst into flames.

"Oi... What's that thing?" Sonic asked, not thinking that they're in danger.

"I don't know..." His friend replied.

The creature noticed the unmoving young boys. It howled and charged a white ball, releasing it as it fired as a beam, aiming for Sonic and his friend.

"Sonic, we need to get out here, fast!" His friend alarmed. He grabbed Sonic's wrist threw him away, sending him to his ferrari.

"Come here!" Sonic yelled out. "Don't fight it yourself! Let the police handle it!"

His friend glared at the creature with determination. "Just go. No other people who can handle and protect this town."

"Don't be such a hero!"

"Hero? Even if we run away, this thing will follow us until we die."


"Sonic. I'll catch up after this."

Sonic couldn't argue with him more. He went in to his ferrari and drove away and didn't look back to his friend. But he knew that his friend wouldn't survive the creature. It was just too big and powerful for him.
Sonic finished his story and looked down. He remembered the same pain he felt when he left his friend to death -- or so he thinks.

"Sonic..." Yandols called with a low and soft tone on his voice. "Don't worry. You're part of our family now as everyone is."

The said person nodded, but still didn't held his head up high.

"C'mon. Don't be so down." Kaitou said, trying to cheer up Sonic. "We all had bad experiences. But we managed to overcome it."

Sonic looked at Kaitou, who only smiled a little. "I guess you're right."
The next day...

The team woke up in the range of 7:30 to 9:30 AM. Some were eating breakfast, and some were playing games that will entertain them.

They decided to hit up the city again. This time, they didn't separate into two groups as they might get a surprise attack again unlike yesterday. Yandols suggested that they should go to the mall again. They agreed since strolling in the city is tough and the mall is airconditioned so they could cool down.

As they look into the shops, a man from certain shop that says "L-METER" was ringing his bell.

"Ohh~ Looks like we have a good amount of couples here." He said, getting the team's attention.

"Yes." Misaki and Hikari nodded. "What do you ask from us?"

"Come in here and buy stuffs that makes your relationships with your spo-- ehrm, lover last forever." The main said.

"So, it's like a love charm?" Hikari asked.

"Yeap!" The man nodded with vigor.

"Let's go, Kamui!" Hikari didn't wait for his reply and grabbed his wrist, charging at the shop to buy a charm for them.

"Don't leave us here, Hikari!" Misaki said gleefully as she also dragged Kei to the store.

After their scene attention, the man looked at the remaining couple, who just stared blankly.

"Don't want these love charms?" He asked.

"Those are boring anyway." Jeramu said, with Mayune nodding in agreement.

"It might give you bad luck with your girlfriend there."

"We? Having bad luck?" Jeramu and Mayune asked in unison. "Charms doesn't mean we can last forever. Those are just simply items. It depends on us if we can keep our relationship."

"Those two... are too sync in more ways than one..." The team muttered, noticing that they developed too much with their sync speech.

The man didn't react on their speech. "If you don't want these charms, I guess I couldn't force you."

"Thanks for the offer though." Both of them smiled in unison.

After some minutes, the four finally went out. The remaining team sweatdropped that it took them minutes to find a single charm for each of them.

"Because they're expensive!" Misaki explained in a panic manner. "We have to find the cheapest one!"

"Misaki's right." Hikari nodded as she gave the half of her charm to Kamui.

"They're a waste of money, anyway." Jeramu mumbled lowly to not let the other four hear him.

"Let's go. We still have many stores to go." Yandols commanded.

They venture up to more of the stores. Ranging from the games, fashion, arcade, food court, gadgets, cellphones and shoe stores. After their huge strolling, they looked at the clock and it's already 12:15, time for their lunch. They went to a restaurant, in which the waiters have to rearrange the table for 18 people.

They sat in the chairs they first get, with the girls sitting beside their lovers. They received the menu book and picked their orders, having decided to pick a combo meal. Their waiter came in and Yandols recited their orders while the waiter wrote down everything. The waiter went out to cook their orders.

While waiting, the team were having a conversation, mostly with the boys. In the side of the lovers, Hikari and Kamui were holding each other in a "different" manner. Misaki and Kei were having a normal conversation, but in different topics, Misaki kept hitting Kei, but there are some topics that will make Misaki soft and vulnerable. While Jeramu and Mayune were looking at the other two lovers, and after some time, they looked at each other.

"At least we know we're not like them." They said lowly in unison, again. They noticed that they're in sync again and looked at each other's eyes, surprised about how they're more in sync as time passes. But they only smiled and laughed for a bit, knowing their development was going more smoothly.

Jeramu leaned closer to Mayune's face, but stopped short when she used her right hand and put it on his face.

"Fat chance." She smirked at his try. "And this is not the right time."

"You're no fun..." Jeramu said softly with a smile.

Jeramu noticed this and pushed his head back, not knowing on what the heck he is doing. He felt his heart race. He held his heart and tried to calm it along with his hormones.

After the event, the waiter went to them, putting their orders on the table they're in. Flipping the plates in front of them up, they started to grab their own food. Some were eating like a mad dog due to their hunger, and some eat like a civilized person, slowly biting in their food.

They finished their meal and asked their waiter for the receipt. The latter gave it to them and Yandols paid for the price and gave them a small tip for their service. They went out of the said restaurant and thought of something to go.

"I think I saw a sparring center here." Kaitou said while looking at the pedestrians walk in directions.

"Well, we should try it." Jeramu said. "Need punchin' bags."

"Interesting. I wonder if there's boxing? I'd beat Jeramu fair and square." Joiz mocked.

"Charrenge Accepted." Jeramu grinned.

The rest of the team nodded and they went to the said place. They noticed people fighting at each other friendly. Some were having lessons from the employees of the said center. They went inside to examine the place.

"Wow... They're all practicing how to fight." Star said in amazement.

"Maybe they're trying to get up against the viruses." Zero guessed.

"Since they're growing up in an alarming rate, I guess they should be training to be able to help eradicate the viruses." Shin added.

While they're examining the people, Mayune noticed a familiar person to her. She didn't call on the person and continued examining.

'Alice...' She thought.

'Is that your best friend?'

'Yeah. But I don't want to show up to her yet. Not now.'

'I guess everything has a right time, huh.'

'But I wonder what is she doing here in the first place, anyway. She can't fight like me. Her stamina and power is too low to go against the viruses. But she got brains to boot up.'

'I think she has a reason to be here.'

They continued examining the said person, who is now panting for air, noticed that she needs rest. The employer noticed this and they took off the arena, resting for a while.

'The only guess I can think off is that she's here to boost up stamina.'

'I guess...'

The team went to the counter to get ticket for 18 persons. The person in the said counter get tickets under the table and counted them up to 18. She gave it to them and Yandols paid for it. They grabbed their own tickets and marched inside the center. They decided on who they're gonna spar with.

Zero = Kaitou
Jeramu = Kei
Mayune = Misaki
Hikari = Kamui
Shoko = Haru
Raiser = Sonic
Shin = Yandols
Joiz = Star
Django = Nopi

They went to their initial positions, facing with their friendly opponent. Then a "START" hologram appeared above their heads and let out a signal and they charged at each other.

the team has displayed equally in strength, despite their difference in their abilities. Zero and Kaitou were fending off their own attacks. Jeramu and Kei's katanas were sparkling each clash they had. Mayune could keep up with Misaki's speed despite the former mostly focus on power. Hikari and Kamui were clashing with their own blades/sabers. Shoko and Haru were also fending off their own projectile attacks and Haru was using her summoned blades to defend herself from Shoko's arrows.

Raiser and Sonic were dodging and attacking each other at the same time. Shin and Yandols were having a hard time. Shin couldn't hit Yandols due to the lack of his scanning program, in which his gun is an expansion since it can hit precise hits. Joiz and Star were only using their projectile weapons, but everytime they make a hit at the same time, their attacks explode midair. Django was really, really, having a hard time. He can't deal with a child like Nopi, who didn't even hold back and has displayed an amount of strength despite being smaller than his weapon.

After their sparring, they finally rested after a long time of dodging, blocking and attacking. The team grouped up and sat at one corner, having a conversation to each other, talking about to their sparring.

Minutes have passed and they decided to get out of the center to explore other parts of the mall.
The team marched silently at the mall. They looked at the shops with interest. They decided to go to the arcade again.

Once they reached the place, they bought tokens and scattered aroudn the arcade and played in solo or in co-op, bringing their teammates with them.

Mayune dragged Jeramu and they went to to the Taiko no Tatsujin arcade to jam on the drums.

"This is fun." Mayune said as she inserted two coins into each slot.

"Challenging me? I'm leader of the drum team at my school you know." Jeramu grinned.

"Hmmm... well why don't you show me what you got?" Mayune challenged.

"Consider it done~" Jeramu smiled.

Hikari, Shoko and Haru were playing the grab-an-item game. Kaitou was battling with an AI in a Tekken game. Sonic and Zero were playing Metal Slug in multiplayer. Shin was playing a Deal or No Deal game, laughing with Yandols every ten seconds.

Raiser and Kamui were playing hockey, with Raiser gaining an advantage with the score. Yandols joined Nopi who was playing the test-your-muscles game, with Nopi using the arcade's hammer to slam down the red circular thing. Django and Joiz were playing House of the Dead to use their aiming skills to get the best kill. Star was playing Pop 'n music with the song he picked is HYPER FANTASIA [Fantasia]. Kei and Misaki were playing Guitar Hero and DrumMania, respectively.

After having too much fun in the arcade, they went out. They suggested that they should go home and wait for dinner since they're so beat.

Upon exiting the mall, a voice called their attention.


They turned around, only to find a boy in their age with his purple-black hair scattered in all directions. His eyes were blueish purple.

"Did any of you see my brother?"

"Brother?" The team repeated.

"You... You're Yuji?"

The team looked at Kei, who was looking shock at the stranger.


"No. I'm not dreaming, it's Yuji!" Kei exclaimed as he tackled his brother in a hug.

"Another family member?" Mayune asked, slightly annoyed by the trending of their additional teammates.

"By the way," Kei spoke up as he faced his teammates. "This is Fujiwara Yuji, my older brother." He introduced.

"Cool. Guess I'll have to call you aniki as well." Jeramu grinned as he moved in to shake Yuji's hand.

"What brings you all the way here Yooji?" Kaitou asked.

"Oi oi, what you doing copying my spelling style." Jeramu joked.

"You don't own copyright over your spelling in this story." Kaitou grinned.

"Well anyway, I was on a trip in Korea when these virus doodz came out of nowhere."

"Why did you come back, anyway?" Kei asked.

"I just need to be with my brother." Yuji replied. "And I think I haven't seen your fiance."

"I'm here."

Yuji trailed his eyes to the owner of the voice, as he saw Misaki approaching him.

"I'm Misaki." She introduced. "I'm Kei's fiance."

Yuji looked at Kei, who looked back at his older brother. The former nodded at Kei.

"Well then, let's go home!" Sonic spoke up.

"Sure." Kei nodded and looked at Yuji. "Come with us."

"...Is it ok?" Yuji assured, he wasn't sure if he could go with the team.

"It's alright." Kei nodded with vigor. "The more, the merrier."

"And we're a big happy family." Yandols added.

Yuji couldn't help but to give in to Kei's offer. The team, now with 19 members, finally marched back to their home.

"He actually means big happy family of wierdos. You have to contribute on your own, and pay for your own stuff." Kaitou explained.

"Kaitou usually pays for my stuff." Star grinned.

"Mine too." Jeramu whistled.

"Shut up bro, you still owe me twenty bucks from the other time." Kaitou laughed.

They were beat from their long adventure in the mall. But they still prepared dinner and the chefs happily declared that the main dish is chicken curry. The team ate with a little noise, living up the atmosphere for a bit after their strolling in the mall. Kei was telling Yuji a lot of the team's obstacles and victories and how they do it as a team. He also mentioned that Ventus went to their place to get Kei into their ranks, but he successfully defeated their enemy, which made Yuji smile, now that no one will bother about their clan anymore.

Evening came and the team's voice were roaring with liveliness again. They were enjoying their time playing their games. Some decided to watch them on how well they played, some used board games if they got bored with the gadgets. Yuji only stared at them, thinking on how he can go well with others.

"C'mon everyone, let's sleep." Kaitou said, his eyelids almost falling down.

"No. Unless boss tells us to." Jeramu retorted, but kept his focus on the game.

"Alright. Lemme go to Yandols and check on him." Raiser spoke up as he went upstairs, checking on their team leader. When he checked the room, he found the boss sleeping, leaving his laptop on.

"Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet." He swore,surprised. "He wouldn't sleep like that."

Raiser went down the stairs, still amazed on how Yandols could be lousy at times, despite being the leader of their little team.

"So, how's boss?" Jeramu inquired.

"He's asleep while playing his game." Raiser replied.

"Never knew he could do that." Kaitou noted.

"Yeah." Raiser nodded. "I was surprised when I saw that too."

"Oi, Yuji." Kei called his brother. "Wanna play Ragnarok Online?"

Yuji nodded and went to Kei, the latter went out of his chair and offered a seat to Yuji, who only sat and checked on Kei's character's equipments.

"So, how do you think of my equipments?" Kei asked.

"Looks good. But you still need to change some." Yuji replied and pointed on the equipments.

"I see."

"Well, you can still get a better one than your current equipment. So don't rush things."

"Should we sleep now?" Star asked, now bored of their entertainment.

"No one forced you to stay awake." Kei said.

"We go upstairs now." Kaitou spoke up as he went ahead, with Star, Shin, and Zero behind him.

"Come to think of it..." Jeramu said after a few minutes. "I didn't see Mayune here."

"I don't see Misaki anywhere too." Kei added. "Maybe the girls were having their own time."

"Guess so..."
"It's late, so good night."

Mayune waved hands with the other girls of the team and went to their own rooms. She also went to her room and closed the door, but turned the light off. She went to the window side of the room and looked at the twinkling stars outside.

"Let's hope this peace lasts for a little longer..." she muttered.
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PREVIEW:Chapter 15 - HQ Invaded! Separated, Travel in Teams of 2!
The HQ is invaded by Kami's armies and they are all separated. Yandols with Nopi, Kei with Misaki, Hikari and Kamui, Haru and Hagane,Shoko with Yuji, Jeramu with Mayune, Kaitou with Star, Sonic with Zero, and Django with Joiz and Shinkai. They slowly make their way around the HQ, knowing the place better than anyone else, and confront the All Powerful Shido and Raito.
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Chapter 15, Headquarters under siege
Mart Note: I can't wait for this...


Chapter 15 - HQ Invaded! Separated, Travel in Teams of 2!

"This would be fun, don't you think?"

"Yeah. They didn't realize anything at this time."

The two figures chuckled and whirled around, looking at the army whose red lines were glowing, ready for their superior's command.

"Now go. Destroy everything in your path."
Sun rose behind the build. Birds were perched at the branches of the trees, singing harmonically as morning came. The shadow of the building expanding as the sun illuminates the sky. It was a good morning, the orange sky lightened up the ground. The morning clouds had weird textures around it.

The team woke up by the sun's rays that entered their closed eyelids. Some protested, but woke up anyway. They stood up and fixed themselves, ready for the day. They went downstairs and decided to camp in the living room. But they didn't expect that everyone will go to the same place.

"...Anyone hungry?" Yandols asked. He wasn't sure on how to break the ice. He didn't hear any rumbling stomachs from his teammates, knowing that they're not hungry. But he asked anyway, breaking the ice that reigned the atmosphere.

"Nope." Sonic replied, and others nodded, agreeing with him.

"So... what now?" Shin asked.

"Let's kill time until night or we could hit up the city." Kei said.

"Wait." Mayune suddenly spoke up.

"What's wrong?" Jeramu looked at her, and saw the glowing eyes in red. "Hou... I see..."

"There's a virus attack. Here." Mayune said.

The team couldn't believe what they heard. However, they don't have time to react on her words as they heard footsteps on the way to their rooms. They whirled around to see a group of viruses coming in.

"Even our home..." Yandols muttered as he prepared his weapons, and others did the same.

They charged in at the viruses, attacking them one by one. They continued until they reached into a large spacious room, which was filled with viruses. They defeated them all and grouped up in the middle of the room.

"Guys. We need to split up. This HQ is too big to defeat them in one group." Yandols said.

"Shouldn't we stick together?" Nopi asked, slightly afraid.

"No, fighting in a group will risk more areas being destroyed unwatched. I say we form teams and round this place." Kei suggested.

"Good point, all of you in teams of two, will be better for us that way." Jeramu ordered.

The team nodded, and looked at each other, knowing who will be their teammate.

Yandols = Nopi
Kei = Misaki
Hikari = Kamui
Haru = Raiser
Shoko = Yuji
Jeramu = Mayune
Kaitou = Star
Sonic = Zero
Django and Joiz and Shinkai

They finally move out, splitting in different directions of their only home.
Yandols and Nopi were dashing at the hall, attacking viruses they encounter along the way. It wasn't easy for them since the hallway they're in right now can only fit two people. More than that or they will feel like squashed melons. Not that Yandols cared, anyway.

"Since when did they know our location, anyway?" Yandols asked. They stopped to an intersection, a group of viruses approached them in all directions.

"I don't know..." Nopi replied as he swung his mallet at the virus charging at him.

Yandols sighed. He knew that asking someone like Nopi wouldn't be of any help because of his age and limited knowledge...

They reached an intersection, Yandols looked at his left side and saw an incoming virus with a flail on its left arm. He quickly charged and slashed it with his twin blades before it can even attack them with its heavy weapon.

"Looks like someone upgraded them, huh." He muttered.

"How...?" Nopi asked curiosly.

"I don't know, but... they want to get back on us for foiling their plans."

"Why is it always about vengeance?"

"It's the nature of humans... we cannot change who we are."

While Yandols was busy talking to nopihina, two gigantic viruses that towered over them stood in their way, charging blasts of shadow energy.

"Nopi, don't look." Yandols ordered suddenly.

Nopi obediently did as he was told and closed his eyes.

"Okay, let's go."

Nopi opened his eyes to see the two viruses slowly disintegrating.

"There. All done." Yandols smiled. Both of them continued walking down their path.

"Whoa... what was that? You finished them off in a matter of seconds!"

"Don't tell the others. I don't like showing off my abilities that much." Yandols chuckled.

Nopi nodded as he tagged along after Yandols, feeling much safer than he ever had.

Kei and Misaki were killing the viruses with their revolvers. They only use their close combat weapons when the viruses were behind or near them.

"These viruses... won't end!" Kei growled as he unsheated his katana and charged at the virus relentlessly.

"Relax, Kei. That's only the fifth you killed." Misaki giggled. "You're overreacting as usual."

"But..." Kei muttered, calming down.

"Don't worry, we have other teammates who will clean these dirts."

"Maybe you're right..." Kei nodded, then he used his revolver to hit another virus in the heart.

"What have you been doing for the past few nights?" Misaki questioned.

"Err... what?" Kei replied, trying to play dumb.

"I know you.... stop lying."

"Ah.. alright alright.. me and Jellal were practicing tricks. Forbidden tricks." Kei smiled.

"Forbidden?" Misaki asked, the mention of the word having piqued her interest.

"Yeah. The forbidden S techniques." Kei grinned, feeling proud of himself.

"That's... how can I put this..."

"Well it doesn't matter, why don't you show me your technique then?" Misaki added with a giggle.

"Nah... I can't do it here..." Kei said, slightly depressed as he kicked two viruses in the face and backhandedly slashed them in half.

Hikari and Kamui were using their melee weapons, slashing the viruses as if they're one with their swords.

"Just how many of them are here?" Kamui wondered.

"I think there's more than we're fighting right now." Hikari said.

"Let's just hope we can kill them all before the situation gets hard."

Hikari noticed a virus with dual swords on its arms behind Kamui, she quickly charged at it and slashed the virus at the stomach, cutting it in half and disintegrated.

"Thanks." Kamui said.

"No biggie." Hikari said with a giggle.

"The viruses must've been upgraded since they last attacked us."


"All the more reason to beat em down!" Kamui said eagerly. Kamui grabbed his guns and merged them together. When he was done, he looked as if he was a walking tank. He held both his guns in one hand, and at his back there was an attachment that strapped onto him. Linked to the attachments were five big barrel-like guns.

"You're all in range. See ya." Kamui grinned.

Kamui pulled the trigger on his two guns, and for the next five seconds, every single virus in the room was being blasted by a barrage of laser shots one after another. When he was done, all that remained was the room and them.

"Damn that was epic." Kamui said victoriously.

"Nice one." Hikari giggled as she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek.

"Let's go. We have to clean em up." Hikari said as she dragged Kamui behind her.

Haru and Raiser were using their swords/daggers as their main combat arms. Raiser would only use his chakra powers when needed. The viruses that come to them with cannons on their right arm.

"Hey, sis." Raiser called.

"Hmm?" Haru looked at Raiser curiosly, while making a hand gesture with one of her summoned blades, lunging at the virus, stabbing it.

"Do you think... there's more viruses like this?" Raiser asked, as he punched the ground, causing walls of earth to erupt beneath the viruses.

'DOTON! CHIMAISO! (Earth Burial)' He thought as he thrust his palm down, causing the earth to collapse onto the ground of viruses. After a moment, he cancelled his technique, causing the earth to disappear. All that was left was the weapon-like limbs of the viruses that were disintegrating.

"You mean, those with weapons that replaced their arms?" Haru assured.

"Yeah." Raiser nodded.

"I guess..." Haru slowly nodded. "I hope there are different types of their weapons."

"Same is good... otherwise having too many will be hard to handle." Raiser added.

After defeating the cannon-handed viruses, they noticed a group of viruses dashing at them with daggers on their arms. Raiser and Haru quickly charged at them, stabbing their melee weapons at them.

"...Yup." Raiser quipped. "They definitely have different weapons, alright..."

"Tired already?" Haru teased.

"Heh, not even in the slightest."

"If you are, tell me and I'll cover you." Haru grinned.

"Heh, aren't you getting more confident in yourself."

Shoko and Yuji were defeating the virus with ease. Having the range and melee combat duo, they find it easy to disperse the viruses off.

"Hey, Yuji." Shoko called, the other looking at her curiosly.


"Since when did you encounter viruses when you went to Korea?" Shoko asked.

"It was for a long time." Yuji replied. "I escaped from city to city to avoid them. But eventually I decided to fight them."

"I see."

"What about you?" Yuji asked.

"I was a famous blacksmith in my town until I decided to go with my siblings." Shoko replied as she aimed at the virus, pulling the string of the bow with the arrow, releasing it as the virus with a chain of its left arm got hit on the heart.
Kaitou and Star were defeating the viruses left and right. As if they were having a hard time on defeating a boss in a video game.

"Damn, when will they just disappear and bring back peace to our home!?" Kaitou growled as he fired a metal bullet from his default gun. He was still exasperated that the viruses were still charging at them or just plain appearing in front of them whenever they get a chance. "I want to play a game already!"

"Calm down, Kaitou." Star said with a gentle tone, as he used his Desert Eagle to one-shot the viruses from afar. "The only thing we can do right now is to defeat the viruses."

"Easier said than done." Kaitou countered back. He switched to his magic attacks. He pulled the top hat from his head and carried it upside down. He put his hand inside, and then out, revealing his playing cards. "It's time for some magic, shall we?" He asked the viruses rhetorically. He put back his hat again, lashing out his gun. He replaced the metal cards with his playing cards. He tested it against the approaching viruses, firing the trigger at them. The viruses had the cards that Kaitou fired, they looked at it and saw images of different elemented embedded with the cards. The elements that corresponded with the viruses were: Fire, Earth, Wind, Water.

"How do you like that?" He asked them rhetorically. The cards activated the elements, destroying the viruses with ease.

Star looked at Kaitou, who was grinning with confidence when a group of viruses disintegrated. "Ah, I thought you were so angry at these viruses a while ago? Now you're so having fun." He noted playfully.

"Nah. I can just switch my weapons when I got bored." Kaitou said, brushing off his attitude just a few minutes ago. He had a lot of tricks up in his sleeve. If there's a lot of viruses that invaded their home, then he can try all of his tricks to defeat them, preventing him to get bored from his weapon. "Let's go, Star." He spoke up and ran, the other catching up to him.
Sonic and Zero were having a fun time destroying the viruses. They switched between their melee and range combat with ease. Zero would only use his Shield Boomerang if there's an attacking virus that they could not dodge themselves.

A virus with an electric pole on its left arm approached Sonic from behind, the latter noticed this and he quickly kicked the virus square in the stomach, falling down as if like a sick person. "Man, that really scared me..." Sonic said lowly. "I thought I was gonna be electrified there!" He yelled as he stabbed the virus using his chain blade.

"They're getting dangerous as time passes..." Zero muttered as he slashed his Z-Saber at one of the viruses that surrounded them.

"Despite only being an underling, they must be good for having weapons." Sonic said sarcastically.

"Sonic..." Zero called lowly, hoping that Sonic didn't really mean on what he said.

"What? The creator might think he's letting his viruses invade without any weapon to destroy this place." Sonic said.

"Now you want to destroy the HQ!?" Zero snapped comically.

"Nah. I'm just joking." Sonic said cooly as he kicked another virus, while using his element.

They continued to defeat the viruses in their current location. Slashing, kicking, stabbing, charging, and dodging were the only moves they know in their current current predicament. Ten... seven... five... until none were left in their wake. Zero signaled for Sonic to go forward, searching for the remaining viruses themselves instead of the viruses that will come to them.
Django, Joiz and Shinkai didn't know if they should enjoy, scream, or get angry at the viruses. They're all range fighters, and lacked a melee combat. Some of the viruses they encounter were all melee type and faster than their travelling bullets.

"Damn them." Django cussed under his breath as he used his sniping gun and aimed at the viruses' head.

"This is not my day..." Joiz muttered as he pulled out a gun from the holster from his left leg pants, aiming for the approaching virus as his sniping gun was useless for such range. "They made our morning worse."

"I know." Shin agreed as he aimed his guns at the incoming viruses. He doesn't need to use his laptop to aim for their weakpoints, he could just use his aiming skills to defeat them. It wouldn't be that hard.

Django sighed as he pulled out his revolver gun from the holster, which was hanging on his belt. It had never easy for him to use his sniper gun at close range. A virus approached them and aimed it right on its head. He didn't think twice and pulled the trigger, disintegrating the virus in half.

"Hah. That's what you get."

Jeramu and Mayune were slashing and swiping the viruses with ease. Despite their polar opposite focus on their ability, they could eliminate any kind of virus that comes their wake.

"Hey, Mayune." Jeramu called the other's attention. "I was wondering... when did you learned the ability to fight?"

Mayune looked at Jeramu after she stabbed the virus at the heart with the Shadow Blade. "Since I was little."

"So... who trained you?"

"My parents."

"Eh?" Jeramu shifted his calm and curious look to a surprise. 'It's not just a parent who trained her, but both of them!'

"My mother taught me the wisdom of battle, emotion, and sensory. My father taught me the wisdom of movements." Mayune lept at the virus, using both of her summoned Shadow Blades at the virus, stabbing at both of its shoulder bones, disintegrating them.

Jeramu halted to a stop and gazed at Mayune's back. He didn't expect that his beloved wasn't just a revenge-filled comrade who will berserk anytime, but a calm-hearted fighter, even. He finally let his legs move to catch up with her, his thoughts still dwelling at how these chain of events lead to her change of point of view -- that is, from true wisdom to filled with revenge at the man who infected her.

"Then, you learned Dragon's Roar from them?" He asked, his curiosity continue to rise up and will not disperse until all his questions are answered.

"Yeah." Mayune agreed. "My mother challenged me to take down a tree with my bare fist."

"W-Wasn't that a little too much?" Jeramu asked, astonished. "They didn't let you handle a weapon, at least?"

"It wasn't, actually." Mayune corrected. "Every pain and blood that comes out of my fist was my sheer willpower to take the tree down. It somehow transferred to my wounded fist and I got the technique myself."

"Wow..." Was all that Jeramu could say. For him, taking a tree down with bare first as a miracle, as his beloved was truly human that time. Her drive for accoplishment creates a miracle for succession. He still didn't know the exact reason for hunting Ancient, he knew it was not because of infecting her with a virus, but something at the back of his mind told him that there was something else. "What made you hunt Ancient?" He asked.

"He took everything away from me." Mayune replied, her tone shifting to a tone of bitterness. "Nevermind being infected, but taking what was precious to me was the reason I threw away my wisdom of emotion. I was fueled with revenge and hate for him."

Jeramu noticed that she was shaking with anger. He approached on her right and held her right hand-which was a claw, but he didn't care. which made the other look at him with curiosity. "Don't worry. I'll beat Ancient with you." He said softly, hoping to calm her down.

"Sure." Mayune smiled at his words. She knew that someone like Ancient was too strong for her, nevermind that he didn't unleashed his true ability as one of Kami's subordinates.

However, Jeramu still didn't let go of his hand to continue beating down the viruses. "...I love you." He said suddenly. He leaned in to her face, pressing his lips against hers. Mayune was surprised and hesitated at his sudden movement, but gave in and closed her eyes, giving the two of them a soothing feeling in their hearts.

'What the--' Scarbeast could only react of their sudden kiss. He knew for a certain that humans don't kiss at someone as young as them. 'Oi Ichido! What on earth are you doing!?' He doesn't know how to stop his host from the captives of the other. Sure, he accepted his host having a boyfriend, but one thing is one of his beliefs when he was still, well, himself, that human beings don't kiss at an age like them.

Now he could feel that burning feeling, or soft, whatever that describes it. 'Snap out of it!' Despite his efforts, he couldn't get his host back in the game. There was this urge to control. He wanted to but at the same time he doesn't. He now heard explosions behind the lovers kissing in the middle of the mission, ignoring their surroundings or what was even happening to them. He finally let them go. Not that he can stop them anyway, he thought.

With the two still feeling that they're like being burned with the good heat that will protect them from the foreign invaders, Jeramu couldn't hold anymore. He pressed his lips harder and hugged to her waist. Mayune shifted her hands to hug him, desummoning the claws and held the back of his shirt. They stayed in that position for what felt like an hour. Then a huge explosion came from behind them. Scarbeast felt the urge to yell the loudest he can, but the lovers, just wouldn't quit.

After some time, there was a bugging feeling that Mayune caught attention. She opened her eyes and realized what just happened. In her instinct, she quickly kicked Jeramu square in the stomach, with the other falling onto his butt, holding his stomach in pain.

"Ouch..." Jeramu grunted in pain.

"Sorry... I didn't know what came over me." Mayune said as she helped Jeramu up.

"Ugh... I'll let it slide if it's you..." Jeramu said, a little angry.

"I'm sorry... I-"

Her apology was cut short when Jeramu shoved her aside as a beam of shadow energy struck where they were standing. Jeramu glared at the virus, a shadow sniper, who was charging up another shot.

"I'll handle this." Mayune said as she jumped towards the sniper, summoning her claws and the Shadow Blades, attempting to slash it in half. Her eyes glowed red for a brief moment, signaling her to raise her claw to block the incoming attack. The virus brute brought it's fist down again, this time even harder.

"Mayu, you're in the way, move." Jeramu ordered calmly.

Mayune did as she was told and she landed beside him, wondering to see what he was up to. But when she turned around, both viruses were cut in half, dropping dead onto the floor.

"Flashy. Another new technique?" She wondered aloud.

"Guess so. I don't really want to brag about this one." Jeramu said calmly.

"I thought you were always in a hurry to brag about your combat ability." She teased.

"Not this time. The enemy knows too much about me, especially with the Trickmaster providing them info. If I show off more, it'll be my downfall."

A shadow loomed over Mayune, and she looked behind her to see a heavy build virus with its fist launching at her. She countered it with her left fist. Jeramu took notice of it and attacked the virus just like he did with the one before. The virus landed on the floor dead with its back hitting and disintegrated afterwards.

"Geez. What a surprise from that." Mayune sighed.

"You didn't detect it?" Jeramu asked.

"I did. But it was really just an inch to my back."
Yandols and Nopi noticed two running figures in another intersection, heading to the right. They made haste to the direction, following the figures before it lost to their sight. And there it is, Yandols noticed the two ninjas sprinting forward to the hallway.

"Oi! Wait!" Yandols yelled, halting the two and turned around to look at him.

"Yandols." Kei called nonchalantly.

"Saw any viruses?" Yandols asked.

The two ninjas shook their heads in response to his question. "It looks like we defeated them all." Misaki noted, looking around at their place.

"They're still weak even though they're upgraded." Kei said with an arrogance in his voice.

"Relax, Kei." Yandols said. "We might not know who's the cause of the invasion."

"Let's find the others." Nopi reminded.

Yandols and the other two nodded and ran forward, searching for the other teammates. They found Hikari and Kamui, Haru and Raiser, Shoko and Yuji, Kaitou and Star, Sonic and Zero, and eventually Shin, Django and Joiz. They stopped in an intersection as they look around to find the love birds.

"Now... Just where are those two?" Yandols asked.

"Heh. Maybe they went to the ro-"

Kei's wild imagination was cut off when Misaki slapped him in the face. "What was that for!?" He asked, holding his handprinted part of his face.

"Stop that imagination of yours." Misaki scolded. She heard that Kei was mumbling something about "It was just for fun." but she ignored him.

Suddenly, they heard explosion behind them. They looked at the source of the explosion to see the two running comically to them.

"What happened?" Shin asked.

The two panted for air, taking deep breaths before talking. "There... was... a suicide... virus with... a bomb... on its... chest." Jeramu said, still gasping for air.

"Wait what. Are you serious?" Kei asked, looking at Jeramu, then behind the two and so did others. "If so... then..."

Mayune stood up straight and felt her eyes glowed red, she looked back behind her, and saw another virus with a bomb on its chest coming to them.

"Oi oi oi! We're not starring in some kind of an action movie, right!?" Sonic blurted out.

"What do yout think!?" Kei asked, irritated.

"Let's run! Range attackers hit the virus until it explodes!" Yandols ordered as he made haste to run away from the virus, others follow suit while the range fighter used their weapons to attack the virus on its bomb. Kaitou used his freeze card to let the virus stay in place as it won't chase them. They stopped and Shin used his laptop to search for the detonation. The crosshair detected it to the middle part.

"Guys! We need to focus our attacks on the middle while it's still immobile!" Shin commanded as he pointed out the weakness.

The others nodded as they aimed their weapons at the middle part of the bomb. They simultaneously attacked the virus, hitting the spot where the bomb was and exploded into pieces.

"Well, that went off pretty quickly." Yandols sighed with a relief.

They finally ran to their target direction, although they don't have, just to run in any fork they encounter. They stopped in the living room, they don't know where to go next when the viruses are finally out.

"So... where do we go next?" Zero asked.

"I don't see any viruses here." Shin noticed, remembering that they didn't encounter any viruses when they're together.

"Training room."

They looked at Mayune, who was cupping a hand to her chin, contemplating. She looked back at them. "I can feel something strong there. We should check it out."

The team looked at each before nodding. They headed to the training room and checked the place. The observer's room doesn't have any people in it. And they checked the training area and saw two unfamiliar people, talking to each other.

"Who... are they?" Nopi asked, feeling fear shiver his small body.

"I don't know, but we gotta ask them, fast." Sonic said quickly as he dashed to the training area, confonting the two unknown people.

"Oi, Sonic!" Yandols called, from the observer's room, but the said person couldn't hear his words completely. "What do you think you're doing!?" He yelled out.

As Sonic finally appeared in the training area, the two noticed his presence, stopping their discussions and looked at him. "Well well well, what do we have here?" One on the right asked.

"Who are you!?" Sonic barked, seemingly angry at them because they dared to invade their home. His teammates above the observer's room don't have a choice but to join him to the training area and confront them.

"I am Shido." The one on the right introduced. "And this is my partner Raito." He added, introducting the other to him.

"How did you know this place!?" Yandols demanded.

"The late Ventus sent us information about your location. There's nowhere you can hide anymore." Raito said with a sinister grin.

"So you can just come here like a visitor? Sounds like you guys are just the same as Ventus." Jeramu noted with a serious tone on his voice, summoning his katanas.

Kaitou unleashed his guns with the metal cards loaded and aimed at Shido. He fired three shots at him. The other merely raised his hands and created an invisible barrier. The cards only went to the barrier with a water-like ripple. Shido made a hand gesture, the cards going back to the team and the three in front of it only swatted the cards with their weapons.

It was Raito's turn to attack. His body transformed into lightning and dashed at the team, swaying his movements as if he cannot control his form. The team scattered as they avoid his attack to not let themselves electrified. After the attack, Raito went back to his starting position and transformed back to himself.

"Show me whatcha got, all of you." Shido challenged.

The team prepared fighting against the two, unleashing their weapons. Shoko and Raiser attacked first, wish Shoko firing a holy arrow while Raiser implemented a fire element on the arrow, Shido did his trick again by raising his hand, the arrow hitting an invisible barrier and disappeared. The arrow appeared from the same spot and attacked Haru and Raiser, who only dodged their own attacks.

Mayune jumped in with her claws glowing in white, completely charged for an attack. Shido remained his hands high up as she attacked an invisible barrier with both of her fists. Her claws lost its glow, signaling that the attack didn't affect the barrier. Before she could jump back to the team, the same white energy formed as fists attacked her shoulder bones instead, sending her back to the team. Jeramu quickly went to her and helped her up, who only mumbled something about attack deflectors and how cheap they are.

Yandols charged in with his twin blades. He raised both of his weapons and slashed down, with Shido raising his hand again. And he put force to his shield, reflecting the attack back to Yandols and the other jumped back to the team.

Kei unsheated two of his four katanas, Yuukimaru and Kyou-Fuurinmaru and executed his Dimension Blade attack. Shido merely did the same to others, Kei's attack going back at him and sent back to the team.

"Is there any way we can beat them?" Kamui asked.

"A deflector and a combat fighter..." Zero muttered.

"I can't find any weak spot from those two." Shin said, as he typed rapidly to his laptop. "They're really strong."

Jeramu had no choice but to grab something in his pocket, revealing that ancient artifact that he hadn't used for a long time. He pressed the button, causing his body to be sliced into two.

"Don't worry anymore."

A familiar voice said. They looked at the source of the voice. Clofs is in the real world along with Jeramu. They stepped into the scene, preparing their weapons.

"It's Clofs..." Yandols muttered.

"Urk..." Hikari muttered, still traumatized by the event where Clofs almost choked her to death.

"What's wrong, onee chan?" Haru asked, worried.

"It's nothing..." Hikari replied as she focused her attention on the black and white haired boy.

"Face us, the two of you." Clofs challenged as his arm throbbed violently and mutated.

"Very well." Raito nodded. "Don't blame us if the two of you lose. Kehehe..." He transformed his body into lightning and charged at Clofs.

"Let's go, Nova." Clofs said as his arm fully mutated into the chaos arm.

"Yeah. Let's show them hell." Jeramu grinned as his pupils turned into a feline shape for a brief moment. He unsheathed his Sora-Ichimonji, and charged alongside Clofs.

"ONE SPECIAL VISITOR HELL SERVICE, COMIN' RIGHT UP!!!" Jeramu yelled in excitement, prepared for a fight he could finally enjoy.

To be continued...
Mart Note: Finarry done.

Novan Note: WOOOOOOOOOT! The real war begins NOW!

PREVIEW: Chapter 16 - Nova and CLOFS Defeated? The Child With The X eye, Syuiichiro Awakens!
Even with Nova and Clofs's combined battle ability,the duo fall before the might of Shido and Raito. Suddenly, the original persona awakens from hibernation, with a sad look on his face. He greets his comrades as if he's known them since forever, apparently griefed from the lost of his brother Samuel. But with determination in his unique X eyes, the new persona joins forces with Kei, Yandols and Nopi, and with his new strength, helps them defeat Shido and Raito single-handedly. Shocking everyone.
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