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Rocknarok Side Story - Kingdom Hearts RCS

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Rocknarok Side Story - Kingdom Hearts RCS

Post by Saechika » Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:35 am

Kingdom Hearts - RCS Prologue Chapter

Prologue Chapter - Rank XIV and Rank XV

"Number XVI... Xion." Xemnas introduced as the remaining twelve members looked at her. Some eyed her with interest, some with curiosity, some with suspicion.

"So... I heard the new member is a female." A mysterious individual possessing a young voice said. His hood was raised, hiding his face.

"Yeap. She's like a puppet. Really mysterious. Doesn't talk at all." A figure with blonde hair agreed. He strummed his blue guitar, and continued on to produce a melodious tune.

"I have to say, I'm really intrigued to see her." the first figure said.

A member with blue hair and an X-shaped scar on his face walked in the room, radiating with an aura of command. His face was blank, void of emotion.

"Cixons," the member with blue hair spoke up. "You're going to have to exterminate heartless again."

"Ah, gotcha, Saix." the hooded figure said as he rose to his full height and removed his hood, revealing messy brown hair, green eyes, with a young facial structure. His voice was young, his face and voice suggesting that he was eleven years of age.

"So, I'll be going alone?" Cixons asked Saix in disbelief.

"You will be going with Roxas." Saix said as he pointed to another child, this one slightly older than Cixons. He had blonde-gold hair, with his hair spikey as if it had been swept by the wind. He had bright blue eyes, and his face suggested that he was fourteen years of age.

"Ah, the kiddo, eh?" Cixons said with a smirk.

"Like you're one to talk." a voice said.

Another member jumped down all of a sudden, landing beside Cixons. He had bright orange hair, spiking up smoothly like a calm fire. He had crimson eyes, and he stood as tall as Saix even though his face suggested he was only fourteen years of age.

"Xavon, you will have to join them as well." Saix said calmly.

"Whoa whoa, three of us? Sounds serious." The orange haired member replied.

"Not really. Roxas will be following you so he can collect hearts. The more powerful ones are yours to take care of." Saix explained.

"Heh. Alright then. Leave this to us." Xavon smiled as he cracked his knuckles.

"Speak to me once you are ready." Saix said.

Xavon whirled around behind and nearly bumped into Xion, who was walking behind him.

"Oh, sorry bout that." Xavon apologized.

Xion said nothing, and she continued walking.

"Geez, talk about zombie." Xavon whispered to Cixons.

"Yeah, Reminds me of Roxas's first week here." Cixons whispered back.

"We gotta thank Axel that he's talking more now."

"You're right about that."

"Hey guys... I can hear you, you know." a voice spoke up from behind them.


Both of them whirled behind, startled to see a silvery-blue haired member standing behind them.

"Oh, it's you, Zexion." Xavon sighed in relief.

"Dude... eavesdropping... is bad..." Cixons panted.

"You guys were too loud. Any fool couldn't have helped it." Zexion smirked.

"Hey Zexi, let's bet." Xavon suggested.

"I get more heartless kills than Cixons, I win." Xavon grinned.

"What's your wager?" Zexion asked calmly.

"Two potions, five Hi-Potions."

"You got yourself a deal." Zexion smirked as he walked away.

"So dude, I don't have to do anything?" Cixons asked.

"Yeah well, you gotta lose to me." Xavon joked.

"You owe me the items you bet with Zexion that way." Cixons smiled.

"Forget it." Xavon laughed.
The three figures in black walked out of the portal of darkness, emerging in the Sunset Terrace district of Twilight Town.

"Don't get why we're on duty when we have Roxy over here." Xavon yawned as he jabbed a finger at Roxas.

"Well, maybe we have to take care of the stronger ones that he can't?" Cixons suggested as he began scouting the area.

"Then they should send him to a place with weaker heartless." Xavon said as he walked to a wall and knocked on it.

"Ah come on, we got weak and strong here, like Saix said. We gotta teach him some basics as well." Cixons said as he jumped onto a rooftop to get a better view of the area.

"Like killing two birds with one stone." Xavon muttered.

"So.. uh..." Roxas spoke up.

"Something wrong, Roxas?" Cixons asked.

"What are you guys doing?" Roxas asked in wonder, a little bit confused.

"Reconnaissance." Xavon replied as he walked along the pathway.

"Reconna- what?" Roxas asked, even more confused than before.

"Reconnaissance. We scout the area for suspicious stuff that may prove useful. We're supposed to teach you today but..." Cixons trailed off.


"But we're too lazy. I'm pretty sure Vexen will cover it up with you soon. Ask him all about it when you're with him. But don't tell him I said that." Xavon joked.

They continued walking until they reached a slope, a signboard with the letters "SUNSET HILL" stood at the base of the slope.

"Sunset Hill..." Roxas muttered.

"Nice name." Cixons commented sarcastically.

"Do you guys know... why this place is called Twilight Town?" Xavon asked abruptly.

"Hmm... no." Cixons pondered.

Roxas merely shook his head.

"It is because the sun never moves from its position here at all. This town, is in a state of eternal sunset. The sun never goes up nor down. The view here is really magnificent as well, from what I've heard, Sunset Hill offers a great view of the sunset." Xavon explained.

"Thanks for the explanation, professor." Cixons smiled as he looked around.

"I think we've checked almost everything here." Cixons added.

"It's safe to assume that there's no heartless activity here?" Roxas wondered.

"Not quite, Roxas." Xavon began.

"Our mission objective is 'Eliminate the Heartless'. I find it unusual that we haven't seen a single heartless out here, especially since Saix claimed that there were 'Strong Ones' for us to handle. I think there's more here than meets the eye." Xavon added while stroking his chin, pondering.

"So... where's the heartless?"

"That's what we're going to have to find out. We've scaled the entire town, but nothing. The only place we haven't checked out is..." Cixons trailed off as he pointed towards the slope.

"Yes, sunset hill. From what I could see from the station, it's quite big, we have a reason to suspect the heartless are all stationed there." Xavon confirmed.

With that being said, the three Organization members nodded to each other before slowly walking up the slope leading to Sunset Hill.

"Soo..." Cixons began as they slowly stepped into the middle of the open area.

"Where are the heartless?" Cixons wondered.

"This area... is empty as well..." Roxas observed.

"Well, I'm sure there's nowhere else but here. Imagine, if I yell 'COME'ERE HEARTLESS!' they'll probably flock onto us." Xavon grinned.

As if responding to Xavon's joke, dozens of heartless emerged out of the darkness, surrounding the three Organization members completely.

"Shit son..." Xavon began before laughing hysterically.

"DUDE, HOW DO YOU EVEN DO THAT ALL THE TIME!?" Cixons laughed in disbelief.

'These two sure are excited about the heartless...' Roxas thought to himself.

Roxas summoned his keyblade and charged, fighting several Scarlet Tangos.

"Hehe, he's pretty good." Xavon commented as Roxas executed a midair flip and struck a Scarlet Tango on the head, defeating it.

"This should go on just fine, hehe." Cixons chuckled.

A couple more heartless appeared, this time there were Neoshadows and Mega-Shadows among them.

"Oh boy... speak of the devil..." Cixons smiled.

"Okay dude, let's wrap this up." Xavon ordered as he moved into a simple martial arts stance while Roxas landed beside them.

"Okie Dokie." Cixons replied as he drew out twin guns with a unique design. It had a rubber coating instead of steel, with a blue color design, but with white outlines and patterns.

"Judge, and Executioner." Cixons gestured towards Roxas, who nodded in understanding.

"You see now..." Cixons began.


Cixons leaped into the air and fired several shots at a group of Neoshadow heartless which were approaching his original spot, the shots piercing their chests. The Neoshadows wriggled and disassipated.

"Hit em' atta point where damage does most damage, usually, ya'know, a vital point? It'll sometimes finish em off in a flash, if you're lucky." Cixons grinned.

"Got it." Roxas nodded.

"Give it a shot." Cixons smiled.

Roxas nodded and charged forward, tackling a soldier heartless with a forward lunge, spinning around for a second hit, before ending the combo with another spin-slash, knocking the Soldier off it's feet. Roxas lept and drove his keyblade through the heart of the Soldier, destroying it and releasing it's heart.

"Haha! Good job Roxas! That's the way!" Cixons yelled in approvement. Roxas smiled and gave him a thumbs up.


"ROXAS! WATCH OUT!" Cixons warned.

Roxas whirled behind to see a Snapper Dog charging at him. Too late to move from his place, Roxas raised his keyblade and braced for impact. The snapper dog charged head-first into Roxas, sending him flying a short distance. Cixons quickly abandoned the Mega-Shadow he was fighting and rushed to Roxas's aid, helping his comrade up.

"You alright, Roxas?" Cixons asked.

"Yeah... I can manage..." Roxas said as he slowly stood up.

The Snapper Dog charged again, ready to send both Roxas and Cixons flying off the ledge.

The Snapper Dog was three feet away... two feet away... one foot away...

The Snapper Dog was about to reach the two when a red laser of solidfied nothingness flew and impaled the Snapper Dog by it's right hand side, causing it to howl in pain.

Roxas whirled to see Xavon, red Ethereal Blades potruding out of his palms, identical to their boss Xemnas.

"Wha- That's..." Roxas began in awe.

"That's Xavon's ability, 'Copy Scan'. He can mimic the weapons of those that he sees and memorizes." Cixons explained.

"Wow... doesn't that make him... really powerful?" Roxas wondered as Xavon executed Xemnas's main ariel combo, consisting of a single slash, a slash with both blades, and finally a right-to-left double sweeping slash.

"How so?" Cixons replied.

"In the sense that he can copy everything he sees...?"

"Ah but you see, Xavon cannot memorize too many at once, otherwise his memory will be overloaded with data, and his copy abilities will be affected."

Xavon gave out a battle cry as he leaped over a group of shadows and dashed past them, shocking them all with thunder. He proceeded to leap again, this time throwing the Foudre knives he was wielding to a group of Darkballs, striking their critical spot by coincidence and destroying them.


"It isn't an easy task for him. While he copies the weapons of the original user, without the skill needed to use it, he's hopeless." Cixons explained.

"Say... Cixons. What's your attribute?" Roxas asked.

"Oh... hehe, you wanna know?" Cixons grinned.


"Don't be surprised now." Cixons said as he thrust his palms outward.

At that moment, everything stopped moving, everything went dead.

Xavon, who was battling a Gigas-Shadow, stopped dead and looked around him before turning at Cixons.

"Hey dude! What gives?" Xavon asked, slightly irritated.

"Roxas wanted to know." Cixons grinned.

"Wha- what happened?" Roxas panicked as he looked around him.

"Cixons's ability, 'Time Freeze'. Unlike Luxord's ability, Cixons's time freeze is more developed on, and trust me, it's a long explanation." Xavon explained.


"Now that they're all frozen, it's time for... LIMIT BREAK!" Cixons grinned.

"Wat. You can't be serious." Xavon sweatdropped.

"What's that?"

"I think someone will cover this topic with you in another time." Cixons laughed.

"Our assignment was to teach you battle basics while we're exterminating heartless, but that can wait." Xavon said.

Xavon pulled Roxas and they withdrew behind a nearby trash can.

"What now?" Roxas wondered.

"Okay Cixons! Your cue!" Xavon yelled as he pulled out a shield of nothingness, imitating Xemnas.

Cixons nodded and he drew out his gun.

"Limit Break, Quanto Ars (Time Arts)." Cixons muttered.

After pronouncing his attack name, Cixons proceeded to fire off shots in rapid succession in all directions, blasting everything around him to oblivion. The firepower was so intense, Xavon had to create another layer of the barrier while Roxas covered his eyes. Bullets were flying everywhere, the whole area was covered with a storm of firepower.

After a brief moment that seemed like an eternity, Cixons finally stopped firing, and his arms fell to his side, exhausted. Xavon lowered his barrier and nudged Roxas, who lowered his arms that were covering his eyes.

"The whole area seemed as if someone had let loose a gigantic machinegun..." Roxas muttered.

"No shit. That's exactly what happened." Xavon replied sarcastically.

All three organization members looked at their surroundings, and they began to walk towards the slope.

"Geeh... in the end, we didn't teach him much, nor did we collect tons of hearts. Saix will be mad if he finds out." Cixons sighed.

"Cheel out. If Roxas plays along, Saix won't know we didn't teach him much." Xavon suggested.

"Eh... you have a point." Cixons laughed.

As they walked down the ledge, a shadow loomed over them, and a gigantic hand punched them, sending the three Organization members flying.

"AGH... What was THAT all about!?" Xavon yelled as he whirled in the direction he was attacked in.

"Shit..." Xavon muttered after he confirmed the identity of his attacker.

It was a Darkside Heartless, towering over them.

"Crap, Cixons! I thought we were supposed to be frozen in time!" Xavon yelled over his shoulder.

"I don't know... but I think he's only appeared recently, it would explain why he can move." Cixons said as he stood up and rubbed his head.

"We can't fight him with Roxas around, we gotta clear this some other time." Xavon ordered.

"Yer right. HEY ROXA-"

Both of them sweatdropped when they saw Roxas lying on the ground, apparently unconscious.

"Keh... change of plans. Grab him." Xavon ordered as he ran downhill.

"Wha- Oi! I can grab em', but what about the Darkside!?" Cixons yelled as he grabbed Roxas and ran after Xavon.

"Oh, no need to worry about that." Xavon grinned as Zexion's signature Lexicon, the Book of Retribution appeared in his hand and glowed.

A Twilight Thorn appeared behind them, targetting the Darkside. The Twilight Thorn charged and tackled the Darkside, both gigantic entities began to wrestle.

"Dude... you're going overboard..." Cixons sweatdropped.

"Chillax. It's only an illusion." Xavon laughed as he jumped on the Tram, which happened to pass by. Cixons followed suit and jumped onto the Tram, Xavon helping him to pull Roxas up.

"Phew... that wasn't so bad." Xavon remarked.

"Yeah. Though we need to do something about that Darkside." Cixons suggested.

"We'll have to return another day. If we're spotted, things will get bad. And we certainly can't fight the Darkside with Roxas out cold here." Xavon ordered as Cixons disabled his 'Time Freeze'.

Both Organization members ran towards the direction of the Sunset Station and ducked behind a nearby house. After confirming the coast was clear, they shook their fallen comrade up and proceeded to drag him along with them.

"Wha- What happened?" Roxas asked as he was dragged.

"Change of plans, we got a Darkside." Xavon replied.

"What's a Darkside?"

"Big. Huge. Not something we can take on while covering for you." Cixons explained.

They arrived at the Corridor of Darkness, now open.

"Apparently your limit break completed our mission, and the Darkside was a bonus." Xavon grinned.

"Who cares. I ain't stickin' around for a bonus. Zexion ain't here to bug me about it anyway. Let's RTC." Cixons suggested.

Both members hurled Roxas into the portal before disappearing into it together.
Axel sat on the top of the Clock Tower in the station plaza of Twilight Town, apparently waiting for someone. After a brief moment, Roxas walked into view and sat down beside Axel, who noticed his appearance earlier.

"Hey, how was your mission?" Axel grinned.

"It was fun." Roxas smiled as Axel handed him a sea-salt ice cream.

"Who didja pair up with? Quite unusual for you to be smilin' like that." Axel wondered.

"Xavon and Cixons." Roxas said as he took a bite out of his ice cream.

"Ahaha, those two aren't bad. Really fun to hang out with. Could make someone like Saix laugh if they tried hard enough." Axel joked.

"Yeah, they're really funny and friendly." Roxas chuckled.

"Did ya kill enough heartless?" Axel asked, taking a bite out of his ice cream.

"Well, only a few. The rest were taken out by Xavon and Cixons. Cixons automatically defeated Xavon for the bet."

"The heartless killin' bet? How'd Cixons manage to top Xavon?" Axel wondered.

"Cixons used his limit break, Xavon didn't stop him cuz I think he forgot." Roxas laughed.

"Serves em right for bein' over confident!" Axel laughed.

Both friends laughed as the sun shined on them, the magnificent view of Twilight Town's sunset seen from their position.
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